Tanner Catches up for the End of 2013 with 4 Mini Reviews! (Warm Bodies, Dead Island Riptide, Pacific Rim, After Earth)

So it is December 29th! Two days before the New Year and I am still behind on reviews! Seeing as how this is the case and I know for a fact that I will not be able to get to them all by the start of the New Year, I decided to take three movies and one video game from the year of 2013 and condense them into 4 mini reviews. Just so I can get my opinion out on them by the time I close out the 2013 line up. With that being said I will also have three more reviews coming out before I finish up 2013 after this. So without further ado, I give you the three movies and one video game I didn’t get a chance to get to review before the end of the year.

220px-Pacific_Rim_FilmPosterPacific Rim

If someone were to ask me when I think of the term ‘popcorn movie’ what is the first movie that comes to mind… Without a seconds hesitation I would say Pacific Rim. This film is the culmination of why people go to the movies. At the end of the day, we can talk about the narrative, we can talk about the effects, we can talk about the art form, and we can talk about anything else. But when it is all said and done you go to the movies to be entertained and that is what this movie does.

I was so worried going into it that Pacific Rim would just be another Transformers and Battleship clone. Instead, what I got was everything those movies WISHED they were and subtract everything that made those movies horrendous. It truly is an experience to watch. Because sometimes you just need to watch gigantic robots fighting huge monsters.

Final Score: 4/5

200px-Warm_bodies_book_coverWarm Bodies

I’m just going to chalk this up to the fact that this movie is not for me. I do not like Warm Bodies in the slightest. I do not think it is funny, I do not think it is cute, I do not find it in any way redeemable, and I sure as shit do not find it romantic… But then again I do not like zombie comedy movie and I especially do not like zombie rom com movies. Zombieland is a very rare exception of a zombie comedy that I like. But on the whole I hate them. I like my zombie movies serious, sue me!

So maybe I am a little biased when it comes to a movie like Warm Bodies but I just have nothing nice to say about it and would hope something like this never comes up again.

Final Score: 1.5/5

DeadIslandRiptideDead Island: Riptide

Not only was Dead Island: Riptide a colossal disappointment, it made it even worse by being a colossal disappointment to a terrible game. Dead Island and Dead Island: Riptide in my opinion is one of the worst zombie video game/movies ever made! It is nothing more than a Left 4 Dead clone, that has horrible AI, horrible graphics, horribly glitched, and a really good trailer to suck you in and take your money.

What makes Dead Island: Riptide even worse than its predecessor is the fact that it is the same damn game! It has the same bad graphics, same bad AI, and same glitches! They fixed NOTHING! Even after creating an abysmal game, they still had a fan base of people who wanted a sequel and they promised a much better game. But Deep Silver and Techland just put out the same half assed game and expected people to play it!  With that being said, this game is in serious contention for Worst Game of 2013.

Final Score: 0.5/5

220px-After_Earth_PosterAfter Earth

This movie truly is something special. It is a Hollywood Train Wreck if I ever saw one and it is glorious! This movie is horrendous. Everything is horrible, the effects, the acting, the script, the lighting, the effects, the catering, and out of all of it, it has blossomed into a wonderful film of badness. This is one of those movies you watch on bad movie night. Because it won’t make you mad, it won’t leave you frustrated, or hating life. You will be laughing so hard that your sides will split open.

Will Smith is at his absolute worst in this movie and his son is even worse than he was in the past. It is pretty wonderful. If you want to see a Hollywood vanity project nose dive into an open field with burning bits and pieces of film scattered among the wreckage… Look no further than this. Go see it, seriously. You have to see how bad this movie is.

Final Score: 0/5

Well that is it for this edition. I have three more reviews before I start the 2014 year. American Hustle, Killzone: Shadow Fall, and one of the worst movies ever made Movie 43. I look forward to it and thank you for reading!

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