Tanner Reviews Invisible Inc.

headerWell wasn’t this a pleasant surprise? I certainly did not think I would be diving into the realms of Cyberpunk in the near future and yet here I am, about to look at an Isometric stealth game that seems strangely ubiquitous for the Cyberpunk genre, Invisible, Inc. This new game that comes to us from Klei Entertainment (the guys who brought us Torchlight II & Don’t Starve) may look like a standard Shadowrun clone, but in all truth and honesty, there is a strange level of character that this game has that I say, may even put it a step past the current Cyberpunk front runner.

In the distant and bleak future of 2074, the megacorporations have taken over the earth as per the standard Cyberpunk cocktail along with neon signs and a guy named Decker. Invisible, Inc. is a private intel agency that collects data for other corporations, which is a refreshing change of pace, considering they are working for the man to fight the man, instead of just fighting the man, but I digress.

From the start of the game, Invisible, Inc. is raided by a corporations and out of the entire agency, only two agents, you the player, and the agency’s leader escape along with the computer AI that needs to be in a mega computer in order to run properly. You than take on the roll as the guy in movies that sits comfortably in a room instead of fighting baddies as you command the agents to do various missions of your choosing like rescuing comrades, stealing supplies, and so forth. The goal of the game is to reach the end and save Incognita so that the firm may live to see another day.


Has That Shadowrun, Isometric Feel to Itinvisible3

For the life of me, I will not understand why the isometric turn based strategy game has become synonymous with the Cyberpunk subgenre, maybe everyone wants to copycat Shadowrun, I don’t know. Regardless, it really works for this game. I love the style, the stealth elements, and the ever changing puzzle format that keeps you on your toes after each retry.

You Will Be Sucked in by the World and the Puzzles

Not only does the gameplay work, it sucks you in to this world with its various puzzles and challenges. I was completely immersed in this world for several hours as the game allowed me to formulate my own thoughts and opinions of the agents I was using.

I crafted a whole story around the four agents as they traversed the scenes. I saw Internationale as the sort of leader of the group while Decker was the plucky comic relief, Sharp the straight man, and Nika being all philosophical and willing to sacrifice herself for the greater good. This is minimalistic story telling on the part of the agents. While the main characters are a problem and I’ll get to that in a moment, it is nice to have the opportunity to formulate our own thoughts and opinions on these characters and create a narrative that works for us.n


The Game is Short

If you are able to breeze through most games and not have the completionist edge to you, you can finish this game in under 5 hours AND that includes multiple redos on several missions. Certainly you can play the game again on several different challenge levels and there are multiple missions that you did not complete beforehand, but even with multiple plays, the game will struggle to reach the 20 hour mark.

Even for a game that is being sold for $20 on Steam, less than 20 hours worth of gameplay makes the dollar price VERY questionable.

maxresdefaultThey Focus on the Wrong Characters

This game has a serious misconception on who their main characters are and who we should want to follow throughout the story. In this game, the only players who get speaking lines are Central, the leader of Invisible, Inc., Monst3r, the altruistic gun runner who helps the agency, and Incognita. Throughout the game, these two characters talk to me, but the agents that I have been playing with since square one are doing all the work while Central and Monst3r chill from th sidelines. We then find ourselves at the final level and instead of the agents saving the day, these two characters just pop in for the last mission to hog all the glory while the agents are rendered expendable cannon fodder.

The game is weird in the fact that it focuses on the secondary characters in the story more than the main characters. Monst3r, you, and Central spend most of the time in I’m-Not-Getting-Shot Land that you end up relating to the characters that are running around and risking their lives before you and the people who this story is about.


Invisible, Inc. is not going to be a game that breaks records or is even going to be remembered for years to come. It is what it is, a fun little Cyberpunk game that will be a solid addition to anyone who is a fan of the genre. The stealth elements are there, the standard Cyberpunk stuff is there, and over all it just has a great feel to it.

The game has a misconception about who it should focus its story on and the game’s short nature may persuade you to wait until a sale in order to pick it up, but overall, Invisible, Inc. is worth the buy.

Final Score 3.5/5

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