Tanner Reviews The Human Centipede

220px-Human-Centiped-posterSo seeing as how I am currently in Youngstown for their HvZ Fall Game, I was trying to find something a little light. Nothing too taxing on the brain seeing as how I’m constantly up and moving around. Then I just said fuck it, let’s talk about The Human Centipede. I’m surprised a movie as infamous as this one has been able to stay off of my radar for so long. Such a special movie deserves a place on my website and this one is certainly no exception at all. Who in their right mind even comes up with an idea like this? Seriously! Why the human centipede? There are so many other insane ideas you can throw out there, but the mere concept that there was a group of creative people or one person who said that a movie needs to be made of three people being sewn ass to mouth and forced to eat each other’s shit and piss and on top of all that… It isn’t that bad! Yeah, I said it. For what this movie is… It is not the worst thing I have ever seen. In fact from some of the things I have seen this movie is relatively tame. But for what it is, there are certainly worse in this world.

While on a trip through Europe, two friends Lindsay and Jenny (Ashley C. Williams and Ashlynn Yennie) find that their car has broken down and meet a deranged doctor named Josef Heiter (Dieter Laser). He is a retired surgeon who has become fascinated with fusing people together. Josef captures Lindsay and Jenny along with a Japanese tourist named Katsuro (Akihiro Kitamura) and fuses them together ass to mouth to create the human centipede, three people who share the same digestive tract. In which case one person urinates or defecate into the others mouth who will then have to swallow it and so on until it is passed through the three’s system. The story then follows the poor unfortunate souls who are forced in the human centipede as well as a number of detectives who are attempting to save them.


The Premise Does Draw You Inimages (1)

The mere concept of this movie is enough to draw you in just on sheer horrific curiosity. When you hear the concept of three people being sewn ass to mouth and forced to eat each other’s shit and urine… Well yeah that sounds like something that you would have to watch just to say to your friends, ‘Yeah I saw it and it was horrifying.’ With something like The Human Centipede the same as Salo: 140 Days of Sodom when you hear the word of mouth of it, it is enough to stir the interest in people curious enough to see it, movie buffs, and of course fans of the genre itself. Say what you will about the mere concept, The Human Centipede can stir most interest then a lot of obscure award-winning films.

It Relies on the Implied Disgust of the Premise

What I find amazing about this movie and surprisingly artistic is how the director Tom Six does not show the actual defecation being eaten by these poor souls but merely implies the horrors that are occurring. Unlike its god awful sequel, the film almost feels downright artistic in its style of shooting and implied horror that it makes the feeling all that more terrifying and real. While some people were upset they didn’t get to see the nasty horror , I for one feel that it was a much more intelligent way to portray the concept of a human centipede then any other way of showing it.


downloadNot for the Weak of Heart

This movie isn’t for everyone and that goes without saying. It isn’t exactly one of those B horror movies that you can just watch like Lake Placid or Python. The Human Centipede is a hard watch and you feel ever second of anguish for these people while they are on-screen and in this living hell. This can be a pro to the director Tom Six, but it also hampers the movie. Some people cannot even take a movie like this. One can argue that it panders to a specific crowd instead of to the larger audience and praise them for it. But I feel that it goes so far that it hinders the movie more than it helps it.

Same Problem as Most B Horror Movies

What this boils down to is the fact that the problems with The Human Centipede is the same problems that most B Horror Movies face. It isn’t so much with the premise or what happens in it, it is the fact that it is on a relatively low-budget, you have some young actors and actresses in the roles that do not have the best acting ability on the screen, and the over all tone while creepy and horrifying at times is still somewhat campy and silly. There isn’t much wrong with the film other what is faced by almost all B horror movies.


The Human Centipede is one of those iconic movies that is popular for all the wrong reasons. It is a B Movie that achieved a high following due to the fact that it had such an outlandish premise that people wanted to watch. The acting is relatively meh or bad across the board and the concept itself is kind of nasty. But it is also well made, the director did have tact enough to make the movie in a way that shows less but makes the audience feel more, and over all made a great movie that will in the least bit be memorable to anyone who has the stomach to sit through it.

Final Score 2.5/5

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