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Remember_Me_(Capcom_game_-_cover_art)Two parts Assassin’s Creed, one part Uncharted, a dash of cyberpunk, a tablespoon of Mass Effect, and just a pinch of a Stephenie Meyer teenage drama; follow these simple steps and you will have your very own Remember Me. This ‘new and original’ creation from CAPCOM is not bad per say but more of this strange amalgamation of games before it. This isn’t something that is new. The idea of ‘borrowing’ concepts from other games has been going on since the creation of video games. But at least most of those games added some elements of original concepts. This game just seems like they put ideas on a dartboard and whatever ideas got struck with darts is what they went with.

The story itself is set in a distopian future, as most cyberpunk like worlds tend to be and a major corporation named Memorize has made a monopoly on controlling peoples memories. A woman named Nilin a known Errorist (a person opposing Memorize and their monopoly on memory) is having her memory wiped when she is saved by the leader of the Errorists Edge. She washes up in Neo-Paris otherwise known as 404. (Get it Error 404! Get it?!) The story then follows Nilin who continues her quest to bring down the nefarious Memorize and free the world of their control over the memories of others.

The game is an anomaly in and of itself just from its ambition to cram so many ideas into one game and in the end gives it a very pretty yet convoluted mess. There is a lot to talk about here so let’s not waste any time.


Graphics Look Great

On par with CAPCOM and the final games to be produced through the PS3/XBox360 line up the graphics are fantastic. I really enjoy watching the game and I enjoy how they incorporate the colors of orange, black, and white throughout the game. The color concept of the world is very enjoyable and the movement of the characters is well done.

Not to mention the robots in the game look futuristic and interesting and the settings (which we will get to) are very well rendered.

The Setting is Fun

Okay yes... This looks pretty cool
Okay yes… This looks pretty cool

I did enjoy the setting. I’m a sucker for cyberpunk like worlds and I really enjoy it when they present both a distopian and ‘utopian’ future. There are the slums yes, but there is also a thriving economy and world still out there. It feels a lot more realistic especially with today’s financial situations that there would be an upperclass of socialites who get to reap the benefits of the futuristic city… And also the have nots or the ‘leepers’ as the game likes to call them who live in the slums and the sewers of society, eeking out a pathetic existence.

I’m not the biggest fan of the ‘Evil Corporation Takes Over the World’ type of scenario but they do make it into a plausible villain that isn’t exactly in conrtol of the world… But at the same time they control an area that people do depend on thus giving them some margin of monopoly over the population at large.

Build Your Own Combo Is a Good Add On

Being a person who does not enjoy memorizing all the various combos that a game has to offer, I really do enjoy it when a game incorporates a build your own combo type of gameplay. It allowed me to create combinations that felt right to me and was easy for me to perform instead of constantly sifting through internet articles, gameplay tutorials, and so forth just to learn a new type of combo.

This is a concept that I truly enjoyed and hope to see it in other games.


Edge is Annoying

My God! Is anyone else sick of these cute little pretty boys in these games spouting off random ass philosophical jargon about how the world sucks and we are the resistance here to save the world and blah blah blah shut the fuck up! This character is on the level of Snow from Final Fantasy XIII on the amount of time he spends saying in the prettiest words he could find in the dictionary about how Memorize is bad and the Errorists are good and we are here to save the day.

These characters all feel the same, meat heads who have evolved just a little bit ahead of meat headed bros and learned to say words in a loud poetic voice… But really have no idea what those words mean. I can see why this character is in games but Jesus tap dancing Christ I hate it! I HATE IT!


The Story Feels Like Some Teenage Pseudo Philosophical Novel

OH come on! There is a movie with the same name staring Robert Pattinson?! Now you are just begging me to make fun of this!
OH come on! There is a movie with the same name staring Robert Pattinson?! Now you are just begging me to make fun of this!

This story screams of a plot thought up by Stephenie Meyers or a like minded character. An attractive protagonist has her memory erased and has to bring down an evil corporation that is stealing peoples memories… It just feels like something I would find in the goth teen section of my local Barnes & Noble and it really doesn’t help that they have a character like Edge in there spewing out pseudo philosophical banter every few minutes.

It ‘Borrows’ Too Many Concepts like Platforming from Uncharted and Assassin’s Creed and Combat from Batman Arkham City

The gameplay of this game is just one big amalgamation of other games namely Uncharted, Assassin’s Creed, and Batman Arkham City… Which actually makes it kind of okay. At least from the combat perspective. Arkham City has one of the most simplistic yet best combat systems I have seen in quite sometime and using it in other games can only mean good things for the game and its gameplay. The platforming similar to Assassin’s Creed and Uncharted could be better but it really isn’t that god awful.

So if this equals okay and pretty good why is this in the cons section of the review? Because it feels like a carbon copy of these three games to the point that the gameplay does not have its own identity. The entire time I played this I felt like playing Arkham City or Uncharted but I never once got the feeling that I was playing Remember Me until I was reminded by the story or the setting. Borrowing ideas and concepts from other games is not a bad thing. If something works then yes it is good to use it again but if you do not incorporate your own special touch to it, then it just feels like a rip off and that is what this gameplay feels like… A rip off.

Why Would People Ever Accept These Implants?

A nitpick and an area that may be a ‘suspension of disbelief’ area but why in the lords name would be get these implants if it is known that their memory can be tampered with, changed, or at the worst erased by this corporation. It is obvious that these things are implants of some kind. I do not think humans will evolve to the point that we are born with a computer like system connected to our heads so why get them? I can see the appeal for some but if you are an Errorist hell bent on bringing down this organization… Why have these implants if you know that it can be used against you? Someone can argue that they are forcibly implanted and maybe I just missed the answer to this in the game but it does bug me that everyone has this stuff and there is no explanation as to why everyone has these things.


The game does have decent concepts to it. Settings look nice, the build your own combo is a good add on, and the game will keep your attention. However the gameplay though decent is just rip offs of other better games, the plot is annoying and borderline pretentious, and some of the characters are just unbearable.

I’m not going to warn people to not buy this game. But I am going to say that I would not pay more than $20 for a game like this. It is enjoyable but it isn’t going to be memorable.

Final Score 2.5/5

This was an early review and a little out of schedule for me… But I was bored and after playing this game I really did not want to wait until Sunday to review it so here is a little gift from me.

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3 thoughts on “Tanner Reviews Remember Me”

    1. The setting isn’t terrible. Compared to other ‘Cyberpunk’ (and I do use that term loosely) games it is one of the better settings. Just the plot and gameplay kind of shit the bed.

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