Tanner Reviews Injustice: Gods Among Us

Injustice_Gods_Among_Us_Cover_ArtBoy oh boy! How could this idea not lead to epicness?! Take the creators of Mortal Kombat, in my opinion the greatest fighting game ever in the history of video games (That’s right Tekken fans!) and then combine them with the same awesome system they used BUT with DC Comic heroes!!! That is the perfect combination of awesome!

Needless to say I was… a little hyped for this game. Mortal Kombat is my favorite fighting game of all time and as I just said in my opinion the greatest fighting game series of all time plus I like DC superheroes over Marvel heroes in just about every comparison possible. Putting them both together simply everything that I could ever hope for in a fighting game!

But then again… Even the most awesome of premises has been completely ruined in the past. Nothing gets a free pass in this world so how did Injustice: Gods Among Us hold up? The answer… Really REALLY well. This is a game that I have been hoping for such a long time but something that simply has not been put on the market in this kind of caliber. Sure there was attempts and decent games but not ones to the caliber of Injustice.

This game is awesome and I would love to explain why it is so great. Let’s go ahead and take a look at Injustice: Gods Among us and see how it lived up to the hype.


The story feels like you are watching one giant movie that you get to control!

Story mode is simply awesome. Both NetherRealm knew what they were doing when they created the story mode and put a lot of effort into it. I love the fact that fighting games now have really good story modes that helps you connect with these characters that in the past were just cool skins with unique moves for us to beat the shit out of our friends and gloat for the next couple of hours. Not only did Netherworlds remove some of the superfluous fights that were inserted into MK9 like Sonja Blade and Johnny Cage fighting over the fact that Johnny hit on her, each fights fits the narrative and the scenes in between them are just phenomenal plus the way that these fights lead into cut scenes just like in MK9 gives you the feeling that you are actually apart of the narrative.

The scenes themselves are just phenomenal. I’ll be honest if you take away the fighting aspect and just showed me the cut scenes with some choreographed movies I would give the narrative and the character interaction a raving review as well. Injustice is one of the best comic book series to come out in recent memory and I love the fact that they turned it into a video game. An excellent suggestion. Character motivation makes perfect sense. There are villains that act like heroes, heroes that act like villains, and the fact that Superman himself is the main villain is just phenomenal, and is in my opinion the best super villain I have seen in a very long time.

While playing on a quick easy mode play through I finished the story line in 3 hours just over a feature-length movie. Though yes story mode is a little short even if you are playing on the hardest mode possible but overall I do not mind that. The game felt like a movie within a fighting game. Just one aspect of several fantastic aspects.

Gameplay is naturally phenomenal

This goes without saying but gameplay is phenomenal. They use the same engine as the one in MK9 along with some very interesting and interactive backdrops that really adds to each fight. Just like NetherRealm there are some pretty great combos for experienced players but plenty of really cool easy to use combos for the less experienced or the straight forward button mashers of the world. Each character has special skills and special moves that utilize their unique super powers. Granted some are a little dumbed down like Flash and Superman but in all honesty you kind of have to downplay a few characters skills or else their characters would completely break the game. Fighting is the corner-stone to any fighting game (redundancy is redundant) and from my playthroughs I have not found anything wrong with the fighting platforms and will even argue that Netherworlds fixed the tiny problems that MK9 had.

Great unlockable content and huge possibilities for DLC expansions

Unlockable content is almost a given in a game like Injustice but I love the amount that it gives including 3D figures of each character like they did in Batman Arkham City as well as great concept art and various skins.

Plus there is so much room for DLC expansion. Characters in the DC Universe alone will be huge add ons to use as playable characters. Black Canary has yet to make an appearance, Starfire, various villains from all the big superheroes, and Martian Manhunter! Their is so much room to grow and add-on to what is already a great game.


No Tag Team

How could this game not have a tag team mode? Seriously how is that even possible?! This game is perfect for Tag Team Mode. You can team up as Batman and Nightwing, team up as the whole damn Justice League and take on the Legion of Doom. There is so many possibilities and yet you are confined to only playing 1 v. 1 matches.

This was one moment where I was very disappointed. Fighting games are best played with friends groups of people. If only two can play at a time you are back to the passing of controllers instead of letting four people play at a time.

The game is very Superman/Batman focused’

And here we find a problem that is not just with the game but with DC Comic… Well anything. Batman and Superman are the central focus as always. Granted Superman more than Batman but it just seems with anything Justice League or DC Comics related it is always Batman and Superman while the rest are nothing more than a supporting cast.

I do love Superman and Batman but I would love to see stories with the others in more central roles. Marvel doesn’t do that. It can be argued that Spiderman is Marvel’s number one moneymaker but he doesn’t even show up for the Avengers film where all the superheroes more of less share equal  screen time. I can understand that Superman and Batman are the money makers but come on give the others a shot too.


This has too many spoilers so I am not going to ruin it for everyone… All I’m going to say is in the storyline something happens with Shazam formerly known as Captain Marvel… Just play it… I’m still shocked from watching it. I wouldn’t necessarily call it bad more like… confusing.Injustice-Gods-Among-Us-Character-Select


Overall this game is phenomenal. I would nominate it for Game of the Year. Now games like Bioshock: Infinite obviously beat it hands down but it really does deserve a nomination at least. It is a great game, a great  story, and well worth the full $60 buy price. I recommend picking it up as soon as you can. You will not be disappointed.

Final Score: 4.5/5

That is it for another review. I’m attempting to get on a schedule on how I post reviews instead of just posting them whenever I can. We will see where it goes and if I like it I’ll make it official.

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