Tanner’s Resident Evil Retrospective: RE Dead Aim

250px-ResidentevildeadaimMy bad… Yeah I missed this one. I am not even sure how I miss it. I have the Resident Evil list over here in chronological order and yet I just jumped straight to Outbreak and its sequel, completely missing Dead Aim. But come on, you have to admit that this is probably the most forgettable game in the series, second only to Gaiden. There isn’t a whole lot here that they necessarily got wrong… But at the same time they did a fantastic job in ensuring that the few characters in the game and the story itself left absolutely no lasting impact on any gamer out there.

Dead Aim was thankfully the last in the still amazing and bewildering failure that was the Resident Evil Gun Survivor Series. I would like to think that this game was created as a means of ‘mop up duty’, trying to make up for the absurd failures of the game’s predecessors. Unlike the other Survivor Series games, Dead Aim incorporated both third person and third person perspectives, using the third person perspective in a way that was more common with RE games at the time and doing away with just how horrible and out-of-place the FPS system was in Survivor. It would only switch to First Person Perspective whenever you entered combat which… Yeah kind of makes sense. The game may have been forgettable and by all accounts just plain ‘eh?’ but you once again have to give it to CAPCOM for at least hearing what fans wanted and attempted to give it to them.


The First/Third Person Perspective is a Good Idea

This is an area where I feel that CAPCOM not only listened to their fans, but actually got it right this time. At this point the Gun Survivor Series was damn near a laughing-stock from both regular gamers and die-hard fans a like. There was little, if anyone who thought RE: Survivor was even a redeemable game and the light gun version of Code Veronica was just a boring cash in. In order to save a little face and close out the series, the creators of the game did try to give the players what they wanted, a game that actually had the Resident Evil element to it.

While the  third person perspective has changed over the years with the release of RE 4 from fixed camera angles to the over-the-shoulder third person camera angles that we see today, Resident Evil has always been and will always be seen as a Third person perspective game. First person just seems to take the charm out of the franchise and make it feel like a dime a dozen zombie shooter which is far from what RE is actually about.

CAPCOM, I think saw this and decided to give the players the third person perspective and feel of a RE game… But also keep the FPS which was the theme of the Gun Survivor Series being a series about rail shooters. Thanks to this, I think the game greatly benefits and pulls in fans who had already turned their backs on the series due to the previous games.

Unlike the Other Titles in the Gun Survivor Series, You At Least Feel Some Connection to the Characters

Unlike in Survivor where you feel absolutely nothing for any of the characters in the game, especially the person you are supposed to be portraying, Dead Aim does have a cast, all be it a VERY small cast of characters that can at least be relatable or if anything else enjoyable to watch.

Bruce McGivern does have a cocky in your face attitude that is common with RE games and really any game that involves a cop with any type of unkept hair and five o’clock shadow.  Fong Ling has a fun supporting feel to her character and Morpheus D. Duvall is a good hammy villain. Which let’s be honest, when you name your son Morpheus D. Duvall… You have destined your child to become a Bond level Villain.


Just Because the Characters Are Better Doesn’t Make Them Good.

Yeah… The only problem is that they aren’t very good. These three feel more like caricatures than real characters. Bruce feels more like a parody of action heroes and really a parody of characters like Chris Redfield and Leon Kennedy. Fong Ling is just the poor woman’s version of Ada Wong and Morpheus D. Duvall… Jesus Christ the name alone is enough to tell you this guy is just one big plate of ham and cheese. He feels more at home in a Final Fantasy game than Resident Evil.

Yes the characters are better than the others in the Survivor Series, but that doesn’t mean they are good-by any means. They are still over the top characters and are all three forgettable to the overall series.

In Many Ways, Making a Forgettable Game is Worse Than a Bad Game

And once again I find myself with a review with not a lot to say and that is because the game just doesn’t have a lot to criticize. It isn’t all that bad, in fact there are some pretty inspired moments in both gameplay and graphics. But the sad fact is that this games biggest flaw is that it is forgettable. I would not even be reviewing this game if it wasn’t for the fact I was doing a retrospective on the entire Resident Evil gaming franchise. Say what you will about games like Brink and Duke Nukem Forever, at least they will be remembered for being steaming piles of shit… But games like Dead Aim don’t even have that luxury. They are not bad enough to be remembered for being absolute failures, but at the same time they are not good enough or memorable to leave a lasting impact on the gaming community. It can even be argued that this strange form of Media Limbo could be even worse than existing in the realms of Hell. At least then someone will remember your existence. Unlike this game that is only mentioned in passing and flees from the mind as quickly as it is spoken.


Even though the game has very good moments, at the end of the day the game is just too forgettable to leave any lasting memory and being in the Gun Survivor Series is enough to leave one large stigma on your game, to the point that I am willing to bet many people didn’t pick it up just for that reason.

Final Score 2/5

And now that we have gotten that one out-of-the-way, we can finally talk about the big dog… Resident Evil 4. Until that time, thanks for reading.

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