Tanner Reviews Deadpool (The Game)

Deadpool_video_game_coverDeadpool and I have a mutual understanding. I accept that he is a genuinely funny and enjoyable character who is one of the greatest feel good, just sit back and enjoy the fun type of characters… And I do not bitch too much when his constant fourth wall breaking and meta jokes gets on my nerves so much I want to hit someone over the head with a sledgehammer. I struggle to think of a bigger understatement when I say that Deadpool is an acquired taste. You either love the guy and the type of in your face insane humor that he brings… Or you find it unbearably annoying and almost unthinkable to even watch. As for me… I tend to MOST of the time fall into the latter of those two. I am not the biggest Deadpool fan personally though I can respect the humor that he brings and I can easily see why he is so popular. It is just one of those things where, it really isn’t for me and if it is for me then I have to be in the right frame of mind to deal with it. So whenever I rented Deadpool (The Game) to play for the site… I did have to be in the right mind-set to pick it up and play it. Which I promptly got myself into.

Prepared and ready, I popped in the game and gave it a very quick eight-hour go and at the end… Well I had a strange feeling of enjoyment as well as underwhelming. On the one hand the game was a very good representation of Deadpool and captured the essence of the character and stayed true to not only his mythos but the Marvel Mythos around him. On the other hand after the halfway mark Deadpool began to get really annoying and gameplay left a lot to be desired. So really this game just leaves me feeling very… confused.

I would be at this point that I would give a brief synopsis of the plot then transition into the pros and cons of the game… But really what little plot this game had been lost on me. Not saying that is necessarily a bad thing, but to even attempt to describe this thing would just leave you and I with headaches. All I can really say is that Deadpool does his Deadpool thing, Cable shows up to play the straight man, Mister Sinister shows up to be a villain, and then a lot of female characters show up to give some nice T&A fan service. That is about the best I can do. So screw it. Let’s review this spectacle.


It is Funny

A lot of this game is simply hilarious, especially in the beginning before they stopped giving a shit. The whole scene within Deadpool’s apartment is nothing short of clench your stomach and roll on the floor funny. The scenes between him and Cable are even better as Cable plays the perfect straight and serious foil to Deadpool’s insanity. The game will have you laughing at just how crazy it is and if you give it enough breaks between plays then it is pretty funny throughout.

It is Deadpool

This game more than any other medium (except the comic books) is able to portray Deadpool in the way that he deserves to be portrayed. This is a type of thing I do not think can be adapted to a film. Deadpool is just too insane and his character is just so out there that even the mere mention of this type of film to any production company would send executives and directors a like running for the hills just to save their careers.

This game though had the balls, the BIGGEST HAIRIEST of balls to go for broke. They went full Deadpool and had no shame while they were doing it. The game is filled to the top with fourth wall breakers, meta jokes, references, silly gags, goofy moments, an insane plot, all the while giving Deadpool a slew of great foils to compliment his character.

This game is Deadpool incarnate and I for one cannot fault High Moon for giving the fans exactly what they wanted. Good job you insane glorious bastards!


Enemies are a Dime a Dozen

Not only is this the little mini characters you kick the shit out of like most hack and slash games who are all just a handful of carbon copy baddies, but the ‘villains’ in the game are a handful of Mister Sinister and Mister Sinister clones. Now the henchmen I would almost say are nothing more than the Putty Patrol from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Just large squads of no name goons to be turned into piles of pulsating jelly by our protagonist. But this is not helped that this game only has one real villain and the only way to spice this up is there is like twenty of him. I just feel like this is a perfect opportunity to throw a whole slew of antagonists who could even be insane caricatures of super villains but instead we are stuck with just Mister Sinister. The game gets pretty boring pretty fast when you are just tearing through the same baddies over and over and over again.

It Gets Annoying Really Fast

This IS my problem with Deadpool completely summed up. Deadpool just gets annoying. Now unlike most of his naysayers who consider him unbearable, I can say that Deadpool has some genuinely funny moments and is a really good character and a fan favorite. I will genuinely say that I have a strange respect for the character and the creators who made a really good character that I think is a goofy superhero blown to whole new proportions.

But… That does not mean that this character is not one of the most annoying characters I have ever come across. All of these references are great and the fourth wall breaking and tongue in cheek attitude is fine, but at some point I do want to get lost into a story. Deadpool prevents me from doing that because of his constant references to the fact that this IS a comic book or this IS a video game or this IS something else besides that. Because of this I do get tired of Deadpool and his antics and this becomes painfully obvious in this game. It just seems to keep building as you progress. At first it is hilarious, then it is funny, then it is a little irritating, then it is annoying, and then you want to take a cheese grater to your face.

If you are a fan of Deadpool and his comedy than good for you, all the power to you and you are going to love this game. But as for people like me who can get really sick of that schtick really fast, this is going to be a major incentive to never buy the game. So just reiterating, if you like it cool, but it just isn’t for me.


I have to give this game points. It did what others really didn’t have the balls to do. It created a shame free full on fan service game for a character that is beloved by many people. It is silly, it is crazy, and it will keep you entertained. ESPECIALLY if you are a fan of the character.

However… The game is not very long, only clocking in at 5-8 hours, depending on the difficulty and your gaming level. The villains become boring, combat can become boring, and if you are not the biggest fan of Deadpool then you are going to be annoyed really quick.

Final Score 2.5/5

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