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Just liMad_Max_2015_video_game_cover_artke everyone else in the world, I love me some Mad Max: Fury Road. Will I go as far as naming my son and/or daughter after the characters from the movie? Well, I just have to say that Furiosa Vuvalini and Max Nux Bivens will have the most badass names in all of preschool. But I digress, the point is that whenever you have any type of big summer blockbuster, you typically have an absolutely deplorable video game tie in to come plopping out onto the markets like the festering turd of the most rancid of fuck boys. These games tend to be forgettable, horrendous, and on par with someone shitting on your TV screen then demanding you pay money for the privilege of owning their shit. Needless to say, I do not think very highly of these movie tie-in games. But, thanks to Mad Max, I have to say that my opinion… Has barely changed. The video game tie in to Mad Max is leaps and bounds better than the normal movie tie-in game… That does not mean that it is anything better than generic.

Mad Max is a prequel (UGH) to the movie and tells the story of Max traveling through this desolate wasteland that was once the Outback of Australia also known by its ‘cool name’ the Plains of Silence. Just like the movie, Max’s car is quickly stolen by the War Boys after he is captured by Immortan Joe’s other son, Scaborus Scrotus. Max manages to escape Scrotus and makes his way through the desolate wasteland with a new dog and a new friend in Chumbucket in tow.

The game follows Max through the wasteland as he liberates various leaders and vows revenge on Scrotus as he sits in his own castle in Gastown.


Sandbox Game Playmad-max-video-game

This may be the example of a sandbox game done ‘poorly’, but even the shittiest of  sandbox type of game is better than a game that keeps you so on the rails that it might as well just replace the analog stick with a memo that says ‘Welcome aboard the choo choo train! Enjoy it fuckwad, because you are never getting off.’

Needless to say, I am not going walk away with this blown away by the sandbox elements, they are par for the course nowadays, but at least if something is going to be generic it might as well be something fun to play while being generic. The sandbox is solid, it is generic and it brings nothing more to the table then being able to wander around and collect random things,  but there is nothing wrong with it and it can be fun exploring the world and beating emaciated bald people to death until you decide that you want to progress the plot further. At least if I am going to be spoon fed generic recreations of better games, I can at least take it in a flavor that I somewhat like.


It is Generic Video Game Crap

This is what happens when you toss the writing to someone who has some decent ideas, but is nowhere near the level of competence as George Miller or his co writers Brenden McCarthy and Nico Lathouris. You get a good idea and a great world and then proceed to give us a frame for frame example that a story depends on how it is told. While Mad Max: Fury Road is a love letter to action and adventure genre while giving it a new and futuristic spin, the video game is nothing short of generic crap with the Mad Max franchise attached to it.

First off ‘Max’ is nothing more than a bastard child offspring of Nathan Drake from Uncharted and Joel from The Last of Us. This guy looks NOTHING like Tom Hardy and EVERYTHING like fucking Joel, right down to the beard, flash lights, and hard nosed speech. Remember how in the opening of Mad Max, max looked like some kind of disheveled drifter that you would expect from someone living in such a harsh landscape? Well let’s replace that with a chiseled sexy looking son of a bitch complete with a well groomed and sexy hipster beard. God forbid we deviate from the chiseled, covered in dirt but still sexy stereotype of all these action heroes in video games. Apparently the mere concept of making a video game protagonist the epitome of sex for all the gamers to either beat off or rub off too was just too scary for those Warner Bros. and Avalanche Studios.

The landscape lMad_Max_gameplay_screenshotooks nice, sure, but that is the problem! It looks too nice and too detailed! The movie had a great look to it of death and nothing! There was this crushing feeling of loss when you looked in every direction and saw nothing but flat barren emptiness. In this game, you have gigantic rolling desert hills, remnants of ships, and enemy hide outs that are totally not ripped right out of a Borderlands game. I get it, a vast landscape of barren, dried, nothingness is not exactly appealing… But if you are going to go for a Mad Max: Fury Road game, then go all fucking out! Do not pull any punches or make things look pretty. This strangely polished dessert is just too ‘pretty’ for the setting. It is too polished and cleaned up for the sake of giving people something to look at.

The combat is just the Batman Arkham gameplay. Press one button to beat the shit out of a guy, press another to counter, and press a combination of buttons to shoot someone, simple as that. There is nothing new to the table, no new twists or turns, just blatantly ripping off the Arkham Series fighting mechanics and shoe horning them into this game.

But one of the worst parts that puts my balls through a salad shooter is the fact that this game goes straight back to the stereotypical gender roles that you see in every movie/video game. One of the best parts about Mad Max: Fury Road was it did try to stray from these traditional roles, the concepts of damsels in distress and making sure everything was neat and polished. Sure, Immortan Joe’s wives were all prettied up, but that is because they were his sex slaves. They were kept in pristine condition, everyone else in this horrific world looks like they belong. They are dirty, they a gritty, and they are tough. In this game it attempts to give an answer to Max’s hallucination… Completely forgetting the fact that Fury Road is the fourth installment and that may be referencing other fucking things (and even if it isn’t, somethings are best left unexplained!), by bringing in a woman and her child called Hope and Glory. They, of course, live in this world, but Hope looks down right sexy with her long hair, brown unblemished skin, and sex symbol body. Hope’s only reason for existing in this game is to A) give some contrived reason to Max’s hallucination and in that case fuck off you twats! and B) to add some eye candy to the mix. Where is our Furiosa, where are our Vuvalinis? Hell! Even the Pink Eye woman looks rather good considering this world’s hardships. Seriously, you need to fuck off with this bullshit.

This game is one part The Last of Us, one part Batman Arkham, a cup of Mad Max: Fury Road, and just a spoonful of Uncharted. All of this together equals generic garbage.


Overall, this game is not worth the time of day. I will give the Devil his due, it does look okay and it plays okay. If you took away the fact that it was supposed to be a Mad Max game it would be a forgettable sandbox game.

However, this game is the epitome of generic, there is nothing new to the table, it is a mix of much better games, lacks any originality, and does not live up to its source material. I would stay away from it at all cost.

Final Score 1.5/5

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