Top Eight Personas in Lucha Underground (as of 2015)

Lucha_Underground_LogoAs most of you are aware, I am a wrestling fan. There are various kinds of wrestling, it isn’t just limited to the WWE. While pro wrestling has an overall culture, there are various sub-cultures that form within it. Now I am not going to get into the various sub cultures of extreme wrestling vs. traditional wrestling. We will be here all day, but for now, I will focus on pro-wrestling culture divided into the three big styles on an international level. Typically speaking, when you separate wrestling into sub-cultures you tend to have the following variety. You have North American wrestling which includes the United States and Canada. This is the wrestling most American and Europeans are used to. This is where you find your WWE’s, your Ring of Honors, your Extreme Championship Wrestling and so forth. Although it has changed over time, this style wrestling was known for being the land of giants. This is where you would see big mother fuckers hitting other big mother fuckers. Next up you have your Japanese style wrestling. These guys typically focus on martial arts style hitting. Finally, we have Mexican Lucha Libre wrestling, my personal favorite. This is where you find your masked wrestlers, flying through the sky, and dazzling the audience with their colorful characters and high flying tactics. 

Just recently, a new wrestling promotion has hit the United States called Lucha Underground and just as quickly as it has hit television screens, it has found a place in my heart as my favorite wrestling promotion. This is what I have wanted all my life. Lucha Libre wrestling that values high flying masked wrestlers with adult themed wrestling. Nothing against anything that is kid friendly. All I’m saying is that the WWE is quite patronizing with their children pandering, so it is nice to see some chair shot spots to the head and hearing a few curse words here and there. Lucha Underground is the prime package for a guy like me who values high flying acrobatics over lumbering muscle guys. So needless to say, I throw 100% endorsement into this promotion.

Considering my adoration for the promotion, I thought that a Top Ten of the best personnel in the organization would be interesting. So with that being said, let’s list ten of the people that make this promotion so memorable.

Honorable Mention
Melissa Santos
The Mack
Aero Star
Son of Havoc, Ivelisse, & Angelico


8 Johnny Mundo 

One of the major selling points of the start of the season was the inclusion of former WWE wrestler, John Morrison. For those who watched the promotion in the 2000’s, you will know him also as Johnny Nitro, one third of the MNM. You may also notice him as a former ECW Champion. Johnny Mundo is a major name on the independent circuit and as such was able to pull in a couple of people wanting to watch John in action again.

Johnny Mundo did his job well, he pulled in the fans who knew him as a common name and after they were pulled in by the face of Mundo, he was pushed to the upper mid card area to make way for the more colorful characters like Drago, Fenix, and Prince Puma. Johnny wasn’t going to be anything more than that and as this second season rolls in, I doubt he will move much further than a popular name. Do not discredit him though. Mundo has done an excellent job in his roll which merits a spot on the list. But not much higher than that.

7 Drago

Some people may want Drago to be a little higher on this list, but I like him just where he is. I never was a huge fan of Drago. Personally speaking, I think the guy is a little old and has some shotty spots at best. But I can see the appeal to him. Drago is someone that American fans are not used to. A dragon like character from the underworld, complete with a fake tongue, black lipstick. The guy has charisma and one hell of a character, I’ll give him that which is why he finds himself at seven on sheer force of will.

6 Pentagon Jr.Pentagon-Jr

Pentagon Jr. is a person who knows ring psychology. A modern day Jake Roberts, Pentagon Jr. has a look to him that is just plain terrifying. I absolutely love the fact that he speaks solely in Spanish and has a hard hitting style of wrestling that backs up his play.

Pentagon Jr. is a wrestler that people in the USA need. While Ring of Honor focuses on their pure style of wrestling, TNA has always failed to bring truly terrifying characters, and WWE’s Bray Wyatt has lost all the bite to him, Pentagon Jr is shrouded in enough mystery and terror to make him a constant threat.

5 Dario Cueto

While the evil owner schtick may be a little… overplayed to say the least. Dario Cueto does put a new spin on the gimmick. Unlike other promotions where the ‘evil owner’ always sides with the heels even when it is terrible for business. Cueto is something different. He is very much a sleazy mother fucker who is business personified. He will side with the faces if it means more money, he will turn on the heels if it means more money, he will side with anyone who isn’t going to break his legs and is going to make him money.

Cueto’s character is a centerpiece of Lucha Underground. He has the perfect mic skills to play the carnival barker for the wrestling talent. He gets the crowd riled up and ready for the action. By far, he is one of the most important.

SexyStar4 Sexy Star

This woman is awesome. Bottom line, she is one hell of a wrestler. We can talk about Sasha Banks and Charlotte until the cows come home and believe me, I will be more than happy to back some of those horses. But the best female wrestler in pro wrestling today is Sexy Star.

One of the best matches in the first season of Lucha Underground, one of the best feuds was between Sexy Star and Pentagon Jr., thanks to the fact that they have amazing chemistry due to being Mixed Tag Team Champions in AAA.  I am not sure if she is coming back for the second season and it is my hope that she does. I cannot get enough of Sexy Star.

3 Mil Muertes/Ricky Banderas

The champion at the end of the first season, Mil Muertes was built as a monster heel in the promotion. This guy was big, he was fast, and he was mean. Combined with the Disciples of Death and his manager, Catrina, Mil Muertes is one of the most terrifying and entertaining acts on the entire roster.

In AAA, Muertes wrestlers under the name Ricky Banderas and has won the AAA Mega Championship as El Mesias 4 times, the first of which was the inaugural champion. Mil Muertes represents an instance of a big guy wrestler being worked appropriately. He is big, he is mean, and he has an entertaining move set that is just as amazing as any high flyer.

2 Prince Puma/Ricochet

Better known on the independent circuits as Ricochet, Prince Puma may be one of the most talented wrestlers in the business. Real name Trevor Mann, Prince Puma has been all over the independent circuit working in Japan, Mexico, and the United States. His 630 senton splash is something to truly see for yourself and his athleticism is unparalleled.

Prince Puma has the distinction of being the first Lucha Underground Champion after winning the highly successful Aztec Warfare match and had an amazing run with the belt as the underdog champion before losing it to Mil Muertes at Ultima Lucha. He is an excellent talent that is only overshadowed by one other person.

1 FenixFenix-AAA-Fusion-Champion-Cropped

If there is any wrestler on the Lucha Underground roster that embodies the future of pro wrestling, it is Fenix. Kalisto may be the next Rey Mysterio in the eyes of the WWE, but Fenix is the next Luchador to carry the spirit of lucha libre wrestling into the next generation.

Fenix has everything. He has the moves, he has the charisma, he has the mic skills, he has the underdog persona, he has damn near everything that you would want in a high flying masked wrestling superstar. Judging from the spoilers of the next season, Fenix is going to become much more of a main attraction for the second season of Lucha Underground and I say that I absolutely cannot get enough.

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