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Deadpool_posterWonderful! Just wonderful! First, I had to say that I liked a Channing Tatum movie after I realized that the man had a sense of humor and was able to hone his craft over time. Then I had to say that I now like a JJ Abrams movie after he was able to save the franchise from the dregs that George Lucas dragged it down to. NOW! I have to say that there is a Ryan Reynolds movie that I actually like! Dammit! When will it end? Soon I will be praising Damon Wayons and Melissa McCarthy as high brow humor. Son of a bitch… I knew this was coming for a long time. Everything about the Deadpool trailers said that the movie was going to be good and that it was going to be a true representation of the superhero… And it was… And the movie is good… Sigh…

Do you really need a plot synopsis? Come on! It is Deadpool! You know what is going on! Deadpool shows up, 4th Walls gets annihilated, people die, and there is a lot of references to beat the shit out of the Green Lantern! Okay… okay… So there is a plot… There is a really good plot actually. Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) was just another guy. He was a former special forces soldier who now made his money working as a bounty hunter, roughing up various people in order to make ends meet. One day, he meets a woman named Vanessa (Morena Baccarin) and everything seems to be going for him… Right up until the point where he gets cancer. After that, Wilson signs up for an experimental treatment that turns out to be a front to sell super soldiers to the highest bidder. Wade’s cancer mutates to the point that his body is made of nothing but cancer cells and makes him impervious to death. Deadpool swears revenge against the people who turned him into the man he has become and reunite with his love, Vanessa.


An Accurate Representation of Deadpooldeadpool_clip_hd.0

I do not think there is a person alive on this planet who saw the ‘original’ movie version of Deadpool and thought of how fucking stupid it was. They took all the personality and fun of the character and boiled it down into an easily digestible generic bounty hunter who cracked a few jokes. But now, after years of waiting, we have an accurate representation of who the cheeky character. Deadpool is one of those characters that you are not really allowed to take creative freedom over. You can’t put ‘your spin’ on the character or revamp the character. You basically have to take what the comic books gives you and use that as your script with little to no deviation.

I think this go, someone had enough sense to take this and run with a story and because of it we have a loud, bombastic, and all around fun movie that adults who love these types of movies can enjoy.

Clever Direction that Gives Us an Accurate and Correct Dosage of Deadpool

If anyone will remember from when I reviewed the video game, I’m not the hugest fan of Deadpool. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind the character and enjoy him from time to time. But most of the time, the Deadpool humor is like an all you can eat buffet. Too much of a good thing will leave you feeling bloated, tired, and regretting life. I love the style of humor, but it can grate on my senses after prolonged periods of time. I think that is the case for a lot of people. Unless you are a die hard fan of Deadpool, that type of humor can begin to wear on the senses. I think the people making this movie knew that and was able to construct a movie that gives the right amount of Deadpool… Without getting a little to wild with the jokes, self referential humor, fourth wall breaking, and raunch fest. Moments of Deadpool… Well… Being Deadpool are mixed in with a truly touching origin story of a very real person. It is done well and it gives that right blend of story and what people paid to see.

Bottom line, this is the kind of movie that truly represents what Deadpool is and what you can expect from other versions of him. He is a raunchy, R-rated cheese fest that will make a fan out of the most stalwart of superhero and none superhero fans.


Deadpool-Official-Image-DrawingA Handful of Minor Flaws

There are no major glaring flaws of this movie, no one thing to pin point in on and say ‘THIS’ is something that sucks. However, the movie isn’t perfect. There is less of a major glaring flaw as there is a blend of minor things that builds up into one major nitpick.

If I were to get into technicals (I know it is a Deadpool movie bare with me here dammit), the movies pace is a little out of wack. Nothing too serious as to give you emotional whiplash, but it does feel a little on the roller coaster side of extreme action followed by extreme pauses that all culminates into an abrupt end. The movies villain, Ajax (Ed Skrein) is a little on the bland side. Granted, he is playing a character that has all of his emotions zapped away from him and the movie does kind of play with the joke a bit, but ultimately the guy just doesn’t bring a whole lot to the character. He does a decent job, but it could have been done better or add a little to the plot beyond handsome British villain.

There are other minor nitpicks I could get into on the camera work and the idea of trying too hard for some humor. But ultimately what it boils down to is that the movie is all together great… Except for a few tiny little things that keeps it held down from the perfect score.


What can I say? Deadpool is a fun experience. Ryan Reynolds is at his absolute best with a character that he is clearly having an absolute blast portraying. The movies flaws are so minuscule that they are barely noticeable. If anything, this has given me a small glimmer of hope that 21st Century Fox can take the Marvel products that they are clinging to for dear life and actually give us something good instead of something bad or worse yet, mediocre. As far as first movies go for 2016… I couldn’t have picked a better starting point.

Final Score 4.5/5

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