Worst World Tag Team Champions of All Time (WWE)

TagTeamChampionshipSo we continue this little special by separating the best and worst World Tag Team Champions into two different reviews. You see, due to the World Tag Team Championship’s distinguished career we needed to do a Top Ten Best and a Top Ten Worst. If I were to do both in one writing, the post would be huge, and that is something that I do not want. So we will start with the worst first and then move on to the best before moving on to the last title of defunct titles, the WWE Women’s Championship.

Keep in mind this list is my own personal opinion based on information that I gathered on the internet as well as my own assessment of the wrestlers and their time with the title. This list also does not reflect the overall success or talent of the wrestling team in question. Just their reign as the World Tag Team Champions. With that being said, let’s get started with the infamous list.

10. Right to Censor

Back during the late 1990’s and early 2000’s, you will be hard pressed to find a more loathed team then the Right to Censor. A group of people who were a direct attack at the various organizations that attacked WWE during the time for being lewd and corrupting youth. Lead by their white socks wearing leader Steven Richards, the group was one of the most memorable factions seen in recent history for just how hated they were. Every time you heard the sirens going off you knew that the fun times, no matter what package they came in was about to get ruined. Even some fan favorites like the porn star character Val Venis and The Godfather joined their ranks of the RtC.

The group claimed a handful of titles during their run in the WWE, the most notable being the Women’s Championship held by Ivory and the World Tag Team Champions held by Bull Buchanon and the Goodfather. They won the title from the Hardy Boyz on an episode of Raw and quickly lost the titles to Edge and Christian in a Fatal Fourway Match 34 days later at Armageddon. The group barely inches onto the list due to their short and only title reign. After they lost the belts, the RtC never even scratched at the Tag Team gold again, thus making the title reign somewhat pointless.

9. Ric Flair & Roddy Piper

It is odd to put a team of legends on this list. Roddy Piper and Ric Flair are two of the best in the business and if this happened in their prime it would make the best list. However, this is whenever the two men were flabby, out of shape, and old. They beat the Spirit Squad who will show up later on this list for the belts at Cyber Sunday much to the ‘meh’ of the audience. The pair of legends would lose the title 8 days later to Rated RKO.

What makes this title reign feel so horrible is the mere fact that it was pointless. The Spirit Squad was made up of a group of young wrestlers who were about to be shipped back to OVW for more training. Why have these two shuffle to the ring and beat them? Why not just let Edge and Randy Orton take the belts from them? It is disappointing to say the least to put them on here, but it is well deserved.

8. DDP & Kanyon

Another two wrestlers who should not be on a worst list. Chris Kanyon is one of the tragic stories of wrestling. An openly gay wrestler who’s slip into depression caused him to commit suicide. He was an excellent wrestler in the ring and DDP is one of the greats. When the pair came over to the WWE from WCW after it went under, they were immediately put into a feud with the Brothers of Destruction. A big win over the Brothers could have made them feel like legit competitors.

However instead the egos of WWE could not let DDP and Kanyon have it. They won by constant underhanded tactics put weak champions with the belt and they would lose the belt to the Brothers after holding them for 12 days. A silly decision and one that seemed to cost the WWE.

7. La Resistance200px-Laresistance

In the early 2000’s La Resistance was one of the most over Tag Teams on the roster. Sporting two talented young wrestlers in Dupree and Grenier, the pair played the foreign heel role very well and were able to get some exceptional heat during their run. They were actually a good pair and together with Rob Conway, the trio would use the Tag Team in varying partnerships over the years.

The reason that La Resistance makes this list is not because of their work rate but because of their attitude. Both Grenier and Dupree had problems back stage with their levels of arrogance and insistence on being some of the top talent even though they had not paid their dues. Due to their attitude, both wrestlers would be ostracized by the people in the back and coupled with wellness policy issues would send both wrestlers off the roster. La Resistance will forever known as the ‘what could have been’ of Tag Teams.

6. Billy & Chuck

This Tag Team on a technical level was actually rather amazing. Billy Gunn is one of the best Tag Team wrestlers in the business and with The Smoking Guns, this tag team, and of course the New Age Outlaws, Gunn was a technically gifted star. Chuck Palumbo as well was an underrated talent and together they created quite a team as far as work rate is concerned. However, the reason they make this list is the gimmick they saddled up with.

