International Talent Better than WWE: Tag Teams

So we continue this little special with the teams. Tag Team wrestling is some of my favorite wrestling. It means that you get to see cool tandems with great gimmicks who can feed off of each other’s energy. WWE has tragically never been a land of Tag Teams. Now that isn’t to say that they have made some great Tag Teams in their years. I can think of Demolition, The Rockers the New Age Outlaws, Edge & Christian, MNM, The Hardy Boyz, just to name a few. But it has always been historical that back in the days of the territory that southern promotions put an emphasis on Tag Team wrestling while northern wrestling (McMahon territory wrestling) focused much more on singles competition. Due to the fact that Vinnie Mac was the one who lead the charge to eliminate the territories and as such Tag Teams always takes the back seat. It is because of this that, with the exception of the ‘top tag team’, the division is treated much like an after thought. If you are a fan of Tag Team wrestling and are tired of watching the same wrestlers squaring off day after day with WWE, fear not because the International wrestling scene has plenty of wrestlers for you to enjoy. These are the international tag teams who are too good to ever be ruined by the WWE machine!

Bench Mark: The Usos

Some of you are probably wondering why The New Day is not here. Well there are a number of reasons. The first being that the Usos are very much a Tag Team while the New Day are much more of a faction. But I know I am splitting hairs there, so with my second reason is because, while the New Day is incredibly over right now… The Usos are a born and bred WWE Tag Team no matter how many ways you cut it.

The Usos are from the famous Anoi’i Family, they wear John Cena approved bright colors that children love, they have a cute gimmick that children love, and they are talented enough that people will not boo them out of the building. They are nepotistic, talented, and child approved WWE product!  They are the perfect benchmark for comparison when it comes to a WWE approved Tag Team and the talent outside the WWE. I am not saying that these guys are necessarily better than the Usos, but I am saying that they are either equal to or better than the Usos.

440px-The_Briscoes_ROHThe Briscoe Brothers (ROH/NJPW)

I mentioned both brother’s last time I made this list with Mark Briscoe as a man who does not have the WWE look. The fact is that both men have been offered WWE contracts on several occasions and the two have consistently turned them down. Both men find themselves set in their ways and do not enjoy the constant traveling that WWE has its  wrestlers do.

Likelihood of Signing: Impossible

Why They Should Never Sign

I said it with Mark and beating a horse rarely does anything good, but the Briscoes have no need to run off for WWE when the are set in their way. But beyond that, the two just do not have the look that WWE wants in their talent. While Jay could get over quicker, it would be an uphill battle for both men who would be given a watered down version of themselves to work with as a WWE product.

downloadThe Young Bucks (NJPW)

For anyone who do not know who the Young Bucks are, you should find some clips online. They are truly something to behold. They are almost as if you blended the bodies of London and Kendrick, added the personality of DX, and the talent of the Hardy Boyz. They are raunchy, fast paced heat machines who will fuck up your day if you are not careful.

They are easily one of the best talents in pro wrestling today and have gotten massively over with crowds that span from the United States and Mexico to Japan.

Likelihood of Signing: Very Unlikely

Why They Should Never Sign

The WWE have tried many years, but the Young Bucks are not intersted. As a matter of fact, the duo constantly use the suck it and too sweet symbols as a means of rubbing it in the face of the WWE that they got over without the help of the WWE system. Matt and Nick Jackson are hell raisers who flaunt systems and are unapologetically crude with their humor.

It is for the best at this point. Not only are the duo small and Vince McMahon hates small people, but their wings would seriously be clipped by the WWE’s PG friendly atmosphere. Their well known antics of outright ignoring orders would mean they would be on the bad side of the management really quick. Plus the act of pissing off key members of the Kliq would mean they wouldn’t go far with the company. It is in everyone’s best interest if the Young Bucks stay far away from the WWE machine.

ReDRagon_2reDRagon (ROH/NJPW)

reDRagon are a new up and coming wrestling team made up of Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish. Together the two wrestlers have made rock solid careers in the Ring of Honor as well as New Japan Pro Wrestling. Their gimmick is a little on the… ‘We wrestle, what more do you want’ side of things. But they are two of the best technical wrestlers out there.

Likelihood of Signing: Possible

Why They Should Never Sign

I’ll be honest, Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish would have decent careers in WWE. They have an American style of wrestling, a body size similar to most of the WWE’s tag teams (namely the Vaudevillains), and would not have to alter a lot of who they are as performers in order to fit the mold.

However, once again, if you are a Tag Team, you have to think long and hard before signing with the WWE. They are notoriously not good with handling tag teams and for every potential Dudley Boyz, you have The Ascension waiting around the corner.

download (1)The Hardy Boyz (TNA)

Hey look! It is the Hardy Boyz! A team that the WWE made! Matt and Jeff Hardy will always be the guys who could have been mega stars if it wasn’t for the fact that they loved drugs so much. Both wrestlers have shared a great deal of success as singles and tag team wrestlers… But they will always be known as ‘what could have been.’

