Tanner’s Resident Evil Retrospective: RE 6

Resident_Evil_6_box_artworkOh how the mighty have fallen… Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City may piss me off in new and spectacular ways… But Resident Evil 6 hits me in one of the worst places imaginable, right in the childhood. I have made no attempt to hide the fact that Resident Evil is one of my favorite gaming franchises of all time and THE game that inspired me to really get into gaming as much more than just a passing hobby. It is the whole reason I did the retrospective in the first place. Just so I could really talk about a game that has had such an impact on me as a gamer and me as a person. It breaks my heart to know this game exists. It breaks my heart on a very personal level to see my childhood have such a nasty fall from grace and into the dire straits the franchise finds itself today.

I’ll admit whenever I first played this game and finished it… I didn’t cuss, I didn’t throw the controller, I didn’t rage, and I didn’t drink… I placed the controller down, fought back my watering eyes, put the game into its case with a cover that looks like a guy sucking off a giraffe, and got out my old Playstation 1 and played Resident Evil 3: Nemesis just to remind myself of the game that used to be. This game may not be the worst game in the series on what it means to be a game… But this is the game that has garnered the most betrayal from fans and especially myself and stands as a testament to everything that is wrong with the once wonderful survival horror franchise.

The fact that CAPCOM had the utter balls to call this game a ‘drama horror’ is a personal insult to me. The fact that it even attempts to put the word ‘horror’ anywhere near this game is an insult to its fans and I take it as a personal insult to my intelligence to think that we would be stupid enough to even consider this game to have any type of horror element to it.

The patched together story is a series of three different stories. It splits time between Jake Muller, Albert Wesker’s son (because I suppose they thought we would except his bastard child) and military badass Sherry Birkin. (Because we can’t have a character in Resident Evil unless they are a ops trained badass. NOBODY). It also follows a plot point of a drunken Chris Redfield and his friend Piers Niven and of course God forbid we go more than two games without inserting Leon Kennedy and his bland nonchalant voice into the fray.


It is a Decent Shooter

If this were a game that is designed to be an action packed shooter. Then I suppose it is decent. It isn’t good in that regard but it is decent. As far as the mechanics of weapons and uses. Yeah it isn’t absolutely terrible. So if you are into muscle bound lummoxes grunting and try to pretend that you are actually a soldier while you sit in your basement and eat Pringles. Then maybe you can find some enjoyment out of it.


Terrible Glitches

This game is completely glitch ridden. This is especially true with any human NPC that you combat with as many of them will just begin spasing wildly, limbs flaying back and forth or gunners running aimlessly in circles. I’ve seen NPCs who are supposed to be helping you do absolutely nothing and I have had the game freeze on more than one occasion. For any game that has a Triple A title on it, this is unforgivable! One or two glitches is excusable, but whenever there is this many in a game that has the Resident Evil name attached to it, you have to bring more than what was brought to the damn table.

They Try to Please Everyone and End Up Pleasing No One With the Story

I’ll give them this… They tried to make people happy in some ways. People want to see their favorite characters in the franchise. They want to see their Leon Kennedys, their Chris Redfields, their Jill Valentines, and their Sherry Birkin. Well they tried to give it all to us and in the end it comes across as a muddled mess. Maybe if they focused on one of the three stories in this game… Then they could have came away with something redeemable. But instead they try to please everyone by putting in a drunken Chris Redfield who has become too muscle bound to support his own damn weight. A Special Forces Sherry Birkin and Wesker’s son Jake Muller who both seem completely out of place. And we cannot forget Leon S Kennedy as he goes through the game with Ingrid whispering shit into his ear and Ada Wong being a damn tease.

This game is all over the damn place and have absolutely no focus. They tried to give the fans everything and in the end they gave them something that is even worse than nothing.

It is a Mindless Action ShooterRE6_Agent_Hunt

It all comes back to this. We as a society of gamers do not want another action shooter. There are plenty of action shooters out there. Call of Duty, Medal of Honor, Battlefield, and the list goes on. We DO NOT NEED ANOTHER ONE!!!!!!!! We do not want a Resident Evil action game. What we want when we put in a Resident Evil game is survival horror… I’ll repeat SURVIVAL HORROR! We want the jump scares, we want the ambiance, we want the terror, we want the fright, we want to be alone. We want our Resident Evil back.

Resident Evil 4 revolutionized gaming but from what CAPCOM took from it was ‘Hey people like the shooting aspect. Let’s just focus on that.’ They lost their way and their vision for the game and now if they do not find it back soon, then this great franchise is going straight down the tubes. I implore the developers, I implore everyone who has any hands in this game, even the intern who buys everyone lunch. Do what needs to be done and bring back the franchise that we know and love.


This game is terrible. It is a mindless shooter that’s only connection to the games that we played and loved in the past is that they have a few of the same characters. It is a convoluted mess of three different scenarios that bring little to no enjoyment when being played.

After Resident Evil 5, the franchise had fallen out of the top spot for favorite zombie game and favorite franchise and with Operation Raccoon City and RE 6, it has fallen even further from there.

Final Score 1/5

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One thought on “Tanner’s Resident Evil Retrospective: RE 6”

  1. I’m currently in the works of reviewing this game and so far feel the Leon canpaign is the strongest. Chris’s has the most promise, but it’s falling on its face. Beautiful looking game, but it’s suffering from Uncharted Syndrome to the point that it’s annoying, and new villains are neat but don’t instill fear into me, they’re a nuisance and serve the purpose of being bullet sponges.

    But strangely, I find myself rooting for it. RE seems to have lost its horror ways since RE 5.

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