Retro Video Game Month: The Warriors Video Game

256px-ThewarriorscoverSo we conclude Retro Video Game Month with a strangely nostalgic video game for me. I also want to preface this review with by restating how much I detest prequels. Trust me, this will be important later on in the review, but in either case on with the story. Whenever I was a child and a teenager my cousin Brett and I would frequently have slept overs where he would come and stay for the weekend. During that weekend we would cease to exist to the outside world as we stayed inside, played video games, and ate whatever we could get our hands on. It was a fun and a simple time and some of the most memorable from my childhood.

One of the final runs that we had before we got too old for the concept of a sleep over was in 2005 when we rented this game from the local now defunked Movie Stars. I had watched The Warriors at this point as it had a DVD release in which director and co writer Walter Hill explained his vision for the movie and the controversy that surrounded it. So when I had seen an ad on the DVD for The Warriors video game, I was all about that shit. After we rented it Brett and I played the game on Co Op. We started the game at 11:00 AM and didn’t finish until 7:00 PM the following day. There were some bathroom and food breaks in between of course, but that playthrough marked the first time that I had played through a 20 hour game in one sitting. It still is one of my favorite moments growing up. With that said, I could not think of a better way to end Retro Video Game Month by taking look at the 2005 video game adaptation and see if it holds up.

Now the majority of the game is a prequel (GRR) to the original movie and displays how the Warriors’ reputation among New York’s colorful street gangs grew and how they ended up in the gang meeting in Gramacy Park. It features more detailed exposition on some of the less displayed games as well as a return of some of our old favorites. 


Stays True to the Source Materialimages

This game does not attempt to retell the story or venture off into some new territory. This game remains true to its source material and helps build on the mythos in ways that the movie could not. The Warriors is an amazing story and one that can be fun to play in a video game. So who better than Rockstar to give us an excellent game that does not attempt to change what we fans love?

Any kid who saw this in their younger years wanted nothing more than to dress in cool get ups and be those guys in the movies (hence the reason for the controversy). This plays into those fantasies and gives you more building on the setting and the mythos to create a great game.

It is Very Underrated Video Game

Unlike Bully from earlier in the month, I just don’t get why this video game is forgotten? It does target a very small demographic, but to me it surprises me more that this became an underrated and rarely remembered gem of the mid 2000’s and not a game that revitalized a franchise and possibly created several spin offs tied into the same mythos. Maybe the creators just wanted to go one and done, but regardless of the case The Warriors video game remains one of the most underrated games of recent history.

Simply speaking, the controls are tight, the game is immersive, the story is spot on, the fighting sequences are cool, and over all it is just an excellent game. It is a shame it is so forgotten. I guarantee if I was able to track down a copy I would be playing this game until my thumbs bled and my eyes shriveled up and fell out of their sockets.


downloadIt is a Prequel… But I Can Kind of Forgive It

My feelings on prequels have not changed over these past two years, I still hate them. They always feel the source material with either plot holes or leaves no suspense for the players or viewer to become immersed in… But The Warriors video game I can kind of forgive.

This is one of the few prequels that I actually like. It and Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 are text book example of how to successfully write a prequel. On the one hand, do not let the players know it is a prequel until the very end or option two just do a prequel and make sure you don’t fuck things up too much. There are still some glaring problems. For instance, any of the nine who make it to Gramacy Park you know are going to live so no suspense there and in some cases there is a new character added named Ash who you know is going to die since he isn’t in the movie. But luckily the game does not suffer too much from its prequel stigma and is able to make it fun and enjoyable.


The Warriors Video Game is one of, if not the best movie video game title in the entire history of the genre and also one of the best prequels of all time. The story is there, the prequels parts aren’t too terrible, the controls are excellent, graphics are amazing for the time, and overall it is just a fun experience.

Final Score 4.5/5

Thank you for reading and as always if you enjoyed this review then please like and subscribe for more from me. With this post, we conclude Retro Video Game Month and move on to the month of April which I am now calling Exploitation April where we take a look at some movies from exploitation cinema.

2 thoughts on “Retro Video Game Month: The Warriors Video Game”

  1. The Warriors was an awesome game at the time. Trying to replay it for third time because of how fun it was the first two and I just can’t. It might be a prequel, but it still follows the movie eventually. I think that’s’ where it picked up for me.

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