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600px-Unturned_Steam_TrailerI never understood the allure of early access games. I guess I can understand the feeling from a person’s perspective. It used to be only a handful of select and reclusive people got to play the beta version of a video game before it was released onto the market, making that person some sort of strange enigma in the gaming community. But now thanks to the speed of technology and the birth of early access, beta versions of games are being handed out to just about anyone who wants them. Some people are even paying to play these unfinished versions of games. So as a developer, why should you create a completed game when you can make money by selling the ‘unfinished beta’ to the clamoring masses? I suppose I can see it from the perspective that developers can get real fan feedback to improve the gaming experience, but I can see this whole plan going down the tubes and really fast for that matter. The day that I see a ‘beta’ version of a game that is being sold for full price is the day I will probably just give up on video games all together and curl into a ball and cry while clutching my old Super Nintendo. That being said, a friend of mine turned me onto a free to play early access zombie survival game on Steam; you know since those are so rare, called Unturned. A simplistic Minecraft-esque (More like Minecraft only with less crafting) game in which you as a survivor in this world is dropped into the middle of nowhere where you have to collect weapons, food, water, and so forth to keep yourself alive from the ever encroaching zombie hordes, simple as that.


Gives You a Strong Zombie Survival Experience

For a game that is about zombie survival, I feel like it is one of the games  that understands the survival elements better than most games that I have seen. You start off naked, with a flashlight, a candy bar, and a juice box and you have to search from area to area looking for food, water, healing items, and weapons all the while avoiding these ever encroaching and omnipresent zombies. That is all this game is and for someone who is looking for that in a game, it will satisfy all of your desires.

More Fun in Multiplayer

My suggestion is get a friend or two to join in. You will have much more fun with this game if you and a couple of your buddies are playing and strategizing together. Playing alone, you will get your shit rocked on so many different occasions (which we will get to in a moment). This is a game for multiplayer, it functions on single player, but the real fun is bringing a group together and seeing how far each of you can get on this large and expansive map. It is one of the strongest aspects of the game.


Trial and Errorimages

You are going to die a lot and I mean A LOT! This game is unforgiving when it comes to the amount of times you will try and fail at trying to get far in this game. Once you find a weapon the game does become a lot easier than when you are bare ass naked in the middle of the woods. But not by much. If you are not careful you will get quickly swarmed by the oncoming hordes and find yourself back to the beginning naked and with the same three damn items that you had to start with. This island off the coast of Canada is strange, apparently when the zombie apocalypse happened people stripped naked, grabbed a chocolate bar and a juice box and went running into the night.


Zombies NEVER Let Up

Not only are zombies just a hair slower than you are, including the ones that are crawling on the ground. But they NEVER LET UP! There is no way you can escape them, once they lock in on you, you are going to have a conga line of death following behind you until either you die or they die. You can duck into the water, sure, they can’t follow you there. But they will still follow you in one gigantic pile up and down the coast until you return to shore to deal with the problem. This becomes even more challenging when you are playing this game in single player and/or at the very beginning when all you have is a flash light, a candy bar, a box of juice, and your dick in hand to protect yourself, one zombie is going to pose quite a challenge. Plus good luck stealthing because apparently these zombies can sense you from a mile away and very quickly you will have the entire village running you out-of-town and into the nearest body of water where they will then wait by the coast anxiously awaiting your return to beat you into sweet sweet death.

No Pause Screen

This drives me nuts and has happened on more than one occasion. If you are a gamer like me, sometimes you like to pause the game for a second to either relax and gain your bearings or maybe you just need to go take a piss or get a cup of coffee. I learned the hard way that this game does not allow you to simply pause a game by going into the pause screen, nope you can pause the game but you are still going to get severely mauled by a zombie if it is in the vicinity and after happening on three different occasions, one because of my ignorance, two because I was unaware a zombie was chasing me, and the third time for the same reason I became very frustrated with this game.

I know people can make the argument that in real life there isn’t a pause screen so why should you have one here… Good point, but this isn’t real life, this is a video game, I want to play a video game, and if I’m playing a video game I want a pause button so I can leave it still running for the minute it takes me to get a drink or something to eat or to take a piss and not have to worry if I’m dead or not when I come back to my computer.


People may harp on me for giving a lot of flack to a game in beta, as well as a game developed by one seventeen year old, but once a game is put into the public’s eye, it is fair game to me and Unturned is… okay. It isn’t great, it looks like a Minecraft clone, there are still several problems with the game mechanics as well as the enemies at large. That being said though, the game does show a lot of promise in the slowly dying zombie survival video game scene and could be something some day.

Final Score 2.5/5

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