Top 5 Resident Evil Video Games

260px-resident_evil_3_coverAh Spring Break can be a wonderful thing. Gives me a chance to rest and relax from my busy schedule. However it doesn’t exactly make a rich and interesting critical environment for my website. So I’m sitting here thinking to myself, what is something I haven’t done in a while for the site to put up while on Spring Break? Then it came to me! I have not talked about my former favorite video game franchise in quite a long time. My Resident Evil Retrospective was one of my first major projects that I ever did for this site. It was apart of my original reviews back in 2013 and through it I covered all of the video games in the franchise as of today. But after covering 17 different reviews on the subject, I realize I never counted down the top games. So seeing as how March is my yearly anniversary and I need something to cover for today, why not discuss the franchise once again? This is The Top 5 Resident Evil Video Games!

Keep in mind this is my personal list based on my experience and reviews of the games. If you disagree with this list, please leave a comment and I would love to have a friendly debate.

Honorable Mention
Resident Evil Code Veronica

5. Resident Evil: Outbreak

We start this list with one of the most unique video games in the RE franchise and a precursor to modern day co op experiences. Truly ahead of its time, Resident Evil Outbreak gave us a plethora of interesting characters to choose from as we made our way through various places in Raccoon City.

While the game itself was buggy and the AI left a lot to be desired. But this game would later be the blueprint from what other zombie video games would build off. Not only that, it also greatly expanded the mythos of Raccoon City and gave us some of the Average Joes to play with instead of the muscle bound white guys that would become the norm for future RE video games.

4. Resident Evil 2re2_platinum_front

I am not a person who will champion RE 2 as the best video game in the franchise like some of my other fellow RE fans will as the game left me wanting a lot more from it then what I got. Not to mention I never was a big fan of Leon Kennedy or Ada Wong so the love just isn’t there. However… I cannot deny it is one of the best video games in the series.

A well polished successor to the original, Resident Evil 2 gave us an expansive and exciting game with an amazing story. Whether I like it or not, Resident Evil 2 deserves a spot on this list.

3. Resident Evil REmake

Some may be asking why the REmake made it onto the list but the original did not. Well to put it simply, not only was the remake better but it was able to give the game that I believe the developers always wanted to deliver but did not have the technology at the time.

I see Resident Evil REmake to be an amazing game that was able to tell the original story of the Special Tactics and Rescue Squad’s nightmarish night inside the Spencer Estate on that warm summer night.

2. Resident Evil 3: Nemesis

My favorite game of all time finds itself on number 2 on the list. Resident Evil 3: Nemesis is simply a culmination of amazing and the highlight of the original three games in the Resident Evil franchise. It was well polished, exciting, gave an amazing villain in the Nemesis, and gave us a slew of interesting and likable characters that we could root for throughout the series. Easily one of the best video games in the franchise and remains to this day my all time favorite video game.

256px-resi4-gc-cover1. Resident Evil 4

This one was a no brainer. Resident Evil 4 is easily one of the greatest video games of all time. Not only is it seemingly aware of how ironically campy in its violence it is being, but it still brings a fantastic story and has several throwbacks to classic B Movies. While it did spawn the slew of absolute crap that came afterwards, its still deserves the number one on this list.

Thank you for reading and as always if you enjoyed this review, please like and subscribe for more. This one was relatively short tonight, we will be back in swing on Sunday. Until then have a good weekend.

2 thoughts on “Top 5 Resident Evil Video Games”

    1. RE4 to me is the best in the series, my favorite is RE3: Nemesis. It is still to this day my all time favorite video game. Although granted Skyrim and Civilization V are competing for that spot now.

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