Tanner Reviews The Cleveland Show

220px-TheClevelandShowPromoWhen you look up the term cash in in the dictionary, this will be one of the first pictures that you will see. Now I’m not saying that I dislike everything Seth MacFarlane does, far from it. I do enjoy Family Guy every now and again and some of his other stuff has been decent. I can certainly muster up more dislike for other people in Hollywood then for Seth MacFarlane. But man, when you talk about a guy who is milking every last drop out of the animation cash cow that is Family Guy a lot of that stuff is damn near unwatchable. American Dad I can barely stand but I can see the appeal while today’s subject, The Cleveland Show stands a testament to poor comedy and lazy concepts. The direct spin off of Family Guy has left us with very little but an anthropomorphic bear and a handful of slightly tasteless racist humor.

A spin off of the popular television show Family Guy, The Cleveland Show is the story of Cleveland Brown (Mike Henry) one of Peter Griffin’s friends who moves from Quahog Rhode Island to Stoolbend Virginia after marrying his new wife Donna (Sanaa Lathan). With his overweight but lovable son Cleveland Jr. (Kevin Michael Richardson) and Donna’s two children Roberta and Rallo (Reagan Gomez-Preston/Henry) the story follows the family through day to day life in Stoolbend and the problems of lower middle class life with a healthy or unhealthy mix of off color comedy.


If You Enjoy Family Guy, You Will Enjoy the Cleveland Show

I guess what can be said that is positive towards The Cleveland Show can be said about Seth MacFarlane’s plethora of cartoon creations. If you enjoy television shows like Family Guy and American Dad then you will at least find some kind of enjoyment out of The Cleveland Show. If you enjoy nonsensical stories that seem to meander off course into whatever the hell they feel like, somewhat low brow but for the most part working class hero style humor, on top of just a flavoring of off color humor, then you can at least get some enjoyment out of the show, and it is always cute to see the two series diverge.


It Isn’t Funny

What is worse than a bad TV Show? A bad comedic television show. Because it isn’t fun to watch something that is trying to be funny, not be funny. While it continues to plug its MacFarlane style of humor that attacks American Culture, the schtick gets old fast and this isn’t helped by the fact that just because the family is African American, it is time to throw in all the race jokes that can possibly be thrown in. Even Family Guy is getting annoying and tedious with its continued use of the same jokes and that is a show that had tact and a following behind it. This show just feels like Fox and MacFarlane just really wanted a few extra million dollars so here is a show featuring Cleveland, please enjoy and keep shelling out that money.

It is Nothing But a Cash In

Just as I said in the last section, The Cleveland Show is nothing but a cash in. A thirty minute a week show in which someone who enjoys Family Guy can watch another episode of Family Guy with slightly different characters but the same animation, the same style, and the same humor. While shows like American Dad had some tact and some vision behind it. You can tell that nobody gives a shit about The Cleveland Show. Nobody wants to break new ground or new ideas with the series. All they want to do is collect a paycheck and to keep going with more of the same content.


What can I say? This isn’t much of a review because The Cleveland Show is not much of a show. It is a rinse and repeat version of most of MacFarlane’s comedic shows. Crazy family does crazy things. There is no ambition, drive, or originality in the series and it shows. The series comes across as a Fox/MacFarlane money grab and that is all that it is.

Final Score 1.5/5

Thank you for reading and thank you for baring with me as my schedule has become busier over the past couple of weeks. Fear not I will still have three reviews every week. Until then if you enjoyed this review then please like and subscribe for more.

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