Tanner Reviews Rain

Rain_Logo_PromoYes, after a near year of reviewing, I am finally reviewing rain. Condensation, what the hell is up with it? So moist and what not… Just joking with you, I’m actually reviewing the video game Rain. Just like my earlier review of Journey, Rain feels like another trail blazer for the more ‘artistic’ style of video game, focusing more on the visuals and the delivery of the story and less on the gameplay itself. While Journey may have done a better job than Rain in these regards, it is interesting to see that other games are following  Journey’s success in creating a viable artistic video game genre.

Rain is the simple story of a young boy who is lost in the city during a rainy evening. Upon seeing the silhouette of a young girl, the boy follows her into the rain and finds that he himself has become invisible as well. Only to be seen from the rain that pours on each of them. But the two are not alone as their are dog like creatures who are hunting them as well. The young boy than must find the young girl and stay away from the creatures while in the rain.


Animation is Fantastic

Naturally with a game that focuses on the artistic aspects of the video game will have phenomenal animation. The opening narrative told in water colors is very well done and the water animation is also phenomenal. It really adds to the atmosphere of the game and adds a level of enjoyment and captivation to the simple narrative.


The Story is Decent Yet Melancholy

The story is simplistic and rather cute, I have to say. It has that tragic sort of gothic melancholy to it that can really be attractive to many different types of people. This seems to be both a good thing and a bad thing, just depending on your preferences. It is a very polarizing, either the tale will bring you into the atmosphere and engage you in the story… Or it will keep you on the outside looking in, bored and irritated by the melancholy of the tale.


The Game Itself Drags With Its Simplistic Mechanics

The real problem with an artistic style game such as Rain is the fact that the other aspects such as the story itself and the gameplay mechanic tend to suffer to build the atmosphere of the world. The story really does drag and can get pretty boring especially in the beginning as you are simply button smashing to get past the endless lines of exposition that continues to appear on the screen. After several minutes of reading  the screen I found myself wanting nothing more to do than to use the analog pad just to do something instead of button smashing to get to the actual gameplay.

The puzzles that the game provides can become rather tedious and boring as well. If you are not in the right frame of mind than Rain can become a pretty effective cure to insomnia.


Rain is certainly an artistic tale. It does not have the grandiose wonder as Journey. But it is certainly a game that can be quite enjoyable if you are in the right frame of mind. It is morbid and gothic in its design and an acquired taste to be sure. But still, you will feel satisfied after playing it.

Final Score 2.5/5

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ANNOUNCEMENT: I truly apologize for my late replies on my reviews. Life has been a tad bit busier than in the past. Particularly on the weekends. With this being said I have decided to change my schedule to three days  a week with reviews on Sunday and Tuesday and videos on Thursday. Thank you for your support and loyalty and please keep coming back for more.

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