The Best Movies of 2015

Well… Let’s put this baby to bed. I have covered the Worst Movies of 2015, the Best and Worst Video Games of 2015. It is time to give my list for the Best Movies of 2015. Unlike last year, where I missed a handful of movies in 2014, I can safely say that I have seen enough movies to truly represent a strong best of 2015. There is little more to say than enjoy the list and let’s finish this up so I can get moving on to 2016 movies.

KEEP IN MIND! That these are only movies that I have PERSONALLY REVIEWED!!! I got problems from this last year when I did not include Birdman as one of the Best Movies of 2014. BUT, I didn’t see Birdman at the time, so if I haven’t seen it, I cannot review it, and I cannot add it to this list. Just as a refresher for all of those movies that I have seen this year, I have listed every single 2015 movie that is in the running for best and worst below.

The following movies I have seen in 2015 and are in contention for worst (and best) movie of the year:
The Loft, Jupiter Ascending, Fifty Shades of Grey, Kingsmen: The Secret Service, Chappie, Unfriended, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Mad Max: Fury Road, McFarland USA, Jurassic World, United Passions, Inside Out, The Gallows, Ricki & The Flash, The Fantastic Four, Furious 7, San Andreas, The Visit, No Escape, Pitch Perfect 2, Songebob: Sponge Out of Water, Cinderella, Goosebumps, Jem and the Holograms, Tremors 5: Bloodlines, The Stanford Prison Experiment, Ex Machina, Hot Tub Time Machine 2, Home, Insurgent, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, War Room, The Hateful Eight, Concussion

Honorable Mention Inside Out

In the honorable mention slot we have the ‘not’ boring Pixar movie released this year. Inside Out is not the grandest Pixar movie ever created. It will be one of the more forgotten of the Pixar movies as time goes on. However, the movie is still worth a mention for an amazing story of a young girl fighting the varying stages of depression displayed through the little emotion people in her head. Not a grandiose classic, but still solid.

The_Visit_(2015_film)_poster5. The Visit

AH! For those of you who think that I hate all horror movies! Here is proof positive that I do like horror movies since one of them is in my Top fucking 5! I do love horror movies, I think they are wonderful. What I hate is cliched trite and the current trend of giving the audience a bunch of horrid douche canoes, killing them in horrible ways, and then looks at us saying: “WHAT?! Are you not entertained? They are assholes so you have no emotional attachment to them what so ever! ENJOY OUR “COOL” KILLER AND LIKE US YOU PRICKS!”

Minor rant aside, The Visit is not one of those movies. It is also the come back movie for director M. Night Shyamalan. While a lot of his recent stuff have been… not so great… to put it lightly. The Visit is a step back into Shyamalan’s brilliance by making a solid horror movie, with a believable premise, a predictable but well executed twist, and enjoyable characters. This is the way that horror movies need to be made! There needs to be attention to detail instead of just giving us a gore fest and human garbage. It is also one of the rare cases where a ‘found footage’ movie has been rock solid on plot, acting, AND cinematography! I highly recommend anyone who is a big fan of horror movies to see The Visit as soon as possible.

Ex-machina-uk-poster4. Ex Machina

An early release and most certainly one of the more ‘indie’ darlings of this year, Ex Machina is a big ole chunk of hard science fiction that deals with the concepts of what it means to be human. The movie is a gripping thriller from start to end. It keeps you left wondering just where the movie is going from the start of the movie to the finish and there are some plot points that not even the most clairvoyant of us saw coming.

The entire cast gives absolutely chilling performances and the cinematography is both striking, gorgeous, and at times terrifying for reasons that you cannot quite put your finger on. If you are a fan of cinema and philosophical debates of humanity, this is most certainly the movie for you to check out.

Kingsman_The_Secret_Service_poster3. Kingsmen: The Secret Service

Now we get into the top three and also the movies that I absolutely loved this year. Whenever I make these lists, my personal enjoyment does factor into it. However, I try to make sure that the movies that are truly better on a cinematic level are the ones that get pushed higher up the list. For instance, if you look back at my first Best of list; Much Ado About Nothing and American Hustle trump The World’s End. This is a true statement that I stick to, they were better movies. But out of the three, I have most certainly watched one substantially more than the other two and you can figure out which of those three is the one I am talking about (HINT: The World’s End). This year though… My three most enjoyed movies just happened to be the three best movies and that makes me absolutely giddy. So let’s start with Kingsmen: The Secret Service.

