Top 25 Greatest Pokemon of All Time

After doing my review of Pokemon X and Y, it came to my attention that I really haven’t talked a lot about Pokemon, which is odd since it was a major part of my childhood and usually I’m one to get all nostalgic at the drop of a hat. I thought I would rectify this by making a list. What better than a list right? After all if there is anything that you could make a list out of, it is Pokemon. There are all the different regions, the different characters, the different villains… And OH YES! The different Pokemon! After all, as of Generation 6 there are now 718 of the things running around! It is perfect! So with that being said, I decided I would drop all pretense and finally attempt to answer the question that has plagued Pokefan’s minds… Which Pokemon really is the greatest of all time? So with that I give you, the Top 25 Greatest Pokemon of All Time!

Now before we get into the list, I need to lay down the ground rules of how this list works. First off, ALL 718 Pokemon are fair game for this list. With only ONE exception, these Pokemon will be judged individually and not based on their evolution set. For the one, I will explain myself when we get to it and if you are a Pokemon fan you probably already know which one I’m talking about. Also, this list will tragically be a little Generation 1 heavy. I tried to keep it as light as possible but you cannot deny the first 151 had a massive impact on the franchise so naturally the list of the Top 25 Greatest would have a lot of them on it.

Finally and most importantly. This list is about how these Pokemon affect the franchise and the fanbase at large. This is supposed to be a list that commemorate how much of an impact these creatures had on our lives, childhoods, and fandom. I DO NOT care about how good they are in the game, how shitty they are, how if you train and raise a certain Pokemon a certain way then it will annihilate armies. If you are looking for a list of the Best Pokemon to Use In Game then you have come to the wrong place. NOW this isn’t to say this can’t play a little bit of a factor but it is not the main factor. So with all of that being said, let’s start this list off with a few honorable mentions.

The 5 Honorable Mentions!

250px-681Aegislash25. Aegislash

We start off this list with one of the newest Pokemon and what better way to get things started than with a mother fucking sword! Aegislash and its prior evolutions have been the target of many a fan art since the release of X and Y… And for good reason. This is a Pokemon that is also a sword! The concept alone is pretty damn cool and now you no longer need your Pokemon to fight for you, you can actively wield the thing in your hand!

Adding to the fact that he has a cool novelty of switching from offense to defense and you have a unique and very popular Pokemon.

250px-399Bidoof24. Bidoof

Oh everyone’s favorite punching bag. Bidoof makes the list simply because it is the one that everyone gives the most shit to. Now, like a lot of Pokemon sets, Bidoof is a Pokemon that fits into a certain set which I will dub the ‘Rat Set’, named after the original Rattata. This set includes weak Pokemon that players encounter en masse at the beginning of the game. There are usually a handful which includes little birds like a Pidgey or in this case tiny mice or similar creatures like raccoons and beavers. This list includes the likes of Rattata, Patrat, Zigazoon, and of course Bidoof.

These Pokemon, like Zubat are generally disliked as being on the weak side and popping up in waves so already Bidoof is in an unwelcome category. But add on to the fact that this thing looks like a goofy beaver and give him a name like Bidoof which can only equate to simple mindeness and you go above and beyond the call of duty to create the Pokemon Universe’s biggest punching bag since Magikarp but this time without the awesomely awesome evolution to follow it. It may get the shittiest end of the shit stick but because of that it gets a spot on the list.

250px-149Dragonite23. Dragonite

Say what you will about Dragonite’s appearance, it was the original definition of the term Dragon Type Pokemon and was a force to be reckoned with every time it stepped up to battle! I remember, just as I think everyone remembers going up against Lance, seeing Dragonite, giggling thinking this was going to be easy and then he utterly and completely annihilating your shit. The original dragon and one of the original badasses, Dragonite earns its spot on this list.

250px-249Lugia22. Lugia

In the release of Generation 2, it seems that everyone was mesmerized by Lugia. Ho Oh of course never really took off and it was Lugia that was the desire of all the kids who collected the cards and played the video games. Not to mention he was a badass in the movies. Lugia is one of those that makes it on the list for sheer force of will. He is one of the most well known and loved Pokemon merely by his existence.

