The Best Films of 2014

Now we come to one of my favorite times of the year! It is time to countdown the best films of 2014! I kind of felt a little like a slouch this year for not being able to see any of the big films for 2014 one of which is Interstellar that still kills me I didn’t get to watch. But after looking at the Oscar Season and lack luster feel of 2014, I feel like I didn’t really miss much so if there is some extra special omissions this year, I apologize. 2015 you will find me at the movies a lot more frequently. But for now we will look at the Best Films that I reviewed on Tanner Reviews.

Keep in mind if the intro did not give it away, these are films that I have personally reviewed for 2014. There may have been a film that was the Citizen Kane or Plan 9 from Outer Space of our generation this year, but if I didn’t see it and review it then sadly it cannot make the list. With that said, let’s have a look at the Top 5 and an honorable mention.

Honorable Mention Big Hero 6

The honorable mention of 2014 falls to a fun little Disney movie to be released at the tail end of the year, Big Hero 6. Taking a handful of nerds and decent concepts from the source material, Big Hero 6 has quickly eased its way into our hearts with enjoyable characters and relatable stories. The only thing keeping it off the top 5 is 5 films that just barely edged it out.

Fault_in_our_stars5. The Fault in Our Stars

We start off this list with one hell of a tear jerker, The Fault in Our Stars. Going into this film early in 2014, I was unsure of what I was walking into, but dammit if the John Green inspired movie did not take me by surprise with some excellent writing, excellent casting, and all around excellent work. Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort come across as two amazing and likable leads in their roles as Hazel Lancaster and Augustus Waters as two kids trying to get by with the rough existence of being diagnosed with terminal cancer.

The Fault in Our Stars is one of those films that I recommend everyone see for an amazing heart wrenching, romantic story. It is not an easy watch so be mindful of that going in, but past that it is definitely worthy of the spot in the Top 5.

GOTG-poster4. Guardians of the Galaxy

What can you say about Guardians of the Galaxy other than it is good ole fashion fun. I, at first and justifiably was skeptical of the movie as Marvel had been building a universe of similar movies and wondered what could be next with a talking raccoon and a tree. But then after seeing the film and truly analyzing it, it has quickly became one of my favorite movies of all time.

This is the kind of movie that summer blockbusters need to aspire to be. There is nostalgia for the older viewers, the story for the young viewers, and of course superheroes for the kids. Guardians of the Galaxy is easily one of the best films in the Marvel Universe to this day.

MockingjayPart1Poster33. Mockingjay Part 1

The Hunger Games continues to astonish me with its excellent acting, brilliant direction, and just all around intriguing story. I love the overall world that has been built and watch the pieces fall one by one all started because some girl decided to volunteer in her sister’s place. I love The Hunger Games series for the fact that it doesn’t adhere to the young adult novel rules and allows more of a world to be explored.

I’m not a big fan of the love triangle romance that is happening in the movie and I do not have to be, there is still so much more there that I can focus on that I can push the things I don’t much care for to the back of my mind. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 is an excellent movie and I for one cannot wait for the epic conclusion to the series.

The_Purge_–_Anarchy_Poster2. The Purge Anarchy

This is a movie that I have been missing in my life and the proper way that you make a movie that centers around such a unique universe as The Purge. The first movie left me wanting so much more out of the film and the sequel gave every single thing I could have ever hoped for and more.

This is a good ole fashion Hard R Rated B Movie on the Big Screen type of deal. Frank Grillo is one hell of an action star and the premise is still one of the most fascinating things I have seen in quite some time. It may not be considered as one of the best films, but I certainly hold it to high regard and hope that the future looks bright for the anthology series.

Chef_20141. Chef

While it may be an odd choice to put as the Best Film of 2014, Chef I will maintain to be one of the best movies that I have seen in quite some time. The premise of a hot-headed chef starting new with a Cubano Food Truck is unique, the story itself while albeit used had a new, and interesting spin to it. John Favreau is at his best in his role of Chef Carl Casper and the movie will just leave you with those good ole fashion feels.

It may not be considered the best film of the year by many, but it is most certainly number one in my book and earns the title of Tanner Reviews Best Film of 2014.

Thank you for reading and as always if you enjoyed this review then please like and subscribe for more. 2015 is shaping up to be one hell of a year and I can’t wait to bring you the best reviews here at Tanner Reviews.

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