Tanner Reviews Killzone Shadow Fall

Killzone_Shadow_Fall_BoxSo I think I made it clear about my feelings for the ‘XBone’ and one of its most ‘popular’ new releases Dead Rising 3Even if my opinions are not very… popular should we say on this matter. I stick by it 100%. I absolutely detest that game and if you find it enjoyable, then I am not going to take that from you. But we certainly have different tastes when it comes to zombie games and I will leave it at that. So with that being said, let’s talk about the other end of the spectrum… How is the PS4 fairing?

I have made it clear in the past that I am a little biased when it comes to a contest between these two consoles. I owned the original PS1 when I was a kid, I owned a PS2, PS3, and was planning on purchasing a PS4 and I have never owned an XBox or any of its successors nor ever plan to. So I suppose that when I get a chance to play both the XBox One and the PS4, I might be a little more… ‘friendly’ to the PS4… Well this kind of the case, but not by much. While it is true that I did enjoy my experience with the PS4 and the new title Killzone Shadow Fall more than I did the XBox One and Dead Rising 3, that does not mean that this wasn’t a wonderful experience for me. Killzone Shadow Fall may have been a technically better game, but the feeling that it will leave you is a very strong feeling of… meh, who gives a shit?

The game is the story of Lucas Kellan. He is a young man who has an extreme hate for the enemy known as the Helghast after he witnessed his father being killed during a construction of something called The Wall where thousands of Vektans were forced to relocate for its construction. The story follows Kellan as he rises through the ranks of Shadow Marshall Academy under his father’s friend and takes on the Helghast enemy as well as an evil terrorist organization called The Black Hand.


Graphics are Beautiful

When it comes to what I expect from the look and feel of the next generation of video games, this is something I was expecting. The graphics are stunningly beautiful, some of the best that I have seen in a first person shooter. They are on par (not quite as spectacular as) games like BioShock Infinite. This I was very happy that I was not disappointed in this area like I was for Dead Rising 3. The graphics give the game a very futuristic, yet gritty look and feel.

This is the type of thing that I expect when you release a new game on a new generation of systems. I want to be wowed the moment I turn on the game and see the graphics and gameplay come to life. Which is what Killzone Shadow Fall accomplished. Out of all the new titles released on the next generation consoles, it looks like this is where this game is leading.


It Is a Generic First Person Shooter

It isn’t bad enough that the game feels like a weird amalgamation of Mass Effect and Call of Duty to create what I can only assume is Sony’s attempt at bringing a competitor to go against Halo. But just everything about this game screams of a lazy and safe generic first person shooter with pretty graphics.

The single player is very lack luster as you go from level to level fighting things with a generic forgettable protagonist. While weapons are a little more original then what it has been in the past, it is still the same ole gun selection, playing on boring level after boring level until you either beat the game or just give up and play the multiplayer which of course is the only thing that FPS’s care about anymore. The multiplayer is pretty standard for any FPS game, nothing special, but nothing bad.

But this is a shame that games keep saying ‘fuck the first player story’ and just work on the damn multiplayer. I really would have more respect for games like Call of Duty, Halo, and Killzone if they just dropped all pretense and made a game that was strictly multiplayer. At least then they wouldn’t have a horrendous story line that can be picked apart by critic.


What is all comes down to is that this game is just lazy and uninspired. It is safe release that would generate money but not receive any extreme negative critcism over. As far as being an FPS is concerned it does a good job. It is a no thrills added FPS and if you want to just shoot something, then go ahead and pick it up. The graphics and the gameplay are also beautiful so if anything you can be distracted by that. But as far as being anything more? Well let’s just say that a year from now that game will be collecting dust in a box somewhere in gamer’s rooms while  being sold on shelves for $12.99.

Final Score 2.5/5

PS: A Note to the PS4 and XBox One

After giving Dead Rising 3 and Killzone Shadow Fall a play while I was in Roanoke for Christmas… All I really have to say is that I have never been more disappointed in the gaming industry then I am right now. I defended console gaming adamantly, hoping that other generations can truly know the joy of playing games on their futuristic consoles as I was whenever I was a kid and playing my Super Nintendo or Playstation 1. Even whenever my friends were praising the ‘PC Gaming Master Race’ I was always one to come to the struggling console gaming’s aid.

And then XBox One and Playstation 4 went and did this. Both of the games I played were not the most horrific games I ever played. But what they were was they were safe. They were the ‘playing not to lose’ instead of ‘playing to win’ choice. This was console gaming’s moment to put their foot down and say ‘NO! We will not go silently! We will release the best damn games possible for the next generation! We will give original ideas and creative games! Games that have not been experienced since the days of the PS2 and N64!’ They could have been Gods! And instead they chose to remain as peasants. They released generic and safe games that they knew would make a little bit of money and get ‘meh its okay’ responses from the people buying them. After seeing this performance… Sony and Microsoft deserve to fail.

Thank you for reading and Happy New Year to everyone and thank you so much for being loyal fans to my site and my journey. I have a few more reviews to do before I call it a day on the 2013 line up and move on into the 2014 year so stay tuned for them. Also I am no apart of my friend Rana’s new Vlog series, The Fail Gamer so stay tuned for more of that as well as The Nerdiest Talk Show on Earth.

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