Tanner Reviews Far Cry 3

Far_Cry_3_PAL_box_artMy first experience with this game did not come with playing it first hand, but instead watching a play through of this game being played by the people of Video Games Awesome. When I first saw the trailers for the game it did not look like something I would enjoy and the play through online did not look like a lot of fun either. After Video Games Awesome finished their walk through to the conclusion I decided that even though every sense in my mind was saying this is something I would hate, I couldn’t help but see the comments saying that even though the story line was not very satisfying but gameplay was a redeeming quality to the game. So… That being said I decided to give it a shot and rented Thursday to see how I personally felt about the game.

… And yeah I don’t like it… At all… In any capacity. Then to my amazement I look online to see that the series actually received VERY high scores… Which simply amazes me how a game such as this can get the scores that it is getting. I found very little redeeming qualities of this game to make me think that this game is even ‘good’ let alone giving it 9/10, 100/100, Five stars and so forth.

So why waste time? Let’s dig into Far Cry 3 and try to convince the world why this game does not even deserve to ranked as ‘decent’.


Gameplay out of the Story Line is Kind of Fun.

What I will say is this… Ubisoft did create a decent open world experience in which you need to collect certain items and hunt certain for their skins to create certain items, create more storage space, and create different kind of health benefits.

The vehicles given to you can be a lot of fun and have a more ‘realistic’ feel to them then say a Grand Theft Auto game when it comes to a realistic driving experience.

So yeah… When you are doing absolutely nothing constructive in the game than hunting and foraging it can be a little fun. But man can this get old really quick.

The Villain Vaas is a Good Villain

One thing that I LOVE about this game and actually saves it from the 0 rating it might have received is Vaas. Vaas is one of the greatest villains I have ever seen. He is on Joker levels of insanity and just seems to revel in the fact that he is bat shit crazy.

What makes it even better is the guy seems to have a code of ethics behind him. A fucked up code but a code none the less. Even at the beginning when Jason and his brother escape from the slave camp and Vaas kills his brother he is pissed that they escaped but gives Jason a head start before he attacks. I just love the fact that he has this strange level of unrelenting anger but respect for someone who gets one on him.

His character is one of those villains that just feel like they are in on some joke that the rest of us just aren’t. That he has it all figured out and instead of fighting the insanity around him, just accepts it.

This would all be awesome… If he were the main villain. But no, of course not. The main villain is some slave trader named Hoyt and Vaas just acts as some strange sub boss near the end. Seriously after Vaas died I lost just about any shred of enthusiasm I had for this game. But all in all Vaas really is the saving grace in this game.


The Main Characters are Annoying Little Shits

“Hey why don’t we have a game where a bunch of over privileged  bros and sorority bitches go on a vacation most of us could only dream of going on and watch them party like douchebags until they are caught and sold into slave labor.” SAID NO ONE EVER! Who in their right fucking mind thought that this was a good story?

There is no redeemable character within this group. There is no character that I find myself rooting for. If I had it my way I would say sell the lot of them into slavery. See if I give a rats ass. The ONLY characters I feel any sympathy for is the German/American/What the fuck ever guy named Sam and the main character’s little brother Riley who really only shows up at the end. (And Vaas too. Damn he was cool). Other than that the rest of the cast can go screw themselves.

Did the writer really think that we would relate and want to help a bunch of privileged, rich douchebags who do nothing but PARTY HARD! BRO BRO BRO!!! With the exception of the gamers that actually fit into this category… No, no we do not!

I have stated this many times before. In ANY media if you do not have a likable protagonist and likable supporting cast then it doesn’t matter what you do right. It fails! Because people will not want to play it/watch it. It isn’t worth their time! Why play a game where you hate the protagonist when you can just play one that you love the protagonist?


The Story Centers Around a Stupid and Slightly Racist Premise

I hate this plot and it is a plot that is used in a lot of stories in the past. It is the story of the ‘Caucasian Guy shows up in an ancient society and yet he is the great white warrior destined to save fuck all everything.’

I hate this premise. All it does is take some random actual interesting tribe of people who have been waiting for a fare skinned little twat to fall onto their front door and because his skin is white and their skin is brown, he is destined to greatness. White privilege at its best.

For whatever reason this guy who has never fought in anything other than a few bar room brawls is now given a gun, a knife, and says you are the reincarnation of a Warrior God and EVERYONE just seems so fucking enamored with him. (Spoilers) It even comes to the point at the end that the Warrior Woman Citra wants the main character Jason to stay that she kidnaps his friends and gives the alternative of either killing each of his friends and siblings and become the father of the next Warrior God or free his friends and fight off the people who now worship him. Were they just waiting for some random ass white guy to show up that could be decent at pointing and shooting a gun and poking things with sharp objects?!

I will give it to them the game does show that all this murdering is getting to him and he thinks he has become a monster… But who the fuck cares? One slightly redeemable quality is not going to change the fact that your entire plot is fucking stupid from the fucking start!


I’m still baffled that this game got the ratings that it did. I can see how some people would like it enough to give it an 8/10 or 7/10… But after seeing so many 9/10 and 10/10s, I really question the people who are reviewing these games.

Sure gameplay is decent and Vaas is fucking awesome but with shitty characters, shitty writing, and only decent gameplay to back it up. Yeah it really isn’t worth the time to pick it up.

Final Score: 1/5

Boy I’m going to need some rest after that one. I’ll be back Tuesday with another review. Remember as always if you enjoyed this review please like and subscribe for more and go to the Contact Me page if you would like to leave some feedback for the site.

4 thoughts on “Tanner Reviews Far Cry 3”

  1. With respect to your review, Jason, the protagonist, is somewhat redeemable and interesting. Even though he is a shithead, he’s an everyman in some sense. How many games have we played where we’re stuck in the shoes of a macho meathead who slaughters everything at will? Too often is the answer, at least we’re allowed to grow with Jason.

    But you’re right, total bro fest with the other characters. Can there be a game where boring characters are the most interesting? (Metro: Last Light offers that in some sense, at least in terms of a good story)

    1. Okay yes Jason isn’t the worst protagonist in the world. Personally I still am not the biggest fan of him but I will admit a lot of my hate does come from the ‘white guy savior of the tribe’ storyline then Jason himself who is pretty douchy but does have some redeemable qualities.

      I can’t wait to play Metro: Last Light. I was going to pick it up to review this weekend but my funds ran low. It is good to hear the positive reviews though so I know that there isn’t a lot of pain in my future.

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