The Worst Video Games of 2013

We have reached the end! A new year and a new set of video games and movies to review. But naturally I can’t just go diving into 2014 and not go over everything that has happened in the realms of video games and movies during the 2013 year. So this week is going to be dedicated to wrapping up 2013 in one perfectly tied bow. I will be doing an end of the year list of the 5 Best and Worst Video Games and Movies of 2013. Seeing as how I still have one more movie I want to watch of 2013, I decided that I would go ahead and finish off the Video Games, starting with the Worst Video Games of 2013.

But before we get into the list, I want to reiterate that this list is made up of Video Games that I personally played this year! I’m sure there are plenty of games that are far worse out there that I have yet to stumble across. But sadly if I did not play them, then I cannot critique them. With that being said, let’s get into our one dishonorable mention and then the 5 Worst games of 2013!

Bureau_XCOM_Declassified_coverDishonorable Mention: The Bureau: XCOM Declassified

The Bureau: XCOM Declassified feels like a game that just lacked all levels of ambition. As far as what it means to be a game, it was… Decent. The controls were there, they allowed a good amount of customization, and the levels were challenging. However the problem was that it was just so boring. It was ‘go to  location X, kill aliens, and come back’ then rinse and repeat. They attempted a few twists and turns along the way, but none of them seemed to save it from the levels of mediocrity.

The reason it stays off the list is because it still did have some good features and it wasn’t a frustrating play through. To me, it is that game that just makes you say ‘meh its okay what else is there to play?’

256px-Dead_Rising_3_Cover_Art5. Dead Rising 3

This was one of my more unpopular reviews as it turns out that a lot of people actually like this game. But I refuse to relent when I say that this game is utter garbage. Not only is it a safe game released for the XBox One, but what pisses me off the most about it is how it changes everything that makes a Dead Rising game wonderful. Dead Rising has always been that tongue in cheek, not to be taken seriously zombie bashing adventure.

Instead of keeping that for their future games, they turn it into Dead Rising: The Walking Dead Edition. It comes complete with a world ending zombie apocalypse, because that is an original concept. Instead of putting it in a colorful and goofy mall or Vegas Amusement Park. They throw you in the middle of what is by all accounts a gritty downtown Los Angeles. I might be a little biased because I am such a big fan of the first two games… But to change so much of what makes your game unique and wonderful just to have it appeal to what’s cool in the hopes of getting a few more people to buy your game is one of the worst offenses a game can make and because of this, Dead Rising 3 finds itself on the list.

FuseInsomniacGames4. Fuse

If you were to look up the word ‘generic’ in the dictionary, there would be no definition but just a picture of Fuse. This game was one of the three big original titles that was released in 2013 along with The Last of Us and Remember Me. Now unless you live under a rock you know what The Last of Us is and I’m sure most of you are at least aware of Remember Me’s existence. Fuse is one that I will be very surprised that anyone would know that is not a hardcore gamer and that is because of just how forgettable this game is.

Even in a world where games copy each other over and over again, you have to work hard to create a game that is so generic that people just will take one look at it and say ‘No I’m good.’ The game has some truly inspired weapons customization and character dynamic but its story and its graphics have been done over and over and over again that hearing it one more time might make my ears and eyes bleed. It had a little potential if they had done something just a little creative… But instead we have a game that will be lucky to be sold for $1.99 at a Game Stop.

DeadIslandRiptide3. Dead Island: Riptide

You know what sucks about this game? Is that it is just Dead Island with all of the problems of the first game. You know what sucks even more? Dead Island was an absolute shit game. So this is a shittier sequel to a shit game. It is just one big pile of shit! Dead Island: Riptide is plagued from start to finish with horrendous graphics and glitches that should not exist in any game of this generation. This is just one of those moments where the developers just need to stop. Your game isn’t good, it was never good, just please stop.

AliensColonialMarinesBox2. Aliens: Colonial Marines

We wait for years for this game. The true sequel to Aliens, one of if not my favorite movie of all time. Years waiting for this game, the ultimate experience of being a Colonial Marine and taking on Xenomorphs with some of the coolest weapons ever!… And they fucked it up! They fucked it up so hard! With horrific AI that will make you want to break your controller and half of the game being dedicated to what can only be described as Call of Duty: Colonial Marines, Aliens: Colonial Marines is the most disappointing video game I have ever run across. A game that had so much potential that was completely ruined by horrible direction, horrible AI, half-assed writing, and just all around uninspired garbage!

I'm falling asleep staring at the box cover.

1. The Walking Dead: Survival Instincts

I knew… I knew when I played this back in March that this was going to be the worst game that I would play in 2013 and it sure as shit hasn’t changed in over a year. As a matter of fact, nothing even came close to usurping it. This game is bad on every level that a game can be bad. It is the perfect shit storm of bad.

The game has graphics that would have been picked apart on the PS2/XBox generation and a story that will make you slap your head with the level of stupidity that it reaches. It is unfinished and rushed out the door just to meet a deadline, with several barriers and unfinished aspects combined with tedious game play. This is one of those games that will make you want to break your console in a fit of rage. It was one of my first reviews and it will always be ranked as one of the worst video games that I have ever had the misfortune of playing.

And that is the Worst Video Games of 2013. I will return Tuesday with the Best Video Games of 2013. Thank you for reading and thank you to all my fans who have stuck with me over the past year. If you enjoyed this list than please like and subscribe for more.

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