Best and Worst WCW Cruiserweight Champions of All Time

wcwcwBefore we go forward, I should preface this list with the fact that I am not going to be covering ALL the belts that were featured in WCW and ECW. As a matter of fact, I will only be looking at the championships as well as a few other choice belts that I feel need to be covered. I also will not be covering the secondary titles in WCW and ECW because I feel that secondary titles are meant to enhance talent to the next stage which is of course the Championship and since both belts are now defunked, the secondary titles prestige and lineage are somewhat moot.

After saying that, I would like to cover the championship belt from WCW that was every bit as prestigious and important as the WCW Championship was back in the day. No joke when I was watching wrestling as a kid, I typically saw the person holding the Cruiserweight championship as the true champion of WCW instead of the slow plodding old guys that dominated the World title scene. I would take 1 Ultimo Dragon and Chris Jericho over 10000 geriatric Hulk Hogans and slow and awkward Kevin Nashs. The Cruiserweight division was just more fun and it had athletes who were small, quick, and excellent wrestlers. I am very much happy that it is people who found their home in this division that are now seen as the true World Champions instead of slow fat guys smacking each other. So of course when I talk about former WCW Championships, this one is easily the first that comes to mind. So here is the Top 5 Best and Worst WCW Cruiserweight Champions.

Keep in mind as always that this is my personal opinion based on the title reign’s impact on the championship and the wrestler. If you have a different opinion please add a comment and we will debate. With that said, we start with the worst.


5. Psychosis

The fact that Psychosis finds himself on this list in the worst category is a shame. Dionicio Castellanos Torres is a talented wrestler and one of the most well known and loved lucha libre stars in the world. His stint in AAA are excellent and his run in WCW was severely underrated. But considering the fact that Psychosis was so talented and so underutilized, his two times holding the Cruiserweight Championship left a lot to be desired. Out of his two runs, one lasted one week and the second didn’t even last a night.

The first of his two title reigns came after a fatal four way match to which he dropped the title back to Rey Misterio Jr seven days later AND his second title he didn’t even ‘win’, it was given to him. ForĀ reasons relating to Lenny Lane’s offensive homophobic gimmick, he was stripped of the title and it was handed to Psychosis who dropped the belt to the Disco Inferno later that night. Two short reigns and nothing to show for it puts Psychosis as 5th on the infamous list.

4. Daffney & Crowbar

These two lovely, wonderful wrestlers claimed the Cruiserweight Championship in the dying days of WCW in a match between Chris Candido and the infamous Tammy Lynn Sunny Sytch. They held the title for a week before Daffney won a unification match to go on and have a tremendous fifteen day run before she lost the belt to Chavo Guerrero in his Lieutenant Loco gimmick.

What more can you say? It was silly to put the belt on the two characters, they had a minuscule run with the belt and did nothing with it. Forgettable and unneeded are two words that come to mind when it comes to DAffney and Crowbar.

3. Scotty “Scott Levy” Flamingo

Most of you probably don’t know this but Scott Levy, better known as Raven, is a former Cruiserweight Champion. Saddled with a horrendous surfer gimmick Scott Levy won the championship from Brian Pillman to become the Cruiserweight Champion. Now Raven is an amazing wrestler and a legend when it comes to hardcore wrestling and the psychology of a character. But as Scotty Flamingo he had one of the most forgettable title reigns in the history of the belt.

Surrounded by legends like Jushin Thunder Liger, Brian Pillman, Rey Misterio Jr., and Dean Malenko, Scotty Flamingo just felt out of place. His reign only lasted two weeks before he lost the belt to Brad Armstrong, putting a kingly crown on the mediocre run.

