WWE Special: Top 3 Best and Worst WWE Cruiserweight Champions (WWE ONLY!)

WWECruiserweightbeltpic1For those expecting my review of Five Nights at Freddy’s, that will be coming on Thursday as I will be playing it much to the amusement of my friends tonight. So you can look forward to that later on in the week. For now however; we continue our list of the titles that have entered the hall of WWE with the more prestigious of the divisions that showcased the smaller wrestlers on the roster, the WWE Cruiserweight division. What was formerly the prestigious WCW Cruiserweight Championship, this title was brought over from the old WCW and given new life in the WWE where it would hang around until it was tarnished and left to rot in 2007, but more on that later. It does make sense why there is no longer a need for a Cruiserweight division, considering ‘cruiserweight’ are now winning world titles, the idea of a weight class in professional wrestling is very much an outdated and arachic thought process. But while it was still around, the cruiserweight continued to give us some of the most entertaining matches with high flying maneuvers and different schools of wrestling. So today we are going to showcase these wrestlers with the Top 3 Best and Worst wrestlers to hold the WWE Cruiserweight title.

NOW! BIG DISCLAIMER!!! This list is only to commemorate the WWE Cruiserweight Championship. In other words, any title reign that occurred before Billy Kidman’s title reign July 3rd, 2001 will not be considered for this list. This is WWE only, a list of the belts entire history is for another day. Also this list is my own personal opinion, if you disagree with it then please let me know in the comments and I will be happy to debate. With that said, let’s get to the worst on the list.


3. Juventud

In his WCW days, Juventud Guerrera would be considered one of the greatest wrestlers to hold the Cruiserweight gold, but considering the fact that we are only looking at WWE title reigns… Well Juventud definitely deserves a spot on this list for a plethora of reasons. First off, after he came to the WWE along with Super Crazy and Psicosis saddled with the horrifically racist Mexicools gimmick he immediately started to cause problems backstage with his prima donna attitude and delusional sense of self worth. He caused problems with everyone back stage, had a well-known drug problem, and thought that he was a superstar on par with that of The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin and deserved to be booked as such. He even stated that in Mexico he was the equivalent of the Rock. He would constantly use moves that were banned by the WWE for being too dangerous and caused so much trouble that Psicosis and Super Crazy didn’t want to be involved with him in an angle for fear of being associated with him.

Juventud has two WWE Cruiserweight reigns, one lasting 37 days and the other lasting 26. During this time he feuded with ECW alumnus Nunzio and eventually lost to Kid Kash in his final match with the company. These title reigns seemed to given to him as a means of placating his constant bickering and to give him a push. But after so long, Juventud was eventually and thankfully released from his contract.

2. Jacqueline

I’m all for getting rid of ‘Women’s’ Division altogether and just let the female wrestlers go toe to toe with the guys. I’m not advocating that wrestlers like Paige should take on the Big Show. But if Rey Mysterio can go toe to toe with Batista and other talents then I’m all for them just getting involved in the ring. The new promotion Lucha Underground does it and it is highly entertaining. But I can understand that promotions like WWE are still a little gunshy about a female getting potatoed by someone the size of a Mac Truck. So typically when I see a female wrestler hold a ‘man’s’ title I’m really excited because they tend to be really good angles. In WCW both Daphne and Medusa held the Cruiserweight strap and made some good runs with them… Not so much with Jacqueline. Once again, I do not fault Jacqueline for this. She is, in my opinion one of the more underrated talents to come out of the Attitude Era. People give their praises to Lita, Trish Stratus, and Sable. But man Jacqueline was an amazing talent as well.

This title reign came at the tail end of her career with WWE in 2004 when Chavo Guerrero issued an open challenge to any talent. Jacqueline answered the challenge and beat Guerrero and then immediately lost the title back to Guerrero with his hand tied behind his back 12 days later. This was piss poor booking and may have only been meant to bury Jacqueline so they could release her. But this could have been a revitalization of her character. She comes in, upsets Chavo, and has a legit run as the Cruiserweight champion! Instead she holds the title for two weeks and looks completely weak to Guerrero who beat her with one hand tied behind his back. Absolute horrendous booking.