250px-677Espurr21. Espurr

This is the highest that any of the Gen 6 Pokemon will reach. Espurr is one of those Pokemon that just took the fanbase by swarm with its cold dead eyes that can only be seen in the head of a deranged serial killer. That cold dead unblinking stare, looking at you, into your very soul just makes you think that the thing is about to jump out of the panel and murder you and your entire family.

Out of all the Gen 6 Pokemon, (aside from Sylveon but don’t worry it will have its day) Espurr seems to be the most popular among the fanbase.

250px-245Suicune20. Suicune

… Out of the legendary birds and legendary beasts, Suicune is my least favorite. I just never was a fan of it. The other five just seemed cooler to me… Which baffles me all the more that Suicune got the spot light out of all the six of them. Thanks to its roaming exploits in HeartGold/SoulSilver and Crystal the thing has taken the limelight from the other five and because of this finds itself on the list.

250px-213Shuckle19. Shuckle

First off, I want you to just take a moment and reflect on this majestic son of a bitch! Shuckle makes this list because he is one of the most badass Pokemon in the entire game with a design that looks like an amorphous blob found its way into a Koopa shell. Not only does Shuckle shell out rare candies like it is his job, but also is one of the most durable Pokemon. It can take obscene amounts of damage and if you train it right can do the most damage of any Pokemon in the entire game.

I said earlier that damage dealt by Pokemon and how good a Pokemon is in game would not effect this list, well this is the one exception and the reason is not because it can deal the most damage. It is because of all the Pokemon out there, Shuckle is near the bottom of the list of Pokemon you would ‘expect’ to be able to accomplish this feat. Compare this guy to the likes of Mewtwo, Arceus, Megaevolutions, and all points in between… This little guy can beat the dog piss out of all of them if given the chance and that is one of the things that I like about Pokemon. Sometimes it isn’t the legendary who is the most badass, it is the little Pokemon that could, Shuckle.

250px-039Jigglypuff18. Jigglypuff

When the original series came out, the fans of the game of course were going ape shit wild, buying anything that had the Pokemon name on it. Pokemon Games, Cards, Toys, Anime, Towels, Underwear, Toilet Paper, you name it, it existed. But for the non-Pokefan out there, there really were only two Pokemon that could be easily identifiable and those two were Pikachu and Jigglypuff… Wait… Jigglypuff? Why the fuck Jigglypuff?

Well we have the anime to thank for that. Because in the anime, Jigglypuff was one of the biggest assholes that you would ever see. Constantly following our ragtag group of misfits, Jigglypuff would drop in at just the wrong moment to sing a beautiful lullaby into a black permanent marker which put everyone to sleep. This naturally agitated Jigglypuff who would begin writing on people’s faces with said marker. The gag itself was enough to carry the Jigglypuff name to it, even when I was a kid my mom who normally called Pokemon firedog and talking cat knew who Jigglypuff was. And it was because of this that Pikachu and Jigglypuff found themselves on the video game Super Smash Bros.

250px-151Mew17. Mew

Look at that cute little flying cat! This thing won over the hearts of millions just with that adorable little kitten call and playing in mid air like a flying mittens playing with a ball of string. The Pokemon that spawned the evil creature known as Mewtwo, the two Pokemon feel like the real polar opposites of cute, good, and adorable and vengeful, hateful, and powerful.

In the game people would waste hours trying to walk around a truck in the hope of finding the allusive Pokemon while others would wait in line for hours just to get the Legendary Mew trading card (myself included).

250px-007Squirtle16. Squirtle

The first of the three original starters, Squirtle is one of those Pokemon that makes it just because he was one of the iconic Pokemon of the original series. The original three starters will always hold a special place in the hearts of Pokemon fans everywhere. As for me, I just see Bulbasaur and Charmander’s influence weighing slightly higher than Squirtle’s. But that is nothing against Squirtle who is all kinds of badass in its own right. Its evolutions are awesome and it overall it is easily one of the cutest little guys you will ever run into.

