Best and Worst WWE Tag Team Champions

WWE_Tag_Team_Championship_belt_2014So, I was going to write a movie review. But considering the fact that I am still in Roanoke and I want to see Mad Max: Fury Road, I will reserve my new movie review for Sunday, and this Saturday will be a new episode of The Nerdiest Talk Show on Earth. For now, let’s keep our little look into the world of Professional Wrestling going and start tackling the five championships currently going in the WWE, starting with one of my favorite divisions, the Tag Team division. I love Tag Team wrestling. It is typically where you have your most colorful and not horrifically doofy gimmicks as well as seeing a some amazing spots put on by a team of wrestlers. Tag Team Wrestling has fallen on hard times in the WWE, who look at the division as little more than an after thought to fill various teams as well as singles competitors that are not getting over. But Tag Team wrestling is so much more than that and you can look no further than Lucha Libre wrestling as well as Ring of Honor to see true Tag Team wrestling on display.

But even so, the WWE has had its share of strong and on the other end, completely horrendous champions since this belt’s inception. If I can say one thing about the WWE Tag Team Championship history as it stands, it is filled with people who either bring prestige to the belt… Or completely shit all over it. So why not look at both sides of this coin today starting with the Worst Tag Team Champions and finishing with the best.

Keep in mind, the only belt history that is on display here is the current WWE Tag Team Championship. The World Tag Team Championship is not in contention here. With that said, moving on to the worst.


5. Legion of Doomdownload

In their prime, The Road Warriors, Hawk and Animal was one of the Greatest Tag Teams of all time. They rules the Tag Team divisions in the NWA, AWA, WCW, and to a lesser extent the WWE during the 80’s and early 90’s. If you ever want to see truly inspired Tag Team Wrestling, check out the Road Warriors back than. They were a power house.

Fast forward to 2005, Michael “Hawk” Hegstrand had sadly passed away a few years prior. It truly was the end of an era, particularly since the year of his passing, Hawk and Animal had made a guest appearance for the WWE and there was hints that the duo would be doing some part time work for nostalgia purposes. But two years after the fact, Animal is brought back to Smackdown and paired with a struggling Heidenreich. The two competed for a couple of matches before claiming the gold against the scorching hot MNM Tag Team at The Great American Bash.

I struggled to put the team on this list when compared to the 20 years past their prime title reign of the New Age Outlaws. While other have called foul on them, I did understand the intention. Hawk had passed away and the WWE was looking to toss a sentimental title holding to Animal for their service to the company. Also Heidenreich was suffering horrifically at the time and the WWE still hoped they could salvage something from him. It ultimately didn’t work and after a three month reign, they dropped it back to MNM. Overly sentimental, yes, but I simply can’t put it any higher than five when considering the other shit piles on this list.

4. Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov

I love and hate comedy acts. I love a comedy act or a gimmick when it is done right. For instance, in Lucha Underground Pimpenela Escarlata and Mascarita Sagrada are good gimmicks. Pimpanela is an exotico which means she is a man in drag. Mascarita is a mini, these are their gimmicks. Lucha Underground placed them in six person tag matches with Sexy Star as their partner and it really worked well. The crowd loved them, they played it up to the crowd, but at the end of the day they were a comedy act. If you want them to be champions, you need them to buckle down and get a little more serious.

The problem with WWE is they will just give comedy acts championship reigns for the hell of it. Hence, Gillberg being Light Heavyweight Champion as an example. It does nothing for the belts but make them a joke. I’m all for giving an underdog a championship. Hell I was rooting for Zach Gowen to win the WWE Championship when he was hoping on one leg, I’m cool with it. But when you are talking about a comedy gimmick like Marella and Kozlov… They shouldn’t have touched those belts.

As a comedy act… Sure, Santino is an excellent comedy act and Kozlov is the perfect straight man foil. But as champions. It is groaning to see and the fact that they held it 76 days doesn’t help matters.

3. Renee Dupree & Kenzo Suzuki

Oh these two… I was watching wrestling on a regular basis when Dupree and Suzuki showed up. Renee Dupree was meant to be one of the next big things. He was 19 when he won the Tag Team Titles in La Resistance, but backstage politics and a prima donna attitude meant that he was out of the WWE and quick. Kenzo Suzuki… Was absolutely terrible. I mean just appalling in the ring and on the mic. So with two wrestlers struggling on Smackdown, they decided to put them together. The result, was equally terrible.

They played up the foreign heel gimmick and drew some heat from the crowd… But a lot of the time it wasn’t the right kind of heat. People just didn’t want to see Suzuki, he was shit. Plus, people who were smart knew that Dupree was a bastard as well. Once they lost the titles to RVD and Mysterio, the world was happy to see them gone.

2. John Cena & Miz/David Otunga

John Cena should never hold the Tag Team Championship belts with anyone. That man needs to be barred from the division. I am not one of Cena’s hated detractors. Personally, I don’t mind the guy. He is a good role model to kids and he can certainly be Mr. Hokey, but that isn’t a terrible thing. To me, he is the harmless Hulk Hogan character. He tells kids to eat their vitamins and say their prayers, whatever. Kids can love him, but I am not going to hate on the guy just because little Timmy thinks he is Superman.

