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i-am-bread-release-date-announced_98wc.1920Well isn’t this a catchy and vague fucking name for a game? I am Bread… What does that even mean? I don’t… I am Bread, along with its accompanying picture of a slice of bread on the brink of falling to the floor creates a unique sensation for all gamers that can be summed up like this: OH! What the fuck is…? Oh I have to try this!

It is the only reaction that anyone could possibly have to a title like this. What the hell is this thing? What is it about? You need to become toast? What the fuck? The questions, for me, eventually won out and I decided that, after nearly a year the beta sat on my wishlist, it was high time to spend a little disposable income to give this game the old college try.

I am Bread is a game that was developed by Bossa Studios. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Bossa Studios, they are the guys who created Surgeon Simulator and Thomas Was Alone. So, we are in some memorable and somewhat existential company when it comes to the things these people have made in the past.

The story of I am Bread is simple. You control a piece of bread and your job is to become toast and remains as edible as possible. That is about it. There are some other modes, but the meat and potatoes of the game is to become toast. So already I am in a critical bind in ways I can critique this game, but I’ll give it a go anyways.


It is a Unique Conceptiambread-2014-12-01-10-15-54-65

Say what you will about this game, and there is a lot to say, but you cannot deny that the developers of this game had a unique idea and they ran with it. Granted, this idea may have come up from the developers smoking way too much weed one day and saying: “You know what would be a good game? Bread trying to become toast?” But who am I to judge how the creative process comes about?

The game is eye-catching and intriguing. It dangles it premise in front of you like the carrot to the rabbit. You just sit there and study it, not sure what it is, but you just know it is something that you are going to have to try. So at the very least, it is an effective way to get us to give up X dollars from our wallets just to see what is going on.


Asks for a Controller to Play

Maybe this is a pet peeve of mine, but if I buy a game on the PC, it should not be ‘recommended’ that the player plug in a controller in order to appropriately play! Granted, the game is attempting to warn me that I will have a better time if I play it with a controller, but if you do not have a game that can be played with W,A,S,D, + mouse controls, than you should not make it available for PC gaming!

The fact that this game actually requests that you plug-in the controller to get a better grasp of the controls of this game is ludicrous and insulting to PC gamers who bought this game!

The Unique Concepts Masks a Generic and Poorly Made Game

The title is what sucks you in, but once you are in, you realize that you wasted hard-earned money on what is nothing more than a generic game. The concept of I am Bread is to get your piece of bread to be toasted and has all the control and grace of a charging bull.

Not only are the controls themselves absolutely pathetic, but the game feels like little more than a mobile game that happened to get a Steam release. You have to be able to grip and move your piece of bread across the floor, but instead of walking you just kind of flop about on the floor, which can get really frustrating REALLY fast.

The game honestly feels like a shitty fly-by-night mobile game that got a Steam release. It has chipper, yet repetitive music, the concept is the only substance to it, and the game simply isn’t up to par for a developer the caliber of Bossa Studios.

i-am-breadjpg-c41dd3_1280wA Game Created for the YouTube Audience

This has become a theme in video gaming nowadays and it is starting to get to be a little worrisome. The concept of a game is for you to play the game, that is your number one reason for a game’s existence, to be played. Yet, with these new YouTube celebrities and Twitch Streamers everywhere, the concept of watching a video game has seeped into the popular culture. Video game developers are now seeing this and designing games that are not be played by the masses, but for the masses to watch YouTube streamers like Markiplier play it on his channel.

I am Bread is just one of many examples where this is the case. Five Nights at Freddy’s, a game that I have praised in the past, is another example of a game that is less meant to be played and more to watch other people play it and see them react.

But some of you may be asking, is this actually a problem or a con? Well in my opinion, I say yes, it is very much a problem because it goes against the core fundamentals of not just video gaming but gaming in general. Video games are not a movie, they are not a television show, and should not be treated as such. Yes, it is fun to watch video games online, and I am not faulting anyone for enjoying them.

Personally, I LOVE watching games online, especially if the person playing is entertaining, and it is a game that I may want to buy in the future. I have no problem with video game streaming and think it is an intricate part of the culture. But designing games that are meant to be played by a few people and watched by the masses presents the start of a slippery slope that leads to video games not being video games anymore. Do I think there is going to be a day where video games are no longer played by the masses and instead watched by people? No, but I can certainly see more games being designed with a YouTube streamer playing it in mind and when that occurs we will get many sub par games that are not meant for us to play, but for us to play, and share with other people are playing of the game.

I am Bread is one of the worst culprits of this. While the Five Nights at Freddy’s is a great game that revolutionized the use of the jump scare, I am Bread is just a poor excuse for a game that is meant to be seen because of its bad campy nature.


This game simply isn’t worth your time. The controls are poor, the music is annoying, and the unique concept is the only reason that this game is even remembered. It is a video game bait and hook. They lure you in with some sweet bread action and give you nothing in return once you give them a bit of your monetary bread. It is a game that is the video game equivalent of junk food, instant satisfaction that immediately turns into shame and regret.

The only reason you should buy this is if you are a YouTube or Twitch Streamer and you want to suffer for your audience, other than that, stay far away.

Final Score 1/5

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One thought on “Tanner Reviews I am Bread”

  1. How ingenious. Make a bizarre game that will get promoted by Let’s Players. Now that’s what I call using your “loaf.”

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