Top Ten WWE World Tag Team Champions (3/3/2015)

TagTeamChampionshipIt is Tuesday and I find myself with an open slot for the week. So I have decided to fill it with one of the WWE Championship Specials. We last left off with the Worst World Tag Team Champions of All Time and this week it is only fair that we do the Best World Tag Team Champions of All Time. So let’s keep this train going with some of the best teams to ever hold the gold in the WWE.

Keep in mind this list is my opinion. I base this list off of the talent of the wrestlers and the prevalence of the title reign to the history itself. If you disagree, please leave a message. I would love to have a debate. With that being said, let’s get started with number 10.

10. Kane & X-Pacdownload (1)

We start this list with one of the oddest pairings in WWE history. Both Sean ‘X-Pac’ Waltman and Glenn ‘Kane’ Jacobs have held the World Tag Team Titles 4 and 9 times respectfully and represent two of the most important character in WWE’s Attitude Era.

It was two times though in 1999 that this odd couple teamed up to hold the belts together. Kane was a large unstoppable monster lovingly titled ‘The Big Red Machine’ and X-Pac was a living example of the ‘Degeneration X’ monniker with his suck it crotch thrusting and flaunting society style. Somehow these two wrestlers came together to give us one of the greatest odd couples teamings the industry has ever seen. Their first reign lasted 59 days while the second lasted 15. But those 74 days of title reign have represented some of the highlights in the duos careers and thus earned them the first spot on this list.

9. British Bulldogs

Davey Boy Smith and Tom Billington otherwise known as the Dynamite Kid represent two of the most honored yet notorious names in all of wrestling. Putting their problems with substance abuse and violence issues aside, this was one of the most talented wrestling tag teams in the 1980’s. While gaining a lot more fame in Stampede Wrestling and overseas in Japan, the British Bulldogs did bring some success to the WWE. They only held the Tag Titles one time, but were able to keep the straps for an impressive 294 days during a time when the Tag Team division was fiercely competitive division that featured the likes of the Hart Foundation which you will find further down this list.

Both wrestlers went on to have varying degrees of success and to this day the British Bulldog is often considered one of the greatest wrestlers to never hold the WWE Championship. While their names still carry a slightly negative connotation their mark on the industry cannot be denied.

8. Smokin’ Gunns

The southern tag team of Billy and Bart Gunn was one of the shining lights in mid 1990’s WWF Tag Team title scene. The two were some of the most talented and physically impressive wrestlers to step into the WWE’s squared circle. The Smokin’ Gunns battled Tag Team greats like Owen Hart and Yokozuna as well as some of WWE’s more silly tag teams like The Bodydonnas and the Godwinns.

Bart Gunn and Billy Gunn would go on to have varying degrees of success in the industry with Bart winning the infamous Brawl for All before being destroyed by Butterbean while Billy Gunn went on to become one of the greatest tag team specialist in the industry and will be featured later on this list.

7. Legion of Doom/Road Warriors

If I were making a list of the Greatest Tag Teams of All Time, the Road Warriors/Legion of Doom would be either 1 or 2 on the list. The pair held titles in the AWA, NWA, various Japanese Championships, WCW, and of course WWE. The duo are legends in the industry and some of the greatest wrestlers to ever grace the squared circle.

However… The WWE represents the promotion that the duo had the least amount of success in. They only held the title two times with one lasting around 150 days and the other less than three months. It is very underwhelming when you consider their other accomplishments in the industry. They make 7 on this list by being amazing wrestlers and still able to bring the massive amounts of entertainment in the ring.

6. Hart Foundation

The team of Bret Hart and Jim Neidhart… Simply amazing. Hart and Neidhart represent some of the best technical wrestlers to ever step into the ring. They are true icons of the industry and their Tag Team was easily one of the greatest as well. The duo competed against Tag Teams such as Demolition, The British Bulldogs, Rick Martel and Tito Santana, and many more.