1. Hornswoggle220px-Hornswoggle_crucero

… I hate Hornswoggle… Nothing against Dylan Postl who plays the character. He truly is a great guy and he takes his marching orders in stride with the company. But I absolutely without a shadow of a doubt consider Hornswoggle to be one of the worst things that has ever happened to the WWE since its inception! Everything this character touches gets ruined. Every angle, every gimmick, every single solitary thing that Hornswoggle becomes associated with fails in such tremendous fashion, I am surprised the WWE still tries to get this guy into segments. He ruined the Anonymous Raw General Manager, he ruined the angle as McMahon’s illegitimate son, his antics with Finlay during his debut were not funny, his character is offensive, and he tarnished the Cruiserweight title by having it become deactivated with him being the last wrestler to hold the belt.

A belt held by the likes of Jushin Thunder Liger, Brian Pillman, Billy Kidman, Rey Mysterio Jr., Chavo Guerrero Jr., Ultimo Dragon, Chris Jericho, and Shinjiro Otani has Hornswoggle as its last champion… Fuck that! Hornswoggle won the match in a six person match and held the title for two months before Vicki Guerrero who is another horrific skid mark on the underpants of the WWE but that is for another day retired the belt saying Hornswoggle couldn’t defend the title due to his stature. It is without a shadow of a doubt in my mind that Hornswoggle is the absolute worst Cruiserweight champion, now and forever, BAR NONE!


3. Rey Mysterio

If this list were to include the WCW’s reigns as well, Mysterio would be seriously competing with the likes of Jushin Thunder Liger, Chris Jericho, and the older Juventud Guerrera for the number 1 slot. But when it comes to the WWE reigns only, he still remains at a solid number 3. He held the title 3 times while the Cruiserweight title was in the hands of the WWE and it was for good reason. The WWE needed someone to bring legitimacy to the Cruiserweight division and Rey Mysterio was definitely the guy who fit the bill. Soon Mysterio became too big for the division and went on to main event status which also gave new life to the division that such a strong talent used to be a constant performer in the WWE’s Cruiserweight division.

2. Jamie Noble

If there was any wrestler from the WWE’s time with the belt that brought something to the division that weren’t already pre-established in WCW, it was Jamie Noble. Now one of the modern-day stooges with Joey Mercury in the Authority, Jamie Noble brought some amazing credibility to the Cruiserweight division before it was left by the wayside. From just down the road from me in Wheeling West Virginia, Noble made the Cruiserweight division his own with his excellent in ring technique and unique redneck West Virginia gimmick that brought some genuine heat.

Jamie Noble only held the title one time when he defeated The Hurricane at King of the Ring. He held the title for several months and had some amazing feuds that breathed new life into the division. Jamie Noble is the best example of a WWE product (even though he had a short stint in WCW) that brought genuine entertainment to the division. 220px-Chavo_Guerrero_2010_Tribute_to_the_Troops

1. Chavo Guerrero

Chavo Guerrero truly is an underrated talent. He is a living legend who will forever live in the shadow of his Uncle Eddie. He just didn’t have the charisma that Eddie had and for that will always be a solid midcarder that wasn’t quite as good as Uncle Eddie. Although he has new life as a main event veteran in Lucha Underground where I hope he can get some solid work as a main eventer but I digress. Chavo while he was with the WWE was part of the Smackdown six and was a constant hard worker who could work phenomenal matches.

He made his staple in the Cruiserweight division and had some excellent feuds while holding the strap. He held the title three times while the WWE held the belt and was the consistent heel to feud with for the typically face Cruiserweight competitors. An excellent talent and underutilized for several years, Chavo Guerrero will always be the best wrestler in the Cruiserweight division while the title was used by the World Wrestling Entertainment.

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