250px-571Zoroark15. Zoroark

This is arguably the best Pokemon to come out of Generation 5 and I do believe that Game Freak knew this since it was a special promotion upon release. With the ability to create hallucinations and even make himself appear and talk as a human opens up to a whole new world of fucked up possibilities. But needless to say out of all of Gen 5, Zoroark is the coolest and the one who left the largest mark.

250px-130Gyarados14. Gyarados

Oh this thing… If this were a list of the most badass Pokemon to ever be in existence, Gyarados would be topping the list. The thing is an icon of Pokemon badassery and probably one of the most terrifying Pokemon in existence to boot. Not to mention thanks to the Lake of Rage, the most possessed Shiny Pokemon in the game.

What really makes Gyarados such a wonderful Pokemon aside from the obvious is the humble beginnings where Gyarados sprouts from. Unlike other Pokemon who are pretty cool no matter what evolution it is, Gyarados starts off as a lowly Magikarp, one of the weakest Pokemon in the game. I think it is really cool that a Pokemon such as Gyarados comes from a Pokemon like Magikarp. It makes Magikarp a symbol for all the little meek children who always got picked on and bullied when he was small and then grew up to become a fucking beast! If it wasn’t for the fact that Gyarados evolves from Magikarp I doubt it would be as popular as it is today.

250px-004Charmander13. Charmander

Ah… Nobody forgets their first and I will never forget that when I first played Pokemon, my first choice was Charmander. Charmander holds a special spot in many players hearts. Not only are their players out there that solely choose fire starters, but it also helps that Charmander evolves into one of the biggest fan favorites of the entire series, Charizard (which we will get to a little later). He was small and he was tenacious. Easily one of the most liked Pokemon of the Franchise.

250px-175Togepi12. Togepi

That adorable little egg cradled ever so gently in Misty’s arms. How could you not love the little thing? If I am not mistaken, I believe it was Togepi who was the first Pokemon of Generation 2 to ever make an appearance as well. So also their is that. I remember when

ever I was a kid and Beanie Babies were still a thing, one of the most popular was one called Eggbert which was basically just a baby chick that just came out of the shell. I think the reason it was liked and Togepi was liked is pretty much the same. They are just so adorable with that cute little newborn face that you just want to cuddle it and never let go!

250px-359Absol11. Absol

Absol is the one Pokemon on this list that just baffles me to no end. I did not play Gen 3 and Gen 4 when they came out as I have stated in the past and have only recently attempted to track them down to give them a go. So my introduction to Absol was in Gen 5. I caught one and just thought. Meh it is an emo looking dog that doesn’t evolve, it is pretty cool but nothing to lose my shit over… And then I went to the internet and found out this thing is huge!

People love Absol! I see fan art of Absol, pages dedicated solely to Absol, Absol winning favorite Pokemon contest, the list fucking goes on. I still do not understand where Absol’s popularity comes from and I will most likely never know. Maybe it is because it looks so cool, I do not know. But I will give credit where credit is due. This Pokemon has made a huge impact on the fandom, so even though I do not know why it still has a spot on this list.

250px-258Mudkip10. Mudkip

This thing is on here purely by the power of meme. “So i herd u liek Mudkipz”… Why was it Mudkip? Why do people like Mudkip so much? What is it that made this Pokemon so meme worthy? Who the hell fucking knows? I for one really do not want to know the answer, it simply is and we should all just enjoy it.

Easily in contention with the most popular starter of all time, Mudkip just has that look to him that makes you want to saw “DAWWHHHH” and with the internet’s approval, it has achieved a status that only a select few can ever hope to achieve.

250px-001Bulbasaur9. Bulbasaur

And now we have the last of the original starting three. The reason Bulbasaur wins out of the three original starters is thanks completely to the anime. Ash Ketchum may not be the greatest Pokemon trainer around. (Actually he kind of sucks) but his Bulbasaur is one of the most badass Pokemon to ever exist.

Not only was he found taking care of a daycare, but he would later take on these responsibilities in later episode at Professor Oak’s lab. He was not only nurturing but beat the unholy hell out of anyone that picked on anyone or anything that couldn’t defend themselves.

