Tanner Reviews The Cave

The_cave_video_game_coverAfter showering in bleach and dousing myself in disinfectant, I think I am ready to move past Walking Dead: Survival Instincts and return to my reviewing duties. But for today’s review I really want to cleanse my palate and review a game that I personally feel is one of the most underrated games as of late and that is Double Fine’s The Cave. 

After watching a play through from the internet site Video Games Awesome (link here: http://www.videogamesawesome.com), I thought the title was worth a pick up to see how I personally felt when I was at the helm playing the game and I honestly have to say that it did not disappoint in the slightest. The unique 2D platform with 3D graphics game has been able to charm me in a way that I did not think possible. so let’s get into the pros and cons and see what The Cave is all about.



The first time I played this game for myself I could not help but get the feeling of when I was a kid and playing Super Mario Brothers on my old Super Nintendo Entertainment System.  It is a feeling that I really haven’t been able to feel with a game in a very long time since the birth of the Playstation/Nintendo 64 series. Now granted there have been a couple of fantastic titles for handheld game systems but it has been a while since I have played a good game that gave me that old nostalgic feel.

As stated before The Cave uses a 2 dimensional platform system but with 3 dimensional graphics. It works on a inter-changeable level system (dependable on which characters you are playing with) with 8 levels in total. This game just have that nostalgic charm to it that you simply can’t get with games nowadays. Anybody who is looking for that old feel this game is for you.

Great Multiplayer

This game is best played with three separate players working together. Each game you play with three of the seven characters who enter the Cave to find their hidden treasures. Considering that each level’s puzzles is key to have players in different locations at once, it is a really fun game to work together with your friends to figure out each puzzle to move on to the next level.

Each play through is about three to five hours long depending on how fast you are moving as a group and is a good game to pick up if you and two of your friends are sitting around with nothing to do for a couple of hours.

They even incorporated cheap Carny games.
They even incorporated cheap Carny games.


I’m not usually one to get on price but man THIS IS HUGE when it comes to a game like The Cave. This game is $15 dollars on the various online stores and free if you are subscribers to Playstation+ and so forth. There are plenty of game franchises that are similar to The Cave that have the audacity to sell their games for any higher than what they deserve to be priced. If The Cave was sold for $30-$60 it would be a complete rip off and not worth the time of day. But for what it is and the amount of time you can get out of it, this game is definitely worth the time of day on price alone.


Single Player is Boring

This game is one of those games that is just best if you play it with your friends. Single player is fun the first go around and can be fun a few other times but after you use all six of the playable characters and see their levels and hear their stories there isn’t much left to play and the game pretty much rots in your system until you are bored one day and have a few hours to kill.

To get the best out of the game it is best to play it with friends and inter changing between characters.

Limited play value

This goes hand in hand with the previous statement but this game simply have limited play to it. You use three of the seven characters each play through it will only take three play throughs to see all the levels and back stories that there is to see.  So that being said there is only 15-20 hours worth of play value max. After seeing each of the seven characters there is little else to see once it is all said and done.

Puzzles can get tedious and some backtracking is required

This is an area that people will either be okay with or will make the game unplayable. I know several people who detest these puzzle style games where you have to back track and retrace your steps in order to finish the puzzle. Pretty much anyone who despised the game Catherine will hate this game. The puzzles are long, their will be times that you will get tripped up, and some back tracking is going to be required. If you are not a fan of this then this game might not be your cup of tea.


The Cave is a fun and enjoyable title that is a fantastic value for what it is. It is a great throwback to old NES games with its platform system and graphics. While the game can get a little tedious and single player can be boring, The Cave is a title that is worth a pick up to play with your friends on a night where you have nothing to do.

Final Score: 3.5/5

Well that was a short and sweet review. I thought I would give myself an easy one to tackle. Next review I’m going to be delving back into my comfortable film roots and I make no promises but maybe a video could be coming out in the future. If you enjoyed my reviews please like and subscribe for more.

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