2. Disco Infernodisco-inferno

Oh Glenn Gilbertti… You truly are loved among wrestling fans. Maybe it is the fact that you are as big of a dweeb as the rest of us, maybe it is because you gave yourself to a self made gimmick more than any sane person should, and maybe it is because to this day all of us are still unsure if you are aware of just how goofy you truly were. But of all the wrestlers in WCW, none were more over in the late nineties than Disco Inferno. He was horrifically outdated, goofy, and all around fun. I loved him, fans loved him, everyone who wasn’t a wrestler loved him. We also agree that he should have never won the WCW Cruiserweight Championship.

The Television Championship and even the US Championship are both completely fine. He can enjoy his run with those belts all he wants. But he simply wasn’t a cruiserweight and brought the entire belt into the dregs making it look like an absolute joke. He held the title for 28 days before losing it to the poorly named Evan Karagias and it couldn’t have came sooner… Speaking of Sooners…

1. Oklahoma

Jim Ross is a legend in the business. He is one of, if not the greatest announcer of all time. I still do not understand why to this day that everyone feels the need to pick on him. He deserves respect and people continue to attempt to shit on him and the continue to end up with their foot in their mouth for it. The Oklahoma gimmick was a ignorant and stupid joke created by Vince Russo and Ed Ferrara who were jealous of Ross’s greatness that they had to create an insensitive parody of him complete with making fun of his bells palsy.

The overweight Ferrara as Oklahoma won the championship from Madusa and thus dragged the title so low that it is debatable between he and Hornswoggle of which two characters shat on the prestige the most. It was a horrible joke and a deplorable title reign.


5. Dean Malenko

The man of a 1000 holds brings prestige to any title that he holds. If Dean Malenko could have had a little more charisma and a few more inches in height or even started his career in today’s market, he would be a world champion. The man is a technical genius and has a real knowledge of the ring. Dean Malenko held the belt 4 times while he was in his stint with WCW and was amazing in each and every match he competed in. He wasn’t high flying but a ground technician and would work an excellent match against each of his opponents.

Malenko finds himself in prestigious company which earns him his spot at number 5, but if he is 5 on the list the next four can be nothing more than legendary.

4. Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho has grown into quite a star over the past couple of decades. He has gone from a plucky nobody to a world champion in what can be called a phenomenal career. It all started though in WCW when he was in the Cruiserweight division. Chris Jericho had the speed and the technical ability to be a star in the ring and with the charsima to back up his play, he was easily one of the best to grace the ring and to hold the championship.

3. Ultimo Dragon

An amazing star and the innovator of the Asai Moonsault, Ultimo Dragon is a staple of Cruiserweight wrestling. With the perfect blend of Lucha Libre style of wrestling as well as various Japanese schools, Ultimo Dragon was the ultimate combination of the two blends that made the Cruiserweight division what it was back in its prime. Ultimo Dragon only held the title twice, but each time further emphasized his position in the division and his spot in the record books as one of the greatest Cruiserweight Champions in the WCW and in wrestling to this day.

2. Jushin Thunder Liger

The legend himself was apart of the early Cruiserweight atmosphere and when your belt’s lineage features a wrestler as legendary as Jushin Thunder Liger, then it certainly counts for something. Jushin Liger is the second ever Cruiserweight Champion and had an amazing feud with wrestler Brian Pillman during his run. He only held the title for 66 days before losing it back to Brian Pillman but the record itself represented one of the crowning moments of the belt and remains one of the most prestigious titles won by the Japanese legend.

220px-Rey_Mysterio_1345961. Rey Misterio Jr.

Could it be any other? Rey Misterio Jr was not only the face of the Cruiserweight division in WCW, but he raised it above and beyond to something that will truly stand the test of time. Rey held the title on over 5 different occasions while in the WCW and his success with the belt even carried over to WWE’s half assed attempt to bring the WWE Cruiserweight belt to a similar prestige.

Rey had some classic feuds in the Cruiserweight division and created some of the most entertaining and amazing matches in wrestling history. It is easy to see why the king of lucha libre finds himself at the top of this list.

Thank you for reading and as always if you enjoyed this list please like and subscribe for more from me.

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