Tanner Reviews Scrooged

Scrooged_film_posterTis the season! It is Christmas time! That magical time of the year where we get to give gifts, love one another, and be the person we always wished we were. Great line and a great line from one of my favorite Christmas movies of all time, Bill Murray’s Scrooged. A movie that seems to epitomize the feelings of Christmas across a wide range of people, Scrooged is one of those movies that I can watch and see someone I know in each of the characters and a marvelous recreation of the Charles Dickens classic story.

The story of Scrooged puts us in the 1980’s New York where television executive Frank Cross (Bill Murray) is an all around jaded asshole. He runs the network company with an iron fist, fires employees that disagree with him on a whim, and all around just doesn’t have any Christmas spirit. One day he is visited by his old boss Lew Heyward (John Forseythe) who explains that he will soon be met by three ghosts who will show him the error of his ways. This sparks him to get in contact with his long lost love interest Claire (Karen Allen) and in traditional Christmas Carol fashion, Cross begins to learn the error of his ways through the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future.


Bill Murray as the Scrooge Character

As far as show stealing performances goes, Bill Murray certainly does a perfect job when it comes to Scrooged. It is one of those performances where Bill Murray seems to disappear and this smarmy, assholish, TV executive takes over. I love the way Murray interacts with the world and how he seems so jaded with the mere concept of life.

His interaction with the ghosts is one of the strongest points in the entire movie. His apathy is so strong that he cannot conjure up strong emotions when going into the past or into the future. With the exception of the first ghost, Frank Cross interacts with them as if it is another day on the job and it is this stuff that brings some of the best comedy I see in a movie.


Frank Cross is a Little Too Rotten

The only problem that I see with Scrooged is the fact that the Frank Cross character, while being an excellent Scrooge for the movie… Is just a little too evil. The whole point of the movie is a nasty jaded asshole finally growing a heart and getting into the Christmas Spirit. But deep down, Frank Cross just feels like an absolute jackass whose change can feel a little unbelievable by the end of the film. The man does a complete 180 but remains his same jaded self right up until the final aspects of the Ghost of Christmas Future. The entire time I’m watching this movie, I’m saying ‘Jesus man, nobody is that much of an absolute shit head.’


Scrooged is a really good Christmas movie and one that can get you into the Christmas Spirit. The Christmas Carol is a classic and this puts a somewhat modern spin to the story that can now give viewers like me that good nostalgic feeling to it.

Final Score 3.5/5

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