Cheesy Romance Month: 50 First Dates

50FirstDatesIt is time to continue Cheesy Romance Month with one of the weirdest and strangely best movies that Adam Sandler can claim in his infamous oeuvre. I do love this movie… Not necessarily for the fact that it is a good movie, but it is the movie that you can see the Adam Sandler tax shelter beginning to form… But still some vestiges of good movie making leaking into Sandler’s vacation and no fucks given mentality. Most of the elements are there. The movie is, for no apparent reason, set in Hawaii, the movie features a lot of his friends and his, at the time, wife Barrymore, and a lot of the script can be summed up as Sandler throwing a bunch of jokes together to see what will get a laugh from people from the ages of 3-16. However, a lot of these factors are downplayed for the sake of a decent concept and an okay movie blossoms as a result of it.

A veterinarian named Henry Roth (Adam Sandler) is a womanizer and all around love ’em and leave ’em ball of sleaze who seduces women through various unbelievable disguises who comes to Hawaii for a vacation and a week of inhibitions. One day, after his boat takes on some damage, Henry finds himself in a diner on a part of the island that he is not familiar with and meets a young woman named Lucy (Drew Barrymore) who is building a house made out of  waffles. Henry and Lucy instantly bond, but things do not turn out too well when Henry learns that Lucy was in a terrible car accident and lost her short term memory. Because of this, after 24 hours Lucy forgets everything about the day and is thus forced to relive the same day over and over and over again. Henry, however, is not deterred by this fact and does everything in his power to get Lucy to fall in love with him each day.


Has that Cheesy Rom Com Tone50-First-Dates-Sean-Astin-Drew-Barrymore-Blake-Clark

Oh that cute cheese. It is that feeling and tone that keeps me coming back to these adorable little Rom Coms. It is the light hearted nature of adorable acts of affection towards a person that you barely know mixed in with serious personal dilemmas. In the classic comedic sense, the series of awkward events that eventually leads back to the status quo. Scenes of Lucy listening to her condition mix well with scenes of Lucy and Henry sharing a romantic evening together or making a house made out of waffles. The romantic gestures compliment the dramatic scenes and it does so in such a seamless manner. This is a level of story telling that you will never see from another Adam Sandler movie.

Adam Sandler is Trying

I’m not about to make the claim that Adam Sandler is some kind of acting wizard when he is giving a rat’s ass about filmmaking as opposed to whether or not the Umbrella in his Bahama mama is pink or yellow while he sits by the pool. However, we have seen evidence in the past that Sandler does know how to act when he feels like giving a damn. This is one of those movies where Adam Sandler was actually trying.

Opposed to other times where the character could simply be called Adam Sandler as far as the range and personality he puts into his characters, Henry Roth does feel like a person. He is definitely a slacker asshole, but he at least has drive and ambition. You do get the feeling that Henry Roth does love Lucy and wants to be with her. I’ll give credit where credit is due. While it isn’t a performance worthy of an Oscar, Sandler at least puts forth a worthwhile effort.


Sandler School of Humor Creeps in Constantly

This movie would have went from ‘eh okay’ to down right pleasant if Adam Sandler’s brand of gross out childish comedy had not weaseled its way into the script. Luckily, they are not as prevalent as some of his other movies (I’m looking at you Just Go With It) but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t still there. Most of the jokes come about when Rob Schneider shows up on screen to do an offensive Hawaiian native impression while other instances involve Adam Sandler working in a sea park and a walrus throwing up on one woman. Really… Her entire character is one of the worst things about the movie.

While it isn’t as apparent as Sandler’s other movies, what really irritates me about those moments of Sandler comedy is the fact that they really do ruin what is by all accounts a decent film. Once more Adam Sandler kills a good premise with terrible jokes.

25n_sandler,0The Premise Can be Downright Creepy

It doesn’t matter who made this movie, who wrote it, or who directed it. There is no way to escape that this is a creepy concept. The character of Lucy is a woman who has suffered significant brain damage. Each day she starts the entire thing over again. Now imagine waking up each day and learning that you are dating a person that you have never met before. Imagine waking up and learning that you have had that man’s child and that you are currently on a boat next to a glacier. It is pretty damn terrifying all things considered!

This movie walks a fine line between being adorable romance with two people falling in love day after day to a woman being taken advantage of by a person who does have all the best intentions at heart. The movie does handle this situation well and eventually it wins me over… But man if you dig deeper than the surface, get ready for your skin to crawl.


Eh… this movie is okay. It is a cheerful fun movie that has a creepy premise. Adam Sandler is giving a shit and as long as you can get past the terrible Sandler pinned comedic moments, the movie will be a decent sit.

Final Score 2.5/5

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