250px-493Arceus8. Arceus

You can’t include a list of the Greatest Pokemon of All Time and not include the GOD of Pokemon on the list! Now many will argue adamantly that Arceus isn’t the God of this world. He just created the world. But come on… Before the Pokeworld was, Arceus was and then created the world and saw that it was good… Arceus is the God of this world… And you can catch God too. What a neat concept.

The concept of putting a Pokemon in the game that created all life on the planet is one hell of a cool concept and pretty intimidating to players at that.

250px-282Gardevoir7. Gardevoir

It is hard to believe that a Pokemon can usurp Misty to become the sex symbol of the franchise, but one can make a strong case that Gardevoir has accomplished this odd feat. Becoming an anthropomorphic lover’s wet dream, Game Freak had to know what they were doing when they brought this slender and shapely Pokemon into existence. It might make you feel a little weird inside to know of all the strange ship fic stories and adult centered comics that the internet has churned out that featured this Pokemon. But you cannot deny that Gardevoir has made an impact on the franchise for this fact.

250px-150Mewtwo6. Mewtwo

The original badass and target of the first master ball itself. The result of genetic experimentation, Mewtwo was supposed to be the perfect Pokemon. He was big, he was mean, and nobodies original Red and Blue party was complete without him in the group. Mewtwo was the original antagonist for Pokemon: The First Movie and will always hold a special place in the hearts of all Pokemon lovers.

250px-448Lucario5. Lucario

Lucario… I do not know what it is about him that everyone loves. But this thing is probably one of the most beloved Pokemon in existence. Loved enough that it earned itself a spot on the Super Smash Bros. Line Up. Maybe it is because he is a fighting type and is also a dog. Maybe it is because he looks all kinds of badass… I do not know. But Lucario has definitely earned his mark as one of the fan favorites of the series.

250px-052Meowth4. Meowth

What is cooler than a Pokemon? A Pokemon that talks! If Pikachu was the Pokemon everyone adored, than Meowth was the Pokemon that everyone loved to hate. He was obnoxious, he had a weird sort of Joe Pesci vibe to him, and he was one big ball of awesome.

250px-006Charizard3. Charizard

You know what ruled the fucking world in the early 90’s? Holographic Charizard in the Pokemon Trading Card Game. That card was valued over $100 dollars at one point and was one of the most coveted things in a young boys childhood. Add on to the fact that Charizard was a boss in just about every way possible really helped as well.

He was so awesome that in the television series, he would actively defy Ash because he didn’t have enough badges to train him. When they heard that megaevolutions were officially a thing and Charmander would get one, I remember people were begging that Charizard would finally become a dragon Pokemon and when he did. The world rejoiced. A big fan favorite and an earned spot on the list.

download2. Eevee and The Eeveelutions

Yes! Eevee and the Eeveelutions get their own damn category. Why?! Because the mere concept of Eevee is one of the things that makes Pokemon great! Choices. If there ever was a game that gave you the power of choice, Pokemon is it. Which Pokemon is your starter, who will you put into your party, how will you train them, and of course, which evolution are you going to evolve Eevee into.

This is one of those Pokemon where everyone has their favorites. My favorite is Umbreon for both the Eeveelutions and in general. But I know of at least one representative for each camp. Ones that choose Flareon, Jolteon, Vaporeon, Leafeon, Sylveon, Glacion, Espeon, or the ones that leave Eevee just the way it is. Eevee is the ultimate series of choices and one that is in your hands. You can make Eevee be whatever you want Eevee to be which makes it one of the greatest Pokemon of all time.

250px-025Pikachu1. Pikachu

You knew it was coming… You knew it was fucking coming from the moment that you pulled up this list. If I did not put Pikachu in the number one spot on this list then I would be lying to everyone in existence. Even people who know nothing of Pokemon know of Pikachu. Pikachu has been with Ash Ketchum since the beginning of the series.

He has been made into plushies, toys, been on every single solitary thing that carried the Pokemon name. Pikachu is the flagship Pokemon of the series hands down no contest and that isn’t about to change anytime soon. With all of this in consideration I state in my professional opinion that Pikachu is hands down the Greatest Pokemon of All Time.

Thank you for reading and as always if you enjoyed this than please like and subscribe for more.

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