Tanner Reviews Mutant Girls Squad

Mutant-girls-squad-posterSo not content with the ‘What the fuck Japan?!’ I decided it was time to dig deeper and look past Zombie Ass: Toilet of the Dead and on to another ‘What the fuck Japan?!’ movie Mutant Girls Squad. Another ‘interesting’ movie to say the least instead of looking at tapeworm ass zombies we have ourselves a gang of attractive femme fatales with mutant powers passed down from an Ancient Japanese clan and an army of soldiers complete with nose guns who have dedicated their lives to hunting down these mutants… Because well we need a plot somehow. Surprisingly enough though,  unlike our previous movie that was absolutely appalling; Mutant Girls Squad is the kind of high action enjoyment that I can get behind.

Just like every girl who goes to high school in Japan or as these movies would lead me to believe, Rin (Yumi Sugimoto) is constantly bullied by the girls at her school. One day she senses a strange feeling in her hand and when she returns home learns from her family that she is a mutant thanks to being descendants of an ancient Japanese family line called the Hiruko clan. The second she learns of this however, anti-Hiruko government agents show up complete with nose guns for whatever strange reason and kill her parents leaving her to fend for herself. After she wholesale slaughters a bunch of people at a mall, including a strangely powerful old lady, she meets up with others of her kind named Rei (Yuko Takayama) and Yoshie (Suzuka Morita) who train her to use her powers. After learning how to use her powers, together the Mutant Girls Squad fights for the safety of innocents (not really) and defeat the nefarious nose gun wielding government people and their nefarious leader Koshimizu Hiroaki (Naoto Takenaka).


Straight Forward Goofy Action

I have to give props to a movie that is willing to go outlandish when it comes to their action. Granted I should come to expect it when it comes from Japan, but still the style of action in this movie is over the top, goofy, and non nonsensical fun. Sometimes you do need to watch mutant girls who can turn their arms into tentacles rip unsuspecting people a new asshole and in some cases a quite literal new asshole. It is gory, it is crazy, it is fun, and it is something you will probably never see from American filmmakers.

This is the Way to Make Slapsticky Funmutant-girls-squad-still

Zombie Ass: Toilet of the Damned is the wrong way to make a cheeky and fun B movie, Mutant Girls Squad is the right way to make a cheeky and fun B Movie. It does just about everything right. The comedy is there, the action is there, the silly special effects are there, and just about everything that a critic like me can ask for is on-screen in one big cheeky ball.

It even gives logical answers as to what they are. They aren’t just mutants for the sake of being mutants, they have a full back story, it is explained, the enemies motives are explained… Their equipment isn’t but their actual motivations are and it is pretty obvious. They don’t want mutants around, understandable. On a film making stand point, it does everything right and makes it a memorable, all be it unorthodox viewing experience.


Acting is Laughably Bad

The sad thing, Zombie Ass: Toilet of the Dead legitimately has better actors then Mutant Girls Squad. There was a lot wrong with that movie but that wasn’t one of them. For Mutant Girls Squad, just about every character is absolutely terrible. Most of the people look like their head is going to blow at every second going from one extreme emotion to the other with no rhyme or reason.  Most of which can add to some comedy, the rest can just be distracting and painful to see. You can site the first scene with the Defense Minister where I honestly thought an alien was about to burst from his chest as he was giving his speech.

The Effects, though Practical Aren’t that Good

I do say that I try to praise a film when it uses practical effects and in this one they do use them… But they are absolutely terrible. Most of the ‘mutations’ look like they are just wearing a glove or a clear prosthetic while they blew their entire effects budget on the one or two good effects. I do like some good practical effects but not when they are so obvious that it once again takes me out of the movie and has me staring in awe waiting for the mutant glove to fall off of the girl’s arm.


Overall, Mutant Girls Squad is a good movie. The acting and effects are terrible, yes. But at least in a way that it doesn’t make the movie completely unbearable. It is good ole fashion cheesy B Movie fun wrapped up in one big beautiful ‘what the fuck Japan?!’ ball. It is one of those movies that I would recommend that you pull up a chair, grab some popcorn, and enjoy a woman with the face of an anteater suck out some poor guys brains.

Final Score 3.5/5

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