Top 5 Redeemable Horror Films from the 2000’s

I have said it before and I will say it again. Ever since the concept of moving pictures has been created movies and movie genres have seen there fair share of ups and downs. Some decades are filled with timeless classics and redefined the industry, look to the ‘New Hollywood’ movement for proof of that. But out of the countless movies I have seen I have yet to see an entire genre of movies suffer like horror movies did from the years of 2000-2009.

It was during this time that horror movies had become something of a joke. The 1980’s saw the rise of the slasher flick that redefined the way horror movies were made, soon following that was the cynicism of the 1990’s and movies like Scream were released to poke fun at the genre itself. It was then in the 2000’s when the cynicism turned into a resounding ‘who gives a fuck’ that horror movies started to become horrifically formulaic and predictable to the point that if you saw one you saw them all. Granted, their was also Scary Movie to help push this shit train along, but even the horror movies themselves seemed to be up their own ass in ‘who cares? They’ll watch this shit’ mode.

But that isn’t necessarily to say that all horror/thriller movies of the 2000’s were terrible. There were a couple of stand outs that were able to fight through the shit storm and even become moderate successes. Some of which may even go beyond that. So this list is to honor them today. This is the Top 5 Redeemable Horror Films from the 2000’s.

I would once again want to say that this is my own personal list based on my opinions of the genre during the 2000’s and the redeemable films in them. I’m basing each of them off of my own criteria for reviewing movies. If you disagree or have a different opinion, please leave a comment. I love a good debate. With that said, let’s start with some honorable mentions.

Honorable Mentions
Thirteen Ghosts
The Mothman Prophecies

220px-Paranormal_Activity_poster5. Paranormal Activity

The franchise itself turned into what I would consider just as large a pile of shit as most of the movies that came out of the 2000’s. But something you have to remember about Paranormal Activity is that this film was by every definition of the term ‘the little engine that could’. What started out as little more than a pet project from director, producer, writer, cinematographer, and editor Oren Peli and with a budget of $15,000 was able to make close to $200 million dollars through expert advertisements and a tightly worked and suspenseful horror movie.

The original Paranormal Activity is a movie that should stand as a testament to the filmmaker in us all. You don’t need massive $200 million- $300 Million budgets to make a fantastic movie. Of course after the Hollywood machine got their hands on it they ran the movie into the ground. But that should not discredit what is a great film.

220px-Jason_x4. Jason X

With the way that the Friday the 13th franchise has gone from a deranged lunatic to a indestructible monster, I am all for movies like Jason X. Jason X is a love letter to the concept of what Friday the 13th is, it is horror comedy. We have seen Jason Voorhees on earth long enough, it is time to go up into fucking space! It is a magnificent blend of comedy, science fiction, and horror that rivals self parody but in a way that compliments the film instead of insulting the audience for enjoying these movies.

The scene where Jason is sent back to Camp Crystal Lake in a hologram and the girls say let’s smoke pot, drink beer, and have premarital sex, WE LOVE PREMARITAL SEX and then he beats them to death in their sleeping bags is absolutely hilarious and I love it. I would be all for watching Jason X over and over again besides watching the trash heap that was Freddy vs. Jason any day.

220px-28_days_later3. 28 Days Later

Talk about a movie that has brought new light to the post apocalyptic genre as well as the ‘zombie’/’infected’ genre. 28 Days Later is one of those movies that simply became an instant classic. It was a dark, gritty, and horrific movie that pulled no punches when it came to the gore, the violence, and the misanthropy. Constantly a source of inspiration for the zombie genre, 28 Days Later is an amazing film.

220px-Dragmetohell2. Drag Me to Hell

Oh Sam Raimi. Leave it to you to come and save us from a festering pile of horrific movies. Drag Me to Hell is one of those movies that you just have to watch and admire Raimi at his best. With his work on the Evil Dead he truly is in his comfort zone when it comes to darkly comedic horror movies.

The scene of Alison Lohman character being literally dragged into the pits of hell kicking and screaming while her boyfriend can only sit back and watch in horror is one of the more underrated scenes in film history and I hope that as the years continue it becomes more well-known. A phenomenal movie and a terrifying premise, Drag Me to Hell isn’t just one of the greatest horror movies of the 2000’s. It is one of the greatest horror movies ever made.

220px-Saw_official_poster1. The Saw Series

The one bright and shining gem of the 2000’s horror movie genre has to be the entire Saw franchise. What is usually dismissed as gore porn by other critics, I see as a thought-provoking and intelligent film that gives the monster behind the killings a face, a back story, and is not just some monster for the protagonists to slay. The Saw Franchise took traditional slasher flicks and killing people off one by one and turned it on its head with a new idea and a new look. Jigsaw Killer John Kramer and his slew of minions became the Jason Voorhees and Freddy Kruegers of the new millennium. They were smart, they were cunning, they were twisted, and yet they had a method to their madness that cannot be denied.

In an era dominated by cheap horror movies, painfully overused clichés, the entire Final Destination franchise, Scary Movie, and others like it. The Saw Franchise will always stand as a shining gem on top of the crap heap that was the Horror Genre of the 2000’s.

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