My first blog and a look into why I do what I do

This is me during a game of Humans vs. Zombies, a story of which you can see in one of my videos.

Hello and welcome to my blog. If you are reading this odds are you have watched my videos and want to know more about what I do and why I do it.

I want to personally say thank you for taking interest in my journey or at least taking a passing glance.

So here is my story:

I’m 22 years old, a recent college graduate from Ohio University, and I have always been one of those people who annoyed their friends with their constant nitpicking of various movies, television shows, video games, and so forth.

One day while I was browsing through internet I came across a video by Brad Jones’ character the Cinema Snob and was immediately enamored with the world of internet reviews. After a year I was hooked on videos of internet reviewers from all over the world and while I was watching them I said to myself one thing: “Wow… It looks like they are having so much fun. Maybe I should give it a shot.”

So I set to work, to attempt to make my own review web series. However there was one problem… Whenever I watched these reviews each of these critics had their own area of expertise. Whether it was Anime, Comic Books, Nostalgic Movies, Video Games, Board Games, and so on, they all had this area that they were specialized in… But I didn’t.

I have always been an opinionated person and delved in each of these forms of media… But I never was in it long enough to become an expert at it. I watch anime but not nearly enough as your standard anime fan, I love to collect comic books but there are only a few series that I really fanatically collect, I play some video games but I can hardly be considered a gamer, and even though I was a huge movie snob I only took a few video classes and my degree is nowhere close to film studies.

So what is an opinionated guy who wants to create videos to entertain people, but has no really strong area of expertise to do? Well at first I created a really terrible character who I quickly trashed after realizing he was an utter failure.

After collecting myself and my thoughts I set to work for a second time… And I said, “I don’t have to be the King of any one area, I can be a Jack of all trades.”

So I decided to review it all. My web series, Tanner Reviews the World is my creation where I give my opinion on anything that I find that deserves a review. I don’t pretend to be an expert, because I’m not an expert.

I do believe the internet critic Linkara said it best “We are all critics, whenever you purchase something you are critiquing it.”

I am giving my opinions for the world to see in the hopes that you are entertained and can be enlightened by my opinions.

Thank you for following me on my journey to become an internet reviewer and I hope you continue to enjoy my work for years to come.

P.S. If you found my blog first and wish to watch some of my videos please check it out at the following link:

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