Tanner’s Resident Evil Retrospective: RE Operation Raccoon City

OperationRaccoonCityGod damn it! This game is the game, THE GAME in the RE franchise that just finds new and spectacular ways to piss me off! I didn’t think you could get much worse than Resident Evil Survivor and really on a game stand point, this one isn’t. But at least after playing Survivor, i didn’t have a screaming urge to write CAPCOM and say ‘What the hell are you doing to my franchise?!” Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City may not be the worst game in the Resident Evil franchise, but it is very close. Released in 2012, Operation Raccoon City was supposed to be the ultimate multiplayer RE experience as it took a handful of ‘unique’ playable characters and placed them in Raccoon City during the 1998 outbreak along with a pretty enjoyable single player mode that was supposed to expand further upon the universe. Although I do not see why Raccoon City’s story needs to be expanded any further. I think we pretty much got everything we needed to know from that.

The story line was that you took control of Umbrella Security Service Delta Team and your team is sent in to assist Alpha Team and their leader HUNK in killing William Birkin and obtaining the G-Virus before Birkin can hand it off to the US Military. After the events of RE 2 happen again, HUNK stays and searches for the G-Virus sample while Delta Team is dispatched to the surface to eliminate all evidence of Umbrella Inc in the outbreak. They end up fighting Nicholai Ginovaef, run into Sherry, Leon, and Claire at some point thus inserting a whole mess of plot holes, and of course Umbrella leaves them for dead… Seriously how did Umbrella keep getting employees? It seems like every body that is hired by them ends up getting killed to cover up evidence. Employees must get some killer life insurance.


It Can Be a Little Fun in Multiplayer, But You Can Have Much More Fun with Better Titles

I suppose multiplayer can be a pretty fun experience. It gives you twelve playable characters to choose from, each with their own advantages and disadvantages… Though these twelve are twelve of these most stereotypical characters you see in a shooter such as this with some of the dumbest names ever conceived by a group of people with zero imagination. With names like Beltway, Spectre, Four Eyes, Willow, and Vector just to name a few. It sounds like the rejects to the next line of GI Joes. Not to mention, their jobs are scientist, medic, stealth, explosives, and so forth… Pretty much the characters from Team Fortress 2 if you sucked out all likability.

But all that considered, I can see how something enjoyable could come from playing a game like this in multiplayer… But then there is the problem that there are so many better titles to play for multplayer. Team Fortress 2, SOCOM, and hell I may not be a fan of Call of Duty or Halo but I can get more enjoyment out of their multiplayer modes then I can with this thing.


It is a Cash In To Games Like Call of Duty, Halo, etc…

This is nothing more than a failed attempt to jump in on the shooter game craze that has been going on recently. Games like Call of Duty and Halo are popular among the masses at this moment and Operation Raccoon City just feels like they are trying to jump into that market with all the grace and dignity of a fat kid doing a belly flop.

It makes no attempt to hide the fact that this was its intention and with the exception of the storyline, the already established characters, and the various enemies if someone were to tell me that this was a Resident Evil game, then I would have laughed in their face. This game has no charm, no identity. It is a multiplayer zombie shoote with just a pinch of the originality that the Resident Evil name carries with it.

It is the Bare Bones of a Game

To top all of this off, as if the fact that this is nothing more than a zombie shooter that slapped the Resident Evil name on the front of it, but whenever it becomes pretty obvious that this was nothing more than the bare bones of a game that the company itself was hesitant to put out on the market, then you just come across a blundered mess. It is obvious that CAPCOM and Slant Six Games was gun shy to even attempt to put this game out there. The graphics are low budget, the gameplay is underdeveloped, their are glitches around every corner, and all in all it just has a very uninspired feel.

I can understand that a company would want to try to branch into new territory and expand their game, I do and even though I’m not a fan of the multiplayer shooters, if they created a good and engaging game then I would have played and enjoyed it. But if you are going to try something new, then you got to put yourself out there. Sometimes you got to dive in and hope that things work out. At least you will make a splash of some kind. If you slowly wade into the water, then nobody is going to know you even got in in the first place, leaving your game in complete obscurity and that is what this game will be, falling along the wayside along with the Gun Survivor Series. A piss poor attempt of expanding the franchise that just comes off as a lazy and half hearted attempt to try something new.


And that is just about all I can say about Resident Evil: Raccoon City. This isn’t a game that I can bitch about all day, it is just a boring and underdeveloped piece of crap that will fade away into nothingness in a couple of years and if Resident Evil 6 was even moderately decent then nobody would know it exists today… But we will get into that next time.

Overall, besides multiplayer (and that is a stretch) there is really no reason to ever pick up this game. Even as a rental. Graphics are low budget, controls are shit, story is filled with plot holes, and it is just a terrible game.

Final Score 0.5/5

Well next week we will be reaching the end as their is only two more games left to go. Next up… Resident Evil 6. Until then, thank you for reading and please like and subscribe if you want to see more.

BUT WAIT! What about Resident Evil Mercenaries and Darkside Chronicles

Okay yes, I’m sure many of you might call foul on me seeing as how I seemed to completely skip over Darkside Chronicles and Mercenaries. Well the reason for that is thus.

For Darkside Chronicles, I didn’t make a full review of it because… It is basically just a much better version of Umbrella Chronicles. It has better graphics, better gameplay, and a more well rounded game with more original content. If I were to score it, it would probably be a 3.5. But really, I feel like to review the game would just be an effort in redundancy same as the rail shooter of Code Veronica. 

The reason I didn’t review Mercenaries is… Because I didn’t know it existed. I just found out about existence while doing this retrospective and I have no DS to play it on… So it sadly has to be skipped.

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