You see, Billy and Chuck were wrestling with a homosexual gimmick. Which is not a problem at all, except how it was treated. You see Gunn and Palumbo were both very much straight and the way the gimmick was used was more tug at the homophobic strings of some of the WWE’s fans. Eventually they were going to have a live on air wedding between the two characters which received great praise from the queer community… Until Billy & Chuck both admitted that they were both straight and the WWE outright lied about the results. This enraged the queer community and rightly so. It was one of the many moments that the WWE ended up with egg on their face and it severely hurt the careers of both wrestlers and earned them a spot on this list.

5. Men on a Mission

Men on a Mission was a rather comedic Tag Team made up of Mabel and Mo, two super heavyweights in interesting purple attire. They were fun enough, but never serious competitors. However they were given a small title reign when they won the title from The Quebecers on a House Show in England in order to generate more interest in house shows in general.

They would lose the titles back to The Quebecers two days later at another house show, thus making the title change, completely meaningless.

4. The Headbangers

The Headbangers actually wasn’t a terrible gimmick in my opinion… Well okay it was but it had potential to not be as horrifically cheesy as Thrasher and Mosh made it out to be. The counter culture of the 90’s and the grunge movement was ripe for a gimmick and instead what we got were two skinhead, skirt wearing, strange underwear wearing, and underwhelming wrestlers who came across as more of a goofy joke then anything legit.

The Headbangers held the title once after Stone Cold Steve Austin and Dude Love were forced to vacate the titles and held it for little under a month before dropping the belts and never claiming them again. After that they become nothing more than a comedy act and then to the future endeavors.

3. The Godwinns

Oh WWE in 1997 how you were a desolate wasteland, living in the shadows of the WCW, waiting for your right moment to strike. Back in 1997, WWE was still transitioning into the Attitude Era and things hadn’t exactly made it yet. During this time there were plenty of failed and terrible gimmicks on the table. One of which were these two gentlemen. Phinneus I. Godwinn and Henry O. Godwinn were two pig farmers from Arkansas. The two men were somewhat impressive in size, but that was about as far as they went as both men were slow and plodding in the ring. They didn’t come across as a strong team and in their two title reigns only held the title for 9 days put together (7 for the first and 2 for the second.)

After an injury sent Mark Canterbury (the guy who played Henry Godwinn) out of the company, Dennis Knight would later be saddled with the Mideon character and survive in the Ministry of Darkness before being released in 2001.

2. The Bodydonnas

Easily ranked as one of the worst tag teams of all time, this gimmick wasted the potential of some of the best wrestlers in the business Chris Candido and Tom Pritchard on a silly cartoonish work out gimmick. While I can see its implementation I cannot see it being wasted on the talent of Candido and Pritchard. Managed by the now Infamous Sunny, this Tag Team only had one title reign and was met with a resounding who gives a shit so loud that they lost the title to the Godwinns at a House Show who would pass the titles off a week later to the Smoking Gunns. Poor booking all together and a waste of potential!

Nick_Nemeth,_Michael_Brendli,_and_Ken_Doane_during_a_tag_team_match1. The Spirit Squad

Could it be any other team? During this time in the mid 2000’s the Tag Team Division was a little more than a joke with some horrific teams and thus the Spirit Squad held the title for a whopping 200+ days. The Spirit Squad was a team of 5 male cheerleaders, in and of itself not a horrific gimmick if worked right. But the problem was that it was made up of a team of 5 OVW hopefuls who were still too green to be anything worthwhile. They languished with the belts for 200+ days until losing it to Piper and Flair at Cyber Sunday at which point Triple H boxed up the Spirit Squad and shipped them back to OVW where most of them would be released and one of them would go on to become Dolph Ziggler. Without a doubt they are the worst World Tag Team in History.

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2 thoughts on “Worst World Tag Team Champions of All Time (WWE)”

  1. Good stuff here, my list here though would probably consist of a really long list of random thrown together tag teams such as Truth and John Morrison (the team that would never end) although I don’t remember if they ever held the belts.

    1. There were a handful of them that almost made the list. Hell when I do the current WWE Tag Team I guarantee you will see John Cena and anyone else who had the misfortune of being Tag Team Champion with him.

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