Tanner’s Resident Evil Retrospective: RE Outbreak 2

250px-Resident_Evil_Outbreak_File_2So when I first began writing this review, I had a completely different opening then what I have written here. Originally, I was going to say this review was going to be similar to my Resident Evil Gaiden review in that there isn’t a lot to talk about. Seeing as how Resident Evil Outbreak 2 in my opinion is just a lesser version of Outbreak with less of the charm and adding on all of the problems that kept the first one as strong as it was… But then I started writing and realized… Wow I have a lot to talk about on this one. This game is up there for one of the RE games that frustrates me the most. While it cannot really compete with the incompetence of Survivor or the utter failure that is RE 6, it is at least in that ballpark so keep that in mind as we get into this one.


It Does Allow You to Choose Your Team and Your Level (Except the Last one)

Okay I will give it to CAPCOM again that they listened to their fan base and gave them what they wanted. In the first game, the AI characters that accompany you are predetermined by the system, but in this one you have the choice of selecting them. You also have the choice of selecting between the multiple scenarios (except the last one which you need all the previous ones to complete). I do have to say that I liked this addition and CAPCOM did a good job once again in giving audiences what they requested.

But here is one problem with that. Almost every level of this game is ‘character’ specific or has the feeling of it. Cindy is supposed to be in the party for Wild Things, Jim is supposed to be in the party in Underbelly, Flashback is flat-out Alyssa’s story… Desperate Times I’m not so sure of but really why give us the option to choose any character when the game is hinting so strongly that you should choose this character? It really isn’t a problem as the game just inserts them into the game and kills them… But still I find it an annoyance that the game is basically nudging me in the shoulder saying ‘Hey you can pick to right? Pick them! pick them! Come on you can choose the other… Oh you didn’t pick them… WELL FINE I’ll just kill them HAHA!’

It Does Give Concise Endings

This is another thing that the first game was lacking that this game gave us. This game has a very definitive happy ending to it. The first game no matter what you did was still a little dreary but this one actually does have cut scenes of the eight characters living happy and successful lives after the apocalypse. They aren’t out trying to bring Umbrella Inc. down with twin assault rifles riding a wave of awesome. They are going on vacation, they are opening stores, they are reuniting with their families, bottom line they are living life after the zombie outbreak and I for one think it is a very good and very enjoyable thing.


The Settings Aren’t as Interesting, Some Seem Farfetched, and They Fill It With Plot Holes

With the exception of ‘Desperate Times’ which was actually a really fun level at the police station, the rest of these levels just feel boring and campy, with very little charm to them except gimmick. The group finds their way to the zoo where naturally it is filled with zombified creatures from around the world. Okay here is something I have to ask. If you are in this hell hole and you are WELL aware that animals can be effected by this virus like humans… Why in God’s name would you EVER go near the zoo?! For any reason?! That thing has got to be filled with some of the most fucked up shit imaginable and the boss of that level is either a zombified lion or a zombified elephant and now that I’m at it, shouldn’t these things be crawling all over the city? Why weren’t they seen in other games? Oh it is because the creators wanted to have a zombie elephant so all the sudden there is a zoo. Underbelly is just the subway system filled with mutagenic zombified fleas. Why aren’t these seen throughout the rest of the city? Why didn’t any of the previous characters ever run into these things? Flashback shows them trying to escape through the woods and are turned away from plant zombies and an ax man. Then they go back to the city! After they defeat this guy why not keep going? What have you got to lose that you aren’t already guaranteed to lose in the city! Plus how many secluded mansions are in those damn woods?! Seriously.

The biggest plot hole though actually comes in the ‘Desperate Times’ level which is sadly my favorite when the characters have to fight their way out of the police station and we see the police station get overrun and how Marvin Branagh was bitten. It is a great level… Until as they are driving away a speeding police car comes into the scene which it is hinting is Claire and Leon. They later smooth this over by just saying it is a random car but you know the creators wanted to have that little tidbit for fans but fans call foul because in canon, Claire and Leon aren’t suppose to show up for a few more days.

Now I know that a lot of this is just a nitpick but I do feel it justified. The first game had a lot of charm to and one of the best parts is that they didn’t feel the need to insert all these cameos to tie to the mythos. The setting was enough. Marvin Branagh was the only one that kind of worked other than that the rest just add pointless attempts to connect everything. Not to mention most of the levels are filled with nothing but campy gimmick value that doesn’t affect the world at large like the zoo or the subway and are only in existence because a creative team decided to throw darts at a dart board and see what stuck.

It is a Cash In

I’m just going to say it, this game is a cash in. The first game did pretty good in the grand scheme of things, probably better than CAPCOM expected and this was the result. Basically the same game but just with some new levels added on to them. Say what you will about DLCs, at least they insure that games like this are becoming a thing of the past.


I probably give this game more hell than it deserves, but really this is one of my least favorite games in the franchise just from the vibes of laziness that come from it. It brings little to nothing new to the table and is just a quick buck for CAPCOM to capitalize on the first game. With the exception of Desperate Times, the rest of the levels are just gimmicky and in my opinion a waste of time.

Final Score 1/5

Thank you for reading. Please if you enjoyed this like and subscribe for more. Well we were going to talk about the big dog next in the fight RE 4… But then I realized that I accidentally skipped one of the games on the list and what are the odds that it is probably the most forgettable on the list, Resident Evil Dead Aim. So Dead Aim will be next and then we will tackle RE 4.

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