Tanner Reviews Furious 7

Furious_7_poster… You know… I wrote a review a couple of years back about how the Saint’s Row franchise just wasn’t my thing and it never would be my thing. I just didn’t like the premise or the nonsensical gameplay, though freely admit that I could see the appeal and never truly faulted it for existing. Now, I find myself starring into the same problem in a different medium. The Fast & The Furious is a franchise that I have never liked. The movies have gained traction over the years, but as a kid when they first came out, I always just saw it as testosterone car fueled wank material where people who had a thing for big, fast, and loud cars could beat off to races and action sequences. Then, over time, the movies evolved into something bat shit insane and action packed… But I still can’t force myself to like them. I admit that Furious 7 may be a good movie and I see so many examples of the excellent film making that went into it, but I still have to chalk this up to something that just isn’t for me.

Not to mention, I also have to couple these statements with the fact that this movie got transformed into a Swan Song for the late Paul Walker who died tragically in a car accident two years ago. So I almost feel like any negative statements towards the movie may come back two fold at me from Walker fans who want to cherish the actors memory. So please, do not misinterpret my intentions, I’m a movie critic. It is what I do and I will try to look at the movie as objectively as I can and go from there.

After the events of the previous film, Dom (Vin Diesel) and his crew returns to the United States to hopefully live a normal and peaceful existence once again. However, things aren’t going quite as planned as the previous movie’s villain, Owen Shaw’s brother, Deckard (Jason Statham) swears revenge. The man breaks into the DSS Agent Luke Hobbs’ (Dewayne Johnson) office to gain files on Dom. After a fight, Deckard leaves Hobbs horribly injured. Luckily after the obligatory race and reference to Tokyo Drift, the group learns that they are being hunted down by Deckard. A new agent named Frank Petty (Kurt Russell) arrives and informs them that they will help them with Deckard IF the crew helps them obtain the God’s Eye from a Somalian mercenary named Mose Jakande (Dijmon Hounsou).


The Movie Goes Off the Wall in Terms of Outlandishness

For anyone who loves some good ole fashion outlandish action movie in the style of Arnold Schwarzenegger or Reb Brown, then these movies are for you. These movies went from street racing to traveling across the globe in order to save the US as a covert unit of badass street racers. If you were to tell me that the first movie would take us straight into James Bond meets drag racing I would have told you that you were nuts… Yet here we are.

There is something to be said about a franchise that is willing to take itself from its serious roots and become an outlandish action movie and on that end, I love it.


furious-7-trailer-2-111223For Anyone Who is Not a Fast & Furious Fan… It Just Isn’t Your Thing

I am not a fan of the franchise. I never have been and I never will be. I do not see a lot of the appeal of fast cars nor do I really see the appeal of car chases in action movies. They tend to be my least favorite part of the action movie. I don’t know why, but that is just the way I am.

Furious 7 is one of those movies that has its built-in audience of people who will watch it no matter how shitty the movie turns out to be so there will always be a place for it in Hollywood. However, this is a major problem as this movie is no longer bringing in any other fans as well as not expanding into wider markets.


Is Furious 7 good? Yes, it is. Is it great? No, it is not. The fact of the matter is that this movie is a decent action movie that I just have to admit isn’t for me. It is a good swan song for the life and career of Paul Walker, who will be sorely missed from fans of the series onward. The effects are good, the action is good, over all it is just a solid film. There are some minor details that keep it down and the ‘inside crowd’ feel of the audience does detract some of the new fans from coming in,but over all it is worth the watch. If you are a fan of the series or of action movies in general, I say give it a watch.

Final Score 3/5

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