Marriage Month: Bridezillas

Bridezillas_logoWe close out this month of Marital Bliss with not a movie about marriage, but a whole show about marriage. Seeing as how I spent the last two weeks talking about weddings as well as Godzilla, it seems only fitting that I combine the two together to close all of this off and if just so happens that out of all of those wedding movies and Godzilla movies, this was the worst thing that I had this misfortune of sitting through. WE tv’s original series Bridezillas may very well be one of the worst television shows that I have ever had force myself through. Now do not get me wrong before we get any further into this review, I am not one of the people who will shit on a television show simply for being a reality show. I am not a fan of the genre, nor will I ever be. But when I was younger I did enjoy shows like The Mole and Survivor just as much as any other person. Since then they have lost their appeal to me, but I will not knock a reality show for simply being a reality show. But even with that being said, this show is a steaming pile of horrific dog shit.

The premise behind this reality show is rather simple. It follows the story of several women before their wedding day, the demands that they make on the people working on the wedding as well as their friends, and gives a good argument why birth control should be a common practice for everyone.


It Will Make You Feel Better About Yourself

I guess this can be standard for all reality shows of this caliber. If you are ever feeling like a low down piece of shit, you can always watch this show and take comfort in knowing that there is someone out there that is a worse person and has a worse life then you ever will. If that is the purpose of shows like Bridezilla, to show us a woman get into fist fights with her bridesmaids because they did not wear their hair exactly as they specified, destroyed someone’s wedding cake because it was white instead of egg-shell white, and just all around be a hateful person then in a way… This show does what it intended to do. We can now all take comfort in knowing that no matter how much of an asshole we are… There is always someone who is worse.


It is Nothing More Than Selfish Horrible People

What more can you say about this show other than the fact that it is terrible people doing terrible things all for the sake of their own selfish self-interest? Even though I can grow irritated at shows like Undercover Boss for being nothing more than heartwarming crap that covers up a lot of the bigger problems in today’s work force and we can get into the arguments on if reality shows are fake or not for future reviews. But at least the show is somewhat uplifting and has a decent sob story of a rich and powerful CEO seeing what the little man has to go through. For this show, it is just mean-spirited people yelling at their friends, family, and people who have the misfortune of working with them on their wedding. Sure there is a resolution to it, but in truth I do not want to see this person get married or have their big special day. I don’t want to see this person period.

It Represents an Uncomfortable Trend in Society

This show is the representation of a very uncomfortable trend that has been in media since the invention of the television. It is our desire to take joy in someone else’s misery or as the Germans would say schottenfreude. This show is nothing but misery incarnate. It is a person causing misery onto other and as such they are miserable and the fact that this is considered entertainment is a very worrisome thought.


I wish this review could be longer… I really do. But there just isn’t much to talk about. Bridezillas is simply a terrible show. It represents the worst of the worst when it comes to the realms of reality television, it has little to no redeemable qualities to it, The only reason I can see anyone ever watching this show is because they are depressed assholes and want to make sure that there are not the worst depressed asshole in existence. Other than that, there is no reason to even turn this thing on.

Final Score 0.5/5

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