Tanner Reviews Captain Phillips

Captain_Phillips_PosterSo we are reaching the end of 2013 and like always it is time for the big movies of the year to start creeping into the cinemas across the world and leading the charge this year is none other than one of the latest additions to Tom Hank’s repertoire, Captain Phillips. Along with the second movie of his to come out this year, Saving Mr. Banks which will be coming out in mid December it looks like Mr. Hanks is trying to win himself another shiny gold trophy.

Captain Phillips is the true story of the freighter MV Maersk Alabama being hijacked by pirates off of the coast of Somalia and the later hostage situation involving Captain Richard Phillips (Tom Hanks). The film follows the story of Phillips and the crew of MV Maersk Alabama through the ordeal and their attempt to fight the hijacking.


Tom Hanks and Barkhad Abdi is Phenomenal

With Saving Mr Banks coming out in December and Captain Phillips recent release, it is impossible for me to fathom Hanks not receiving a nomination for an Academy Award. He is phenomenal in his performance and really sells the drama and terror of being hijacked by a group of Somali pirates. I also have to give props to Somali born actor Barkhad Abdi who did a phenomenal job as well portraying Somali pirate Abduwali Muse. Together the two actors really made the film come to life.

The Movie is Intense as Well as Respectful

Even though the film will be remembered as being a dramatic film mainly on part of Hanks and Barkhad Abdi, this probably is the best action movie of the year to this point. The film is intense and if you are not familiar with the story it keeps you clinging to the chair with anticipation, not knowing what will happen next. It is well-directed and knows when to insert action and when to pull out all the stops. While it does feel like a drama first kind of film, the film really does need to be praised for the action as well.


“Creative Property” Can Be a Nasty Thing

The only real problem with the movie comes from the fact the horrible ‘based on a true story’ stigma and the ‘creative property’ that Hollywood implements time and time again. There is a lot of controversy surrounding this film about the portrayal of Captain Phillips and his crew. Many of Phillips crew have stepped forward claiming the Phillips had ignored several warnings of pirate activity and placed the crew in mortal peril and the film wrongfully portrayed Phillips in a positive light.

The validity of all of this is of course in question and between Phillips, the company, the movie studio, the crew, and the courts but it does bring up a good point that when a film does create a movie based on real events, that they get it as close to the real events as possible.


This is a great way to kick off the Academy Award season. The film may have its problems with its authenticity but that should not stop it from being praised as a high drama high action success. The directing is great and the acting from Hanks and Abdi is phenomenal. While it might eventually be lost to the ages, it is a film that is definitely worth watching in theaters.

Final Score 4.5/5

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