Both Hardys are currently working as top talent for TNA Wrestling and have shared massive success in the WWE Lite promotion. Matt Hardy is the current TNA Champion. But this is a list about Tag Teams and there was none as talented or death defying as the Hardy Boyz. They are early 2000’s delights and are a WWE homegrown talent who have found just as much success outside of the WWE as they have inside the WWE.

Likelihood of Signing: More than Likely

Why They Should Never Sign

Just like the Dudley Boyz now, if Matt and Jeff Hardy were to sign they would be nothing more than a nostalgia act to put over younger wrestlers. Which honestly… Is completely fine. I have said it time and time again that the WWE Legends contract is the best wrestling retirement slip that anyone could ever get and I do not fault them for signing one to make occasional appearances to pops before going back home and quietly cashing checks.

However, the reason that they shouldn’t sign is both of them (more of Matt who played the long fucking game with his life choices) still have a lot to give the industry and can remain on top of the TNA mound for another couple of years before returning to WWE to live out their lives sitting on a couch and letting the WWE peddle their merchandise.

download (3)Los Psychos Circus (AAA)

Odds are anyone who is not familiar with AAA has never heard of Los Psychos Circus and if you have a phobia of clowns… It is probably best you stay away. Los Psychos Circus is what happens if juggalos were threatening and Doink the Clown was more overt with his creepy intentions. Made up of the team lovingly titled Psycho Clown, Murder Clown, and Monster Clown these three sons of bitches are one of the greatest trios teams in lucha libre history. Add on to the fact that Psycho Clown is now making a name for himself as a singles competitor winning the AAA Latin American Championship and you have a team that is poised for greatness.

Likelihood of Signing: Damn Near Impossible


Why They Should Never Sign

These are three guys who are deeply entrenched in the Lucha Libre lifestyle in Mexico and a group of three people that the WWE would not be interested in. They are immensely talented, but WWE tends to get small cruiserweights like Rey Mysterio from Mexico and do not tend to dip into the heavyweight division with Alberto del Rio being a noticeable exception.

Even if they were to make their way to WWE, it would be a disaster for them. First off, they would not be the Psycho Circus or anything resembling it as it dives into Doink’s gimmick infringement and the WWE style would mean a change from lucha libre to a more watered down version of what they truly were in Mexico.

download (2)GHB Makabe & Honma (NJPW)

Togi Makabe and Tomoaki Honma are two accomplished wrestlers working for NJPW and are currently the IWPG Tag Team Champions, which they took from The Bullet Club at Wrestle Kingdom 10. Makabe is a former World and Tag Team champion with the aforementioned Toru Yano and Honma is a man who just recently reached one of the big leagues and has clinched gold for he and his team.

Likelihood of Signing: Very Unlikely

Why They Should Never Sign

While both Makabe and Honma are talented in their own right, with Makabe being a former IWGP Champion, the fact is that they would not work in the United States. They don’t have a look that is as easily palatable for western audiences and WWE would be quick to turn them into something racially insensitive to compensate for his losses.

downloadLos Gueros del Cielo (AAA/CMLL)

I mentioned Angelico in my previous list and now I am going to add his tag team partner in Mexico, Jack Evans. Evans and Angelico are two of the most talented men you will ever see. They are fast paced, have a great look, and tear down the house with their lucha libre/high risk style offense that wows the crowds.

Together, the two have made massive names for themselves in the major Mexico promotions of CMLL and AAA and will continue to impress. You can watch both of them on Lucha Underground, however in that promotion they do not wrestler together since Evans is a singles competitor and Angelico is working alongside Ivelisse and Son of Havoc.

Likelihood of Signing: Very Unlikely

Why They Should Never Sign

I mentioned Angelico’s swimmers build body and the fact that most of his maneuvers would need to be removed or tweeked to make them friendly to the WWE system, but together, the duos personality does not fit with the WWE as well. The WWE wants their wrestlers hungry. Vinnie Mac loves to watch wrestlers reach for his brass ring. He loves to watch them lick his boots, grovel, and promise that they will prove themselves to him. It is part of the culture. Evans and Angelico (more Evans) are notorious for being very relaxed. Evans mentioned on Colt Cabana’s podcast that he was a very laid back type who enjoyed working in Mexico that is much less stringent on the management side of things. Not only would his ’30 minutes late’ attitude not work for the WWE, but he would join a long list of people who remain in the lower mid card for the fact that he is too go with the flow to beg the right people for an opportunity. Look for them to stay comfortable in Mexico and Boyle Heights.

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One thought on “International Talent Better than WWE: Tag Teams”

  1. It’s sad that the tag team division is so weak in WWE. Back when I followed the sport I was a fan of Demolition and The Hart Foundation.

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