But man they book him in some shitty angles, one of which was The Nexus feud. During this terrible time, John Cena won the Tag titles on two occasions, one with the Miz and the other with David Otunga. Both of these titles reigns combined equal out to less than 48 hours. I tried to decide which was worse and while the Otunga reign is much worse than the other, I had to put them in here as a tie. This booking of Cena’s shat all over the division with the poorly handled Nexus angle. Terrible booking, terrible reigns.

220px-Deuce_'N_Domino1. Deuce & Domino

So it is the mid 2000’s. You have two guys in developmental who are looking good and a young woman who can manage. What are you thinking of as far as a Tag Team gimmick? What about a 1950’s greaser gimmick, complete with slicked back black hair, the names Deuce, Domino, and Cherry. Cherry is on roller skates with the waitress poofy skirt gimmick, both men are wearing leather jackets, chewing on toothpicks, and they drive out in a car straight out of Grease.

Not only was this gimmick terrible and more in tune with the Cartoon Era of the WWE instead of the Ruthless Aggression that they were going for in the mid 2000’s and giving them the belts was like giving the belts to other terrible tag teams like The Heart Throbs or The Dicks. But Deuce and Domino just weren’t that good in the ring. They were clumsy, under developed, and they ended the title reign of one of the best Teams of the 2000’s, Paul London and Brian Kendrick. They were a terrible act, terrible wrestlers, and deserve to be at the top of this list as one of the worst Tag Teams in WWE history.


5. Los Guerreros

The late Eddie Guerrero and Chavo Guerrero were easily one of the best Tag Teams in WWE History. They were absolutely stunning when it came to chemistry, moves, and all around personality. If it wasn’t for the fact of an injury as well as the soon after rise of Eddie Guerrero to the main event scene, Los Guerreros would have been a Tag Team for the new ages.

Coming onto the scene in the early days of the WWE Tag Team Championships, Eddie and Chavo were able to take a racist gimmick and make it their own, and in doing so, claimed the Tag titles twice. They were a great Tag Team and earned a spot at number 5 on the list.

4. Team Hell No

Some might put this team higher, but here I feel is a great location for the odd couple duo of Kane and Daniel Bryan. Daniel Bryan is a man who could put on a great match with a recliner. The guy is amazingly talented and has charisma to boot. Kane is a company guy who is willing to go that extra mile and at that stage in his career, the two were able to work together in a way that said ‘I absolutely detest you… But somehow this is working and I like being a champion.’

With Bryan’s ‘no’ chants catching on and the popularity increasing, it is easy to see how this tandem has become one of the most beloved of the era. The duo held the title for nearly 250 days and remains one of the more impressive reigns of recent history.

3. MNMmnm3

During the mid 2000’s it was another time where the WWE was desperate for the next big Tag Team. The huge tag teams of the early 2000’s were all gone, the next wave had all but disappeared and when your champions consist of a hodgepodge of makeshift alliances instead of actual teams with the exception of the Basham Brothers… You need some help. Thus, in comes in Joey Mercury, Johnny Nitro and Melina to make MNM.

They were a paparazzi loving group of narcissist that was able to build some amazing heat with the crowd. They had three VERY impressive title reigns, only broken up here and their by various other teams. With the exception of Melina, Mercury and Morrison (Nitro) have gone on to have success. Joey Mercury kicked his horrible drug addiction and now is part of J&J Security in WWE while John Morrison under the name Johnny Mundo has become one of the marquee acts for the best wrestling in the sport today, Lucha Underground.

2. London & Kendrick

If I were to make a list of the most underrated Tag Teams/Most Underrated wrestlers to ever enter the WWE, London and Kendrick would be on both of those lists. These two are everything I love in a wrestler. They are small, they are agile, they are charismatic, and they put on amazing shows on a consistent basis. These two who, boasted an impressive 331 Day title reign in an age where 200+ is an achievement in WWE, were just non stop action from bell to bell.

London and Kendrick were horrifically underutilized during their time in the WWE, but this title reign serves as a testament to their performers and makes them one of the greatest WWE Tag Team Champions in the history of the business.

The_Shield_Of_Justice1. The Shield

Who else could beat out London and Kendrick but the best team to be produced by the WWE in a VERY long time. The Shield was an amazing act made up of three of the most talented wrestlers in the WWE today, all of which are enjoying time in the main event scene, and one who is enjoying a run as the WWE Champion.

Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, and Dean Ambrose made up a squad of commando looking badasses who took the WWE by storm for over a year before a lack of a main event scene forced the WWE to break them up. Now Rollins, Ambrose, and Reigns are all part of the main event with Rollins as the champion, Reigns being groomed as the next big thing, and many claiming Ambrose to be the second coming of Stone Cold Steve Austin.

During their time together, Rollins and Reigns held the Tag Team Championships and during that time brought some credibility back to the fledgling division. It is easy to see why they are number one.

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