4 Ways Triple A Gaming Loves to Exploit Gamers

Triple A Gaming has become a joke. Sure there have been a few games (emphasize FEW) that have been good since the next generation slinked its way onto the scene, but for the most part it has been crap, on top of crap, loaded with more crap, and now the crap has started to spill over into our computer gaming! Triple A video gaming has gone from giving us the best games imaginable to something more reminiscent of a deranged despot who believes that what is truly in everyone’s best interest if you, the peasants, shower them in gifts and praise while they continue to throw worthless tripe at you for the privilege of being abused by them.

I have discussed before why video gamers today should be playing video games from the Independent scene (which you can view here) as a way of sending some tough love to Triple A Developers that shit needs to change or you will eventually lose your customers. But in that article, I only alluded to the major problems with Triple A gaming. So today, I will give you the list of the Top 4 Ways Triple A Gaming Love to Exploit You!

Before I start this list, just keep in mind that this list is my opinion based on my viewing of the Triple A Market. If you disagree with the list, please comment below. I love a good argument. With that said, let’s get started.

4. The Concept of Beta Testing and Paying for an Incomplete GameElder_Scrolls_Online_cover

Worst Culprits: Consoles and Steam Pre Releases

Knowing the diverse age range of the fans of the video game industry and my readers, I would say that about half of you were present for the origin of the beta testing. The reason that I say this for the rest of you is because back in the day, until the internet became an intricate part to consoles and digital distributors came into existence, beta testing was a strange sort of ultra rare animal that you only heard of but never actually saw or witnessed yourself. You would wait for video games to be released, you maybe got a demo disc when you bought another game, and you only heard that one of your quasi acquaintances got the chance to be a beta tester for a game, but nothing was ever concrete on that point.

This feeling of exclusivity has carried over into the modern day and is now one of the major points of exploitation for Triple A gaming that can now release ‘betas’ to the population en masse. The lie that these companies tell the gamers is that:

A) you are one of the very few who get the chance to play this game in its beta form.
B) Your feedback will be vital to building an amazing video game for future gamers.

Basically this is what beta testing USED to be. But instead what beta testing really means in today’s video game industry is:

A) You are paying for an unfinished game that we will patch later (thus calling it the ‘completed game’) and in some instances you are merely paying for a shitty broken game that we can later make you pay for in full price.
B) If you did not pay for this ‘beta’, than this is merely an incomplete, broken, free demo to hype you for the ‘completed game’ and gives us more time to develop what will eventually be a shitty game.

Almost every Triple A game on Playstation Network, Xbox Arcade, and the thousands of Steam ‘Prereleases’ have fallen into this category. Elder Scrolls Online was a big culprit of this. They were handing out ‘beta codes’ like they were hotcakes before the game was released and after it was released people realized the game was complete shit. I remember watching my friends play the ‘beta’ of Day Z for what felt like years before the ‘real game’ was ever released.

The sad fact is that it still works. People almost seem to brag when they get to be one of the people who play a beta of a game, almost completely unaware of the fact that they are being exploited for their money and their time for what is nothing more than broken advertising.

Call_of_duty_ghosts_box_art3. Removing Massive Parts of the Game and Calling Them DLCs

Worst Culprits: FPS Games

There is a correct way to give players ‘downloadable content’ and a wrong way to give players downloadable content. The tragedy is that Triple A gaming typically takes the sleaziest of the two routes in order to milk as much money from you as possible. A ‘correct’ way to create downloadable content is to give gamers a new experience past the game. Maybe an extra story line such as Skyrim with Dragonborn and Dawnguard, like Batman: Arkham City with Harley’s Revenge, or Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon. These are all excellent DLCs because they give you the completed game to enjoy, do not remove parts of the actual game, and can add more to the mythos, or in some cases give you a whole other story.

The wrong way to create ‘DLC’ is to hack off major parts of the game and sell them to you in order for you to pay full price AND pay for ‘map pack 224354634’ and ‘cool gun 3245232’. First person shooters are the worst with this as they will constantly deny players cool weapons and maps and only offer them to the players who shell out additional cash to ‘unlock them’. Hell even Batman Arkham City was liable for this as they sold the Catwoman add on as a pre order exclusive which was a major portion of the game!

This is sleazy exploitation at its finest. Giving players a ‘completed game’, forcing them to pay $60.00 for it, and then saying ‘give us an extra $15.00’ if you want all this cool gear your friends have. Why not give us a good game and then give us substantial DLCs in post? The only explanation I can hear is either

A) They were too lazy
B) We can make $5 bucks extra if we make them buy a gun

This is the reason why Electronic Arts and other video game industries are consistently voted the most evil corporations in America! At least people operating a ponzi scheme try to hide the fact that they are fucking you over, Triple A Gaming fucking flaunts it!

