Tanner Reviews Debbie Does Dallas

225px-DebbiedoesdallasI think it is time that we delve into the ‘adult’ movies that the film industries have produced over the years. Ever since the moving pictures were created it was almost a forgone conclusion that pornography would be the next logical step and ever since then when there has been movies, there has been sleazy porn to follow behind it to profit on our most basic instincts. With the way the internet is today, porn is something that is easy to access en masse in small 10-20 minute videos. But back in the pre-internet days, pornographic movies were its own thriving system with their own theaters, genres, and so forth. The Golden Age of Porn in the 1970’s gave birth to many ‘unique’ experiences in film making. But out of all of these movies, there are few that can top the iconic status of one of the biggest Pornos that has ever existed, Debbie Does Dallas. Starring porn legends Bambi Woods and Robert Kerman (under the pseudonym Richard Bolla), Debbie Does Dallas is one of the most underrated comedic movies of the 1970’s. I do find it a shame that a movie like this is looked down on because it is a porno. Granted, its fellow adult movies which include the likes of Hardgore and Pirates might not help its case.

Debbie Benson (Bambi Woods) is a high school senior who has given the once in a lifetime opportunity to try out for the famous Dallas Cowgirls. The problem is that she is too poor to afford a trip to Dallas for the try outs. So her and her friends agree to all get jobs in order to help Debbie’s dreams to come true. Her friends get several jobs working at a record store, washing cars, helping at a local country club, and Debbie herself gets a job helping Mr. Greenfield (Robert Kerman/Richard Bolla) in his store.

Well the girls realize that they are not making enough money with their current jobs, but if they charge their employers a little extra cash for some sexy times on the side, then they can get some good cash. So the movie does what a porno does best and turns into a sexapalooza as the girls have sex with their various bosses, all to get Debbie to Dallas.


It is Hilarious

It is hard to believe that pornographic movies used to have genres… But they did. I guess back in the 70’s people expected a little more entertainment from their porns instead of just rubbing one out in ten minutes or less before turning off the thing and going on about your day. But Debbie Does Dallas is a legitimately funny movie. A lot of the humor comes from the unintentionals, the bad acting, ludicrous plot, and the fact that the cast seems like they just got off a three-week drug bender. But it does seem that the actors and actresses are having a good time making the movie. It is a porn that is unashamed of itself and almost flaunts the fact that it is a porn and that it is going to make you laugh while you are aroused.


It Has a Creepy Feel To It

It doesn’t help that the director of the film, Jim Clark made a career out of making pornos that fit the ‘teen’ genre of porn, but the film itself has that self-aware creepy feel that can kind of give you a disturbing vibe as you watch it. It doesn’t help that all of the girls in this movie are seniors in high school, (for the sake of not feeling too creepy let’s assume the characters are all at least 18… Though one scene between two guys at a tennis court doesn’t help this wall of denial I’m attempting to build) but if you continue to add lines that keep referring to the fact that all the acts that you are watching are more than likely illegal… It makes it kind of hard to sit through and not feel like you are going to end up on some watch list just for seeing it. I suppose we can put all of this up to the fact that it was in the 70’s and maybe it was a bit of a different time (not really). But it still enough to give you that creepy vibe whenever one of those uncomfortable lines rears its ugly head.


Adult Actors Are Not the Best Actors

This is just a sad fact of life. Porn actors and actresses, although very talented in their own right are not the most well-trained in the acting field. I would say it has gotten worse as the years of gone by. After you watch the Z-Grade acting in movies the likes of Harry Twatter (something I legitimately wish I could blank from my memories), there is only so far down you can reach before you are just reading your lines off of a piece of paper in front of a camera.

Though the acting in this movie is… better? It still is pretty bad. Well okay, it isn’t all bad. But it certainly runs the gamete from passable to Jesus just start sexing each other up so you can stop talking. Robert Kerman is a really good actor and actually puts some effort into the role of the sexually frustrated shop keeper, while poor Bambi Woods looks like she just dropped enough LSD to subdue a bull elephant. Most of the poor acting from the majority cast also adds to some of the more unintentionally hilarious moments of the film and adds to more of the enjoyment.


Debbie Does Dallas is a classic. It is a comedic porn movie that is representative of the Golden Age of Pornography. It does not pretend to be anything different and almost seems to revel in its own self-awareness. The actors and actresses may not be the best, but damn it they gave it their all and those who did not do the best job, at least could provide with some more unintentional comedy. I would recommend that if you can, give it a watch. Either for the comedy of it or if you just really need your alone time.

Final Score 3/5

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6 thoughts on “Tanner Reviews Debbie Does Dallas”

  1. I think it’s pretty great that you’re reviewing vintage sleaze like Debbie Does Dallas alongside games and modern films. I have to ask, though: is your 3/5 score based on a comparison of all sorts of film genres (to include non-pornographic) or is it just based on films of the… uhm… smuttier variety?

    1. It is out of movies in general. I like to review movies by what they are, what they intended to do, and if they succeeded in those intentions. In the case of Debbie Does Dallas, it really succeeded at being a comedic pornographic movie.

      It is my honest opinion that this movie is a good movie and a classic. Plus in the pornographic genre itself, oh it is a shining bright ray of light.

      1. I think we’re seeing a bit of a resurgence of the self-aware, intentionally humorous porno, what with all the TV and film parodies that have been getting popular lately.

  2. Porn Dead: Whatever Happened to Bambi Woods? is available on Amazon Kindle. It is a true life investigative story that uncovers her true identity and current whereabouts. A recent photo is even provided towards the end. It is a very easy read that keeps one guessing until the end.

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