The Car Wash… OF DOOM

Finally! After fighting with my electronics for what felt like an eternity, I have finished and posted my latest review, Transformers Issue 31: The Car Wash of Doom. I am happy to report, I actually got a temp job recently and can now afford to get better equipment then the stuff that I have to work with now. So this means that soon the quality of my work will improve considerably! I plan to buy some of the best equipment I can to ensure that I can provide for all of you the best quality that you all deserve from me.

But I digress, on to the review! Overall I think this is definitely one of my best reviews to this date. I do believe I made some really excellent points about the comic book. I also was able to get in a couple of really good jokes in the process.  Issue 31 of the Transformers comic is by far one of if not THE most surreal of the Transformers comics that was put out by Marvel and I think I did a really nice job proving that. But I’ll let the review to speak for that. Please watch it at the link below.

I do think there were some areas that I could improve on, nothing in this world is perfect. One problem is my crappy movie editing software did not come with photo editing thus a lot of the pictures appear a little bit small. Plus I do not have a photocopier so I had to take individual pictures of most of the pictures for the comic book which was rather tedious. I am not making excuses but merely pointing out that I acknowledge my flaws and will learn from my mistakes. But these are also rather little flaws in the grand scheme of things, the video is still rock solid in my opinion.

So things to look forward to in the future. As I mentioned in my last post I do have new characters on the way, a Tanner Tries Review, and tis the season to be spooky. Personally, I can’t think of a better way then to review a movie centered around some spooky ghosts… Ghostbusters 2! You can look forward to these and more in the future. Thank you for reading and stay posted for more of Tanner Reviews the World.

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