Top 4 WWE Licensed Belts that We Miss (9/11/2014)

Tonight we are going to take a break from movies and video games and talk about pro wrestling. I used to love pro wrestling as a kid… I think just about every kid does at some point and as I have gotten older I have come to find a new respect for what those athletes do night after night with the long hours and grueling matches just to put on a show and to entertain the masses. Truly when you look at professional wrestling you see a show with story and colorful characters that just never seems to end and always seems to evolve with the times. Over the years World Wrestling Entertainment after its acquisitions of World Championship Wrestling and Extreme Championship Wrestling has seen its fair share of titles come and go with the years. Sometimes belt out last their usefulness, other times they are prematurely cut down. But I decided that tonight would be a good night to discuss a little Pro Wrestling with the Top 4 WWE Licensed Belts that We Miss!

Before we get into this list please keep in mind that this is my personal list. If you disagree, please send me a message, I love a good debate. Also to make this list, these titles have to be defunct and no longer active in any way in the company. Thus titles that have been revived like the United States Championship will not make it on this list.

wweeuro4. WWE European Championship

Even if the belt is relatively meaningless, wrestling fans love their matches where a belt is on the line. It just seems to add that extra little bit of stipulation to keep everyone on the edge of their seats. This can be the reason why people love the secondary belts like the Intercontinental Championship, United States Championship, and more importantly the belt that we are talking about now the WWE European Championship. While the belt was often seen as a low mid card belt for the younger talent to fight over as well as the lesser talent, the WWE European Championship was always a belt that we enjoyed seeing being put on the line. Something about a low mid card belt was enough to make those small feuds seem worth while.

download3. WWE/WCW Cruiserweight Championship

The Cruiserweight Championship remains as a missed marketing for WWE. One thing that TNA did right was they took the X Division and turned it into a product where the extreme and high risk could be seen showcasing their stuff in their own division. You can say that the Cruiserweight division has kind of outlived its usefulness considering the fact that wrestlers like Ray Mysterio can become a WWE champion. But you could have turned this into a brand new and unique division and instead the belt was simply discontinued after being left in the trash low cards until it was deactivated. Sadly the days of WCW and wrestlers like Billy Kidman, Juventud Guerrera, and Ultimo Dragon are a thing of the past for this belt.

images2. ECW Championship

This title does not pertain to the original ECW Championship, but the bastardization WWE created and abused for the better part of a decade. After bringing back the ECW brand and basically Vince McMahon having his way with what used to be his competition, this title belt quickly became the third tier ‘World Heavyweight Belt’ that had about a much credibility as the tier two belts. Often given to top WWE talent that needed strong pushes but not into the two major belts, only one of the original holders of the ECW Championship ever held the belt in its reincarnation, Tommy Dreamer.

The reason I feel that many fans miss the belt is because there is certainly more that could have been done with the belt. They could have brought back the concept of ECW and had an extreme alternative to the TV-PG generation that we see today. Instead we got a shitty belt to put around the wastes of big name WWE fans and nothing like the original run. We miss you ECW.

ASW_Hardcore_Championship1. WWE Hardcore Championship

Talk about a belt that wrestling fans miss. The WWE Hardcore Championship was not only unique and one of the many things that defined the WWE’s Attitude Era, but the Hardcore Championship brought its own unique brand to WWE that is tragically now missing from its programming. Everything now seems so polished and so neat that the WWE is tragically missing that down, dirty, and gritty nature that only a beaten and broken belt can bring to the table.

The division not only competed with the likes of ECW but it also gave house shows some spice with title changes occurring during the events thanks to the 24/7 rule in place. Held by the likes of Steve Blackman, The Big Boss Man Rob Van Dam, Tajiri, Tazz, Mick Foley, and other hardcore legends, the WWE Hardcore Championship has to be one of the most beloved and missed belts in the industry. Often hoping against hope that we will see it again, I suppose the best we can do is sit back and be reminiscent of the old days.

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One thought on “Top 4 WWE Licensed Belts that We Miss (9/11/2014)”

  1. I personally hated the Hardcore championship especially when the stupid 24/7 rule came in. A championship that changes hand 300 times
    in under 5 minutes in ball ponds etc is a championship not worth having. It was a joke title.
    The Euro title started so well but was stripped of prestige about a year after it was introduced and it never recovered. It could have meant more if better booking had taken place.
    The Cruiserweight title was good in WCW until
    the year 1999 when it fell victim to idiocy Vince Russo booking and then fell into obscurity in WWE with minimal investment. It would not work today as the lighter wrestlers are showing they can hang with the bigger guys so a cruiserweight title would just place a unnecessary glass ceiling there for lighter performers.
    WWECW was just a flop, nothing more to say about it.

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