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Dying_Light_coverIf you were to look up the word generic in the dictionary you would find a picture of Dying Light right next to it with a big old Techland developing logo plastered on top of it. That should pretty much sum up my feelings for this little Triple A game that was just put out to the market. I do not hate it, I will make that very clear right now. This review is going to come across as very harsh, I can’t help it. But I do want to state before people jump on me that I do not hate Dying Light. I can even see some merit in the game. But overall, Dying Light is forcing me choose between it and Fuse on which one is more generic and trust me that is saying something.

Dying Light is an IP brought to us by Techland. The same developer that you may remember brings us such classic failures as the Dead Island series as well as The Cartel series that has been hit and miss. So needless to say when I downloaded this thing online, I didn’t have high hopes when I booted it up.

Dying Light is the story of the city of Harran. Harran is a ambiguously Turkish city that was recently quarantined after a mysterious new virus known as the Harran Virus was released into the city which I’m assuming was started after some crazy STARS units escaped a mansion. The question is now being asked on whether or not to either attempt to save the survivors in the city who may be infected or just nuke the city to avoid the disease from spreading.

The Global Relief Effort sends in a spec ops white bread CoD clone named Kyle Crane into the city to collect a sensitive case file stolen by Kadir Suleiman. Upon arriving in Harran via ‘totally sick sweet’ parachuting sequence, he is attacked by a group of people and eventually by zombies (which one bites him). After being rescued by a woman named Jade, Kyle finds himself with a group of survivors who have dubbed him 31, meaning he was the 31st person to come into the survivor refuge known as the Tower infected. After meeting his brother Rahim, Kyle then spends the majority of the game helping the survivors as well as being given missions by GRE to hunt down and find  Kadir.


It is FinishedDying_light_1

I will give it this, the game is complete. It is truly sad that this has to be a major pro to a video game nowadays, but for the most part the game is complete. It is not all that buggy, the game runs really well, and I for one did not encounter any major glitches that ruined the experience for me or took me out of the mood of the narrative that the game was trying to tell.

All things considered, it deserves to be commended. This is from Techland after all. The developing company that brought us Dead Island and Call of Juarez two game franchises known for being hopelessly buggy the former more than the latter, but still. To come out with a complete and lightly bugged game is one hell of an accomplishment and a step in the right direction for the inconsistent video game developing company.

Shows that Techland Can Design a Zombie Game

I have harped on Techland in the past and I will continue to harp on them during this review as I have consistently disliked their video games with the exception being two of The Cartel series. They are also responsible for giving us Dead Island, a game franchise that I have had no problems blasting in the past for being a poor and buggy rip off of Left 4 Dead. But overall, as harsh as I am going to be on Techland in this review, I do have to give them the props that Dying Light is a positive progression forward. Maybe in a year or so they can actually give us a game that I won’t find to be either generic rip offs or mind numbing crap.


The Award for Most Generic Game of 2015 Goes To…

Wow… I mean wow… You have to go out of your way to be this generic. I mean this thing deserves to be put on a pedestal and heralded as the culmination of all things bland and mediocre when it comes to video games. I do like that Techland has learned from their mistakes and have released a complete video game opposed to the pile of festering crap that is the buggy, unfinished, and also generic Dead Island games. I feel like they have finally graduated and can now strive to be those respectable developers that they always hoped to be.

We can go through the generic zombie video game check list.
White guy protagonist: Check (OH we will be touching more on that later)
Zombies: Check
Fictional City with a Quarantined Outbreak: Check (and a ripoff of Resident Evil Nemesis)
Side Characters that are more fun than the protagonist: Check
Woman Sidekick Who Would be Much Cooler to Play As: Check
Melee Weapons: Check
Crafting: Check

I think that is just about everything and if there is something I missed, well we can certainly add it to the list. Not only does this game rip off much better games like the Far Cry franchise, Resident Evil, The Last of Us, Uncharted, and so forth. They even rip off Mirror’s Edge with their parkour mechanic. But it brings nothing new to the table. Nothing feels original or has any new ideas or new spins on the genre. It is a simple ‘Alright here is one of those games you like: Give us Cash!’ Nice to know we can start of 2015 right where we left off with 2014 in the Triple A Market, with mounds upon mounds of generic crap.


I’m serious! This video game trope has gone from meh I can live with it to PLEASE JUST FUCKING STOP ALREADY YOU UNORIGINAL CUM STAINED DIPSHITS! They are fucking everywhere! Every single game has a muscle bound, stubble cheeked, army ranger white guy as their protagonist. Apparently in the video game world white men are both addicted to steroids and have an intense fear of shaving because this has gotten down right pathetic when it comes to people trying to come up with a video game protagonist.

Resident Evil Franchise, BioShock Franchise, The Last of Us, Call of Duty Franchise, Battlefield Franchise, Duke Nukem, The Evil Within, Thief reboot, Batman, Fuse, The Bureau:XCOM Declassified, (I’m not near stopping), Dead Rising franchise, Assassin’s Creed, Aliens: Colonial Marines, Walking Dead: Survival Instincts, Uncharted, and I’m just going to stop it there or else this thing will go on all day. Please sincerely video game developers…. FUCK OFF!!!

So if you haven’t gotten the hint yet, I do not much care for Kyle Crane. He is a snarky muscle bound steroid loving white army guy who has a fear of razors and after shave. THAT IS ALL HE FUCKING IS! You may be wondering why this game is the straw that broke the camel’s back, but my god Techland went above and beyond the call of duty to make this guy the most generic fucking white guy army protagonist to exist in this universe. I love the fact that this game seems to be set in this middle eastern like town called Harran (where everyone seems to speak perfect english only with an accent to let you know they aren’t completely American). With names like Amir, Tahir, Rahim, Omar, Kadir, and Hassan you think this would be a good game to have maybe a middle eastern protagonist. Maybe a girl or a guy who was trapped in the city and is forced into some sort of strange grandiose situation. Granted you would be ripping off more of Resident Evil Nemesis but at least you would be ripping off a more of a much better game than this. But no, we don’t get that. We get Kyle fucking Crane who is nothing more than a big ole slice of All American white Wonder bread air dropped right in out of a Call of Duty cliche.

Please for the love of all that is good and holy! Video game developers, if you are out there and reading my site… PLEASE give us some variety in our protagonists. Just try to show that racism and sexism is out the door instead of reinforced in just about every video game that we play. I’m begging you! For me, for all of mankind PLEASE no more Kyle Cranes!


Bottom line is that Dying Light is okay. It isn’t great but it is okay. It at least creates a decent zombie game that you can play and be moderately entertained by. The gameplay and controls work well and you will not be disappointed playing it. However the game is the very definition of generic. They bring nothing new to the table, rip off better games, and overall leave no lasting mark on the industry.

This game is going to go the same way of Fuse back in 2013. It won’t be hated, but it most certainly won’t be loved nor remembered. It will quickly fall into obscurity and not make a single ‘best or worst of 2015’.

Final Score 2/5

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