2. Lying with Pre-Rendered Trailersultra1_1


Why does a video game need a trailer? Seriously, this is a legit question. Movies need ‘trailers’ so that you can watch a sneak peek of the movie and say ‘yes I would like to see that’. The only problem is that the main focus of a video game is not to watch it, it is to play it and BEFORE you bring up the argument about Twitch Streamers and YouTube viewer, those people play the video games and it is intended that you gain entertainment from that person and possibly persuade you to go out and play the game yourself. Video games don’t need trailers because we are not going to sit in front of our televisions and ‘watch’ a video game. We want to play it! This is why video games have demos that you can play.

When E3 wheels out there ‘first 15 minutes of gameplay’ this always means ‘here is some pre created crap that you can now watch and we can later take your money for fooling you.’ I have come to the conclusion that E3 is nothing more than a big pile of shit used to justify showing gamers big piles of shit in the hopes that they will buy their big piles of shit. Each year I hear about the shit being shown at E3, which most of the time includes this pre rendered trailer shit, fans get hyped, and then I watch as the life leaves their eyes and all their hopes and dreams of fun games are beaten out of them by mediocrity. I would say it fits really well with the definition of insanity, don’t you think?

This is by far the biggest exploitation of Triple A gaming as this is a lot less of a misguided path to what gamers want and a lot more of the ‘blatantly lying’ to people in the hopes that someone is stupid enough to pre order your game before they realize they wasted their money.

2727662-1798718488-the-o1. Tight Graphics and Excellent Controls Just Don’t Cut the Cheese Anymore


The one thing that all of these Triple A games nowadays have in common is the fact that they are some of the most beautifully polished turds to ever be created. I’m serious, these steaming piles of horse shit can sparkle like diamonds with their realistic graphics and working controls. I’ll give it to them, these people do know how to develop the bare bones of a game. It is too bad that they just don’t know how to give any character, life, or passion to these games making them all the same pretty generic clones. It is like the Stepford Wives lined up in your video game closet.

In order for me to make my point once again let me take you back a couple of years. Back before the Playstation 2 and Xbox days, ‘beautiful graphics’ and ‘excellent controls’ was not always a guarantee. Hell many of the games in the past were hopelessly broken with glitches that completely ruined the gaming experience or in some cases made them infamous. This was just a fact of life that a lot of games just either looked ugly or their controls were fucked up beyond playability. Hell when Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines came out it was hopelessly broken. Even after I bought it on Steam I had to patch the shit out of it just to get it to play, but it was a great game none the less. Bethesda’s Call of Cthulhu Dark Corners of the Earth is a great game but the graphics are complete shit.

So when a game that was created prior to the XBox360 and Playstation 3 was created with ‘excellent graphics’ and ‘flawless controls’ it was cause for a massive celebration! This game is awesome! I don’t have to worry about shitty glitches or poorly rendered animation, I can just sit back and enjoy this game! Just look at Deus X and System Shock 2.

Now you see where video gamers and developers are coming from and now we find ourselves in today’s world. Video game developing has advanced immensely in the past couple of years to the point that ‘excellent graphics’ and ‘flawless controls’ are no longer cause for amazement, it is the standard. I expect great graphics and excellent controls in my game. The game doesn’t need to look hyper realistic or be ‘bug free’, I’m just saying that as long as the graphics don’t look like they are being played on an inferior console and the game is for the most part playable with the exception of one tiny bug, it can be redeemed.

However, Triple A gaming has taken this to mean that they need to ensure that the graphics in particular are at their absolute highest, which is not correct. Let’s take a look at Skyrim has a means of making a point. Skryim was not the most well polished and certainly wasn’t bug free, but I’m still playing it to this day 4 years post release. That is because this game has character, it has an identity to it that can keep players coming back. Now take a game then like Order 1886, this game is highly detailed and controls are there… Yet it lacks any character and is already been forgotten as most of my readers are probably stating ‘what in the hell is Order 1886′. 

Triple A Gaming just sits back on its heels and assumes that all people want is realistic graphics and tight controls when the case still remains that we want much more from our video games than that. But instead Triple A Gaming continues to exploit us and attempt to tell us what we want when in reality we are flocking to Indie Games like passengers flocking to life boats on the Titanic. It is this reason and the reasons stated above why a massive overall needs to occur in Triple A gaming or else we are forced to drown in a sea of mediocrity for the rest of our days.

With that said, I am going to call it a day. Thank you for reading.If you enjoyed reading this list, please like and subscribe for more from me and come back Thursday for a new movie review!

2 thoughts on “4 Ways Triple A Gaming Loves to Exploit Gamers”

  1. People paying for DLC that should have been part of the original game always annoys me. Is Day Z officially released or still in alpha?

    1. I would hope so when it comes to Day Z. I never heard of an ‘official release’ so I just assumed that Day Z transitioned into being complete and they just called it a day… Which in and of itself is very weird.

      I do enjoy some DLC if it adds something new to the game. But if you give me 3 maps to a game and the ‘DLC’ is 3 more maps… You just come across as really sleazy for not giving me 6 maps to begin with!

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