This movie has been somewhat forgotten this year and that truly is a shame. Kingsmen is fucking brilliant! It is a love letter to old fashion spy movies such as 007 and is quick to parody some of the more silly tropes. Taron Egerton surprisingly pulls off an astonishing lead accompanied by the amazing acting talents of Colin Firth. I am going to say with absolutely no intended hyperbole that Kingsmen: The Secret Service is a better spy movie and is a better representative of spy movies than Spectre, Skyfall, Quantum of Solace, AND Casino Royale all put together.

Star_Wars_The_Force_Awakens_Theatrical_Poster2. Star Wars: The Force Awakens

I think everyone knew this was coming. Considering the places that George Lucas took the franchise, the bar was sat rather low in terms of expectations for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Since the prequels ended in 2005, the Star Wars franchise was considered something of a joke that was left festering in a pile of its own failure with the prequels. But then… There was an awakening in all of us after The Force Awakens hit theaters. It was like this dormant child in all of us burst forth and the teary eyed nostalgia brought the joy back to our lives that we were all missing. Children loved it for being an awesome science fiction epic, their parents loved it because it was the stuff they grew up with as kids, and the parents and relatives loved introducing the next generation of people on this earth to some of their cherished memories. This movie touched so many people and brought so much joy and wonder back into our lives that The Force Awakens deserves a high spot on this list.

The movie is absolutely excellent. While it is a retreading of A New Hope with its overall plot. The movie opened up new doors and new possibilities for people to enjoy. It gave us our old heroes and presented us with new and interesting characters to grow to know and love. Our protagonists of old become the wise elders to these new heroes for us to look up to, grow with, and enjoy their story. We are just as interested in Rey, Finn, and Poe as we are with Luke, Han, and Leia. I loved every second of The Force Awakens and will praise it to the roof tops as one of the best movie experiences I have ever had.

Max_Mad_Fury_Road_Newest_Poster1. Mad Max: Fury Road

So… Needless to say after those paragraphs devoted to how much I loved Star Wars: The Force Awakens… The movie that beats it for the top spot of 2015 has to be something that is not only memorable, but absolutely legendary… And it just so happens that 2015 gave us one of the greatest action movies to ever be released in the history of moving pictures. Ultimately, Star Wars: The Force Awakens kind of already had a seat reserved at the Legendary Movie’s Ball. Just being a Star Wars movie, for better or for worse, is going to guarantee you a spot as either one of the greatest or one of the worst. However, the same can not be said for Mad Max. While the series is certainly good. It certainly does not have the memorability of Star Wars. 

I am also typically one to not throw around terms like ‘instant classic.’ I feel the term is laden with hyperbole and you typically cannot tell which movies are going to be long remembered and which ones are going to be excellent, but completely forgotten. Tell me, how many people are still talking about Birdman? How about Life of Pi or Argo? Not too many, right?

But when I saw Mad Max: Fury Road on screen… I knew that I was seeing something that was absolutely legendary. It was everything that an action movie needed. It had explosions, it used practical effects, you could see EVERY attention to detail, the cinematography was breathtaking, the script was MAGNIFICENT, the world was crafted, all of the characters were ASTONISHING, it has amazing progressive story points while maintaining the traditional action horror that we love! ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING about this movie was 100% perfect!!! There was no flaw! I still cannot find a flaw and I have analyzed this movie from start to finish! It is a perfect film and I will have words with anyone who tries to tell me otherwise. NOT ONLY did this movie become legendary by sheer force of will, it has stirred love and adoration from people of all walks of life. The movie is absolutely glorious and will be a movie that is remembered as one of the absolute greatest of all times for decades to come. It is because of these reasons that Mad Max: Fury Road is my BEST Movie of 2015.

Thank you for reading and sticking with me for three years! I am truly looking forward to 2016!

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