Tanner Observes Evolve

imagesLet me preface this post with the fact that I have not personally played Evolve yet. I am not a fan of competitive multiplayer and if given the choice between spending full price on a competitive multiplayer game and taking on a hornets nest with my bare hands, let’s just say those hornets are going to have a real run for their money. I just don’t like them and the only one I do like, Team Fortress 2 feels like it is almost making fun of the whole aspect of competitive multiplayer. So needless to say, I’m going to be a little biased, but I promise I will keep my personal feelings of competitive multiplayer in check. With all of this said though, I have watched my friends played Evolve on several occasions (in particular Twitch streamer and close friend Jate Nott) and I feel confident on sharing my opinions on what I have witnessed as a critic watching a game.

All of that being said, Evolve is a really interesting case. On the one hand, it is bringing out something new for gamers to explore and on the other hand it is bringing us the same shit we have always seen. The question is where will Evolve fall in the grand scheme of things? Will it join the adults table with Halo and CoD or will it be destined to languish in the pits of forgotten multiplayer with Destiny and Titanfall… Well that is what we are here to find out today.


The 4 v. 1 Combat System is Cool and Newdownload

The biggest draw to Evolve is the new take on the combat aspect. Instead of having X nerds versus an equal number of nerds, Evolve makes the game a 4 vs. 1 type of deal. In this four players who are assigned the medic, the trapper, the assault class, and the support while the fifth player plays as the monster they are supposed to kill.

The 4 v. 1 combat style is cool and adds a new dimension to what was becoming a VERY tired and predictable genre of video gaming. It was a game that injected new ideas into the gaming industry! No longer will it be a 4 v. 4 whack off with seven other random people, now you have one supped up monster against 4 people who need to work together or get royally screwed. It is a cool concept and one that is being implemented in future games. There is still talk of a Friday the 13th style game where one players takes on the role of the slasher killer and the other four a ragtag gang of teenagers. That game sounds like so much fun. Granted it doesn’t have the same pull as a shooty shooty teamy teamy affair and if they add ways to fight the monsters like this game then it is going to suck total dick, but the fact is that Evolve really is a precursor for games to come.


images (1)The Full Price Multiplayer Shooter that is not Halo or Call of Duty Problem (IE DestinyTitanfall)

The problem with Evolve that I can see (besides the lack of characters to choose from that are not apart of some DLC package which is a big can of worms) is the fact that it is still a full priced multiplayer game with very little to no draw to it besides the novelty of being a competitive multiplayer game with a decent concept built around it and cool graphics.

This is the problem with the industry nowadays. These big budgeted games like Destiny, Titanfall, and Evolve come out. They are hyped at E3 and all other venues. They are portrayed as big deals. Upon launch day they sell like hot cakes. But the sad tragedy is when times rolls around people just start forgetting about them. All of these games want to join the Lightning in a Bottle Club that Halo and Call of Duty found themselves in but do not seem to know how to do it.

These games barely focus or do not focus at all about the mythos being built around it and in some cases single player story modes just do not exist at all. While it is well known that Halo and Call of Duty focus on multiplayer now almost exclusively, they have an entire game built around a solid universe. I don’t play Call of Duty or Halo but I still know the names Master Chief and Soap MacTavish. I can’t tell you a single character name from any of those three games. I can get behind the stories for some of those games to some extent. I have absolutely no idea what the story is for Evolve, Destiny, and Titanfall and I don’t care to because it is clear the developers don’t care. They are so focused on joining the big kids table that they forgot how the big kids got to the big table to begin with.

Evolve sadly seems to fit into this category. It is a sad truth but it is. If things keep going the way that it is, Evolve is destined to end up just like Titanfall and Destiny, a pretty game, with a decent concept, that is loved by its rabid fanbase, but summarily dismissed by casual gamers who will stay with their safe bets.


Overall from my analysis as a spectator looking onto the video game, Evolve seems to have a solid concept. It sets itself around a new premise and executes the mechanics of the game well. However there doesn’t seem to be a strong draw to the game other than the novelty and I fear that a game for competitive multiplayer will find itself in dire straits in the up and coming season. Maybe by adding more maps, monsters, and characters they can save the game, but for now I don’t feel the future is very bright.

Final Score 2.5/5

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2 thoughts on “Tanner Observes Evolve”

  1. There was quite a bit of hype surrounding this game, but the DLC model has hurt its reputation.

    1. Yeah. I’ve been with the hype since most of my friends have been waiting in anticipation for this game. But from the looks of it, it is going to go into the ‘eh this was okay’ pre order bin and be forgotten about. Just look at MAG as a multiplayer game that just withers away and dies.

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