Agatha Christie and Why My Computer Hates Me

Yeah… This is how I feel about my computer.

I am happy to report that I just posted my most recent video to my site. It is a book review on one of my favorite authors and favorite books for that matter, Agatha Christie’s Murder on the Orient Express.

Now the review itself I thought turned out really well.  I thought I portrayed the book in a very positive light and gave it the review that a story of its caliber deserves. The book is after all, one of the best murder mystery novels out there and underrated for the quality that really goes into it.

But I can’t give too much away. If you wish to watch the review please check it out here: 

I also decided to go with a new look for my wardrobe. My original look I felt was too “college friendly”  and I must evolve my look in order to portray the place in my life I am at. Personally I quite enjoy the black dress shirt and blue jeans. It has a look of professionalism but with a little bit of a care free attitude.

However there was a problem I am ashamed to report. You see this review was scheduled for next week and the review this week was suppose to be a Transformers Comic Book Review and it would be finished now if my computer didn’t hate my existence.

One of the biggest hurdles that I have had to leap on this journey is my lack of a budget and “sub-par” equipment to work with. Now I know all people cannot start off with the best equipment in the business but still, I wish I could get a bone thrown here. My DVD burning software is good, my camera is decent, and my tripod is… Well a tripod.

The problem comes with my poor old laptop and my sub-par movie editing software. My laptop has reached the age of five and is in the twilight years of its life while the movie editing software I purchased can only be considered a few steps above Windows Movie Maker. It crashes often which means I have to save as quickly as possible to make sure I don’t lose my progress AND in the process of creating video files the audio will go haywire.

Hopefully I will be getting a little influx of cash soon in order to purchase a new laptop and a new movie editing software. Until then I guess I will have to continue beating my head against a wall and flipping the bird to Nero’s sub-par software.

But I will keep on pushing forward. After all the really good things in life are things that you have to fight for and I am not going to give up just because of a few minor problems.

You can look forward to seeing my Transformers Comic Review next week.

Thanks for reading.

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