Hart and Neidhart woud hold the titles two times the second of which defeating Demolition and holding the title for over 200 days. Their legacy would also live on in WWE as the future generation of David Hart Smith and Tyson Kidd (with Natalya) would be the final Tag Team to hold the championship before it was discontinued.

4009222-3415457914-125935. Hardy Boyz

Some might find this to be low for the daredevils from Cameron North Carolina but hear me out. The Hardy Boyz are one of the three Tag Teams that kept the WWE’s tag division in amazing form during the early 2000’s. Representing a new form of wrestling and bringing some of the best entertainment with TLC matches and the like, Team Xtreme held the Tag Team Straps 6 times, and represents some of my favorite wrestlers growing up. The Hardy Boyz are easily some of the best entertainers to enter the WWE ring in some time.

Sadly though the Hardy Boyz did have some dark spots on their record with both of them suffering from substance abuse on several occasions. The duo have and continue to cause problems to their reputation when compared to the other two in the wonderful rivalry as well as two other Tag Teams on this list, it leaves them at the number 5 spot.

4. Dudley Boyz

Representing the second of the three teams of the TLC Rivalries of the early 2000’s, Bubba Ray and DVon Dudley’s legacy spans across multiple promotions with ECW, WWE, and TNA. The Table Loving mixed race kayfabe brothers are some of the most violent and innovative tag teams ever seen. They were amazing performers and are still entertaining the crowds to this day.

The Dudley Boyz easily make number 4 on this list by being the hard hitting, stuttering, loud mouth talents from Dudleyville.

3. Demolition

While many have called them the knock off of the Road Warriors, you cannot deny that the team of Ax and Smash left their marks on the industry. The silver painted, red tongued, BDSM wearing team were a violent pair and dominated the competitive WWE Tag Team Title scene during the late 1980’s.

Demolitions two title reigns occurred between 1988 and 1989 with their first title reign lasting a whopping 478 days. This length was the longest in WWE’s history and will remain unbroken from this point onward. With the teams of Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard as well as the Colossal Connection in Andre the Giant and Haku being able to topple them, the duo remain a staple of WWE Tag Team ingenuity.

2. New Age Outlaws

Oh you didn’t know? Well your ass better call somebody! An odd pairing can sometimes mean great chemistry in Tag Teams as a strong case of opposites do attract. During the late 90’s, both Monty “Billy Gunn” Sopp and Brian “Road Dogg” James were foundering in the singles division. It was then decided to repackage the two into a tag team of outlaw like characters. It seemed an odd pairing as Billy Gunn was a confident big time body builder who took extreme pride in taking care of his body while Road Dogg was lazy, loud mouth, and a dedicated partier. The result of putting the two together was pure gold as Billy Gunn would do the bulk of the technical wrestling and Road Dogg Jesse James was there to work the mic and bring the Bravado.

The New Age Outlaws held the belts 5 times and dominated the scene until the TLC Trio took over the division. Billy Gunn and Road Dogg have gone on to have varying degrees of success, but the highlight of both of their careers will be their time as part of Degeneration X and the New Age Outlaws.

download1. Edge & Christian

I debated between the rankings of 1-5 on this list. Each of them have a right to the top spot. The Hardy Boyz changed the game with their extreme daredevil style, The Dudley Boyz were hardworking and talented wrestlers who always brought copious amounts of entertainment, Demolition is arguably the best team in the WWE and has the longest reign to back, and the New Age Outlaws was the perfect combination of flair and talent. But at the end of the day when I thought it over, the top spot went to the best overall team on the list.

The duo held the titles on seven different occasions, had an amazing look, brought the most overall athleticism to the ring, and the two both had amazing singles careers that each equaled multiple World Title reigns spanning two different promotions. Edge and Christian had charisma, talent, skill, and just about everything else you could ask in a pro wrestler and a tag team. It was a difficult choice, but the top spot goes to the two who reek of awesomeness.

2 thoughts on “Top Ten WWE World Tag Team Champions (3/3/2015)”

  1. Tag team matches were my favorite wrestling thing back when I used to watch the WWE. My favorite teams were the Hart Foundation and Demolition.

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