Cheesy Romance Month: Just Go With It

Just_Go_with_It_PosterSo we come to an end of Cheesy Romance Month. We have looked at our cheesy romances through the ages. We took a trip back to the 80’s with John Hughes’ Sixteen Candleswe went to the 90’s and witnessed the tandem of Nora Ephron and Meg Ryan’s rom com magic in You’ve Got Mailand last week we took at look at the early 2000’s and Matthew McConaughey’s patented movie poster power lean with How to Lose a Guy in 10 DaysSo now it is only fitting that we look to the future! We are only now reaching the halfway mark of the 2010’s and it is hard to see where the trends are going to go. What will future decades think of when they look back at 2010’s rom coms? Will we as a society look back at the 2010’s and have fond memories of Rom Com’s the likes of Silver Lining’s Playbook or will we look back on the 2010’s with the disdain and disgust of another Happy Madison abomination squeezed out of Adam Sandler’s ass cheeks, Just Go With It. Based on the movie that gave Goldie Hawn her only Academy Award Cactus Flower, the movie featuring Jennifer Aniston and Sandler is an example of just how bad a cheesy romantic comedy can actually go.

Just Go With It is the story of Danny Maccabee (Adam Sandler) who leaves a girl at the altar after he learns she is a horrible person. Who is this girl? Does this have any impact on this man’s life? Who the hell cares, because this girl is never mentioned again. After the break up he quickly learns that the concept of a wedding ring he forgot to take off at a bar is good enough to pick up women for some one night stand fun. After becoming a plastic surgeon, losing his one-off joke of a long nose, and meeting the disposable love interest Palmer (Brooklyn Decker) we really get this movie going. After a mishap of lying to Palmer, Danny recruits his assistant and obvious romantic lead Katherine (Jennifer Aniston) to play along in his attempts of getting a relationship out of this girl. They pretend to act as a dead married couple and recruit their kids and Danny’s friend Eddie (Nick Swardson) for a trip to Hawaii… Hilarity is supposed to ensue but obviously does not.

Danny and Katherine continue the big lie as the tables are turned when Katherine’s ‘frienemy’ Devlin Adams (Nicole Kidman) and why the hell is he in this movie Dave Matthews, who plays Devlin’s husband Ian Maxtone Jones shows up to ruin Katherine’s day. The rest of the movie is a web of not funny lies as Sandler and Aniston’s characters try to figure out that they want to bone each other while going through the classic rom com tropes.


The Kids are Kind of Redeemable

I will say this… The kids in this movie are probably the best thing I could say about it. Griffin Gluck and Bailee Madison who play Jennifer Aniston’s kids in this film did a good job in a movie that they did not need to try. Madison could play Oliver Twist with the british accent she pulls off and Gluck has some genuinely funny scenes (which makes up the only moments I laughed during this thing) and gives some heartfelt performances when attempting to swim and talking about his non-existent dad. Gluck and Madison are the two that made this movie bearable for me.


Brooklyn Decker Cannot Compete Against Jennifer Aniston on Looksimages

I mean no disrespect to Brooklyn Decker or attempt to insinuate that she is not attractive. Decker is a good-looking woman. But you know who is more attractive? Jennifer Aniston. God love Aniston, she took this movie in stride considering the amount of ‘old jokes’ and ‘she’s prettier than you’ jabs that she takes throughout the film. I’m not a fan of this ploy being used at all, but if you are going to use it, the worst thing you can do is get two women who are both extremely gorgeous.

I do love that when the scene comes for Aniston to be in her bathing suit, Swardson and Sandler’s character are blown away by her hotness like it was some big reveal. As far as Sandler’s character is concerned, this guy works with her on a day-to-day basis. You never noticed that this girl was attractive? What the hell is the matter with you?! It isn’t even warranted, all things considered. It isn’t like you need to make one look less attractive than the others, just let the rom com magic run through and end up with Aniston’s character.

Any Attempt to Create a Genuine Emotion is Killed Quickly

I’m not sure if Sandler and Company thinks that if any amount of serious moments happens in a film than their audience will run from the theaters in terror or turn off their TV screens in disgust, but this movie never lets a serious moment happen. Any time a genuinely heart-felt moment attempts to occur or Sandler and Aniston attempt to have an actual connection it is quickly ruined by a stupid and annoying joke.

The scene where Sandler and Swardson’s characters are attempting to teach Michael to swim is probably the best scene in the whole film. It has plenty of comedic moments but is a genuinely touching moment that establishes that the Danny character can be a decent dad. Even Swardson’s character is redeemable as he puts on water floaties for the kid so he doesn’t feel bad. But no! We can’t have that scene, we have to have Nicole Kidman’s character show up with her ‘I’m going to eat you’ shit eating grin and ruins the whole build up with the slapstick of Swardson trying to drown Decker’s character and her and Anniston’s annoyingly catty relationship.

Another scene when you start to actually feel a connection between Sandler and Aniton’s character is quickly killed by making shallow fat jokes at a woman who fell asleep while babysitting their kids.

Even in the beginning of the film when Sandler learns that his ex-fiance who is never heard of again does not love him and Sandler has a moment of sadness where he is actually crying. That scene is ruined by the appearance of Nick Swardson with a ridiculous wig and fake acne all over his face.

It is a movie that won’t let anything happen! Any time they have a chance to actually create a balanced romantic comedy, they quickly kill it with shallow humor.


What more can I say? This movie is NOT funny! I may have chuckled once or twice but that is about it. It is a film that follows those childish Adam Sandler schools of comedy. Most of it of course is low brow humor such as a child unknowingly shitting on Nick Swardson’s hand or a kid ramming Sandler in the nuts to which he then runs away chanting ‘that man put his pee pee on my head’. At the beginning of the film when Sandler is going through the breaking up with his non-existent ex fiance, why does Adam Sandler have a large nose? Other than the fact that he is making a self-deprecating Jewish joke? There is no purpose to it and it is quickly disposed of within two minutes! And if someone were to say ‘Oh it sets up the reason why he became a plastic surgeon’ really? Why do we need that to be established? Just say he is a plastic surgeon. Which that in and of itself leads to some rather annoyingly stupid jokes that includes a woman who got a bad plastic surgery job and a woman with a punctured silicon bag in her fake breast.

Not to mention, as if it wasn’t bad enough that Sandler does his goofy voice in half of his movies, we now have Nick Swardson following in Sandler’s footsteps with his goofy I don’t know what Bavarian impression as he plays ‘Dolph Lundgren’ a guy who sells sheep on the internet… Because it is weird so its funny?

The few funny moments can be attributed to Gluck and Madison as I mentioned earlier; but other than that, it is exactly what you would expect from an Adam Sandler movie, stupid not funny joke on top of not funny joke.


This movie was not a fun one to sit through. Not only is it not funny, but it is built around a silly and annoyingly cheesy romance. This whole month has been dedicated to the idea of cheesy romances, some of them good and some of them not so good. This one gives cheesy romances a bad name.

Sandler and Aniston have only a slight chemistry and even then it won’t let them have their moments without inserting Nicole Kidman’s teeth filled grin or a balls joke. The romance is just not there and it is just bad jokes on top of more bad jokes. It is a rom com that was best left never made.

Final Score 0.5/5

Thank you for reading. I hope you have enjoyed taking the journey with me through the month of love and cheesy romances. If you enjoyed this review then please like and subscribe for more. Also come back Thursday for another episode of the Nerdiest Talk Show on Earth where my friend Jate Nott and I will have the Great MMORPG Debate!

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