International Talent Better than WWE: High Flying/Luchador

Let’s continue part 3 of the wrestling special: International Talent Better than the WWE. Today, we are going to be talking about a type of wrestling that the WWE have been slowly weeding out over the past couple of years: high flying wrestlers. Tragically, due to the high risk nature of high flying luchadores, most of the move sets synonymous with a high flying wrestler’s repertoire is banned by the WWE. This is one of the areas that I can understand. As much as I love seeing it, sometimes high flying can be a little dangerous. However, I still love watching it and will continue to do so. I just don’t fault WWE so much on why high flyers are not exactly something they want to push. This is the list of high flyers that are better than WWE talent.

Benchmark: Kalisto

Out of all the people on the roster, Kalisto is the best representation of a high flyer and a luchadore. While Neville is indeed a high flyer, Kalisto is the more over of the two so I decided to go with him. Once again, I am not saying that everyone on here is better than Kalisto. What I am saying is that they are on par with or better than the young WWE wrestler.

tumblr_inline_ni6m1yCVwN1t12vfuRicochet/Prince Puma (Lucha Underground/NJPW)

Trevor Mann AKA Prince Puma AKA Ricochet may very well be one of the most popular talents in the world right now. The man is amazingly talented and in absolutely perfect shape. His physique and lean and toned and his moves are simply phenomenal. Able to his insane splashes as well as powerhouse suplexes makes him a favorite around the world.

Being such a consistent worker has lead to him becoming the first Lucha Underground Champion as the Prince Puma gimmick, Mann is the type of person that when you hear he is going to be on the card, you buy a ticket to see him alone.

Likelihood of Signing: Maybe

Why He Should Never Sign

It is 50/50 in my mind on whether or not Mann would sign with the WWE. Once again, his high risk offense is most certainly not the WWE style, he is on the small side which means that Vince McMahon would want little to nothing to do with him, and he doesn’t exactly exude child friendly entertainment that the WWE wants to push. However, he is prodigiously talented and could be a NXT main stay.

Once again, the reason he never should go to WWE is due to the fact that his talent would be wasted on an unappreciated promotion just like Neville is being wasted now on the main stage.

hqdefaultTigre Uno (TNA)

For those of you who are unaware, Tigre Uno was also Extreme Tiger who worked in AAA and was one of their Cruiserweight mainstays in the past couple of years. Now that he wrestles for TNA, he has become one of of the more over attractions for them. While the X Division is still nothing like it once was, Tigre Uno has given it some new life with an impressive title reign that was only recently killed by Trevor Lee.

While some may call him TNA Rey Mysterio/Kalisto-lite, that isn’t to say that the guy hasn’t made a name for himself and is carving a new path to success in TNA.

Likelihood of Signing: Unlikely

Why He Should Never Sign

Tigre Uno’s offense is very similar to Kalisto’s and thus could fit in the WWE model. However, that would result in one big pissing contest between him and Kalisto, one of which the deck will be stacked in Kalisto’s favor. He would quickly find himself playing second fiddle to the Lucha Dragons and out of the promotion.

download (1)Kushida (NJPW)

Kushida is right now the king of the Junior Heavyweight division in NJPW. Together with Kenny Omega, he and Kushida have put on absolute clinics for the Japanese faithful to witness. He is small, mean, and has a serious of technical and offensive capabilities that make him a danger in the ring and one of NJPW’s top talents.

Likelihood of Signing: Unlikely

Why He Should Never Sign

One bastardized word: Kaientai. What happens to two small Japanese wrestlers when working for the WWE? Well they turn into the laugh riot that is Taka Michinoku and Funaki. While this most certainly isn’t the Attitude Era, Kushida could find himself quickly in a similar role if he isn’t able to get over.

6efd670392sonjay-duttSonjay Dutt (GFW)

Indian wrestler Sonjay Dutt was one of the more underrated talents in the early years of TNA. Back in the day (TNA’s early days), Dutt competed alongside AJ Styles, Low Ki, Chris Sabin, The Amazing Red, and Christopher Daniels in the red hot X Division. While Dutt was never able to lay hands on the belt, he certainly made a name for himself in the division.

Dutt is apparently good friends or at least has a good relationship with Jeff Jarrett because no matter where Jarrett goes, Dutt seems to be following right behind him. He now wrestles for Jarrett’s Global Force Wrestling and is the promotion’s first NEX*GEN Champion.

Likelihood of Signing: Mathematically Impossible

Why He Should Never Sign

As much as I find Sonjay Dutt to be a very underrated talent, this is a guy who doesn’t have the prettiest of looks. WWE would not have a place for Dutt and he would quickly fall out of the company after working a few dark matches.

downloadMatt Sydal (formerly Evan Bourne) (ROH/NJPW)

For any WWE fans that are reading this and have not yet written me off as an internet troll asshole, you will recognize Matt Sydal as Evan Bourne. Basically, he is the prodigiously talented wrestler who was released by the WWE, thus robbing themselves of a great talent. On the other hand, he was released in accordance with violating the Wellness Policy… So I’ll concede a little bit on this one.

Bottom line, Matt Sydal has certainly found himself while in the international promotions. His work load and talent has increased tremendously since leaving WWE and the man is poised for great success.

Likelihood of Signing: Probable

Why He Should Never Sign

It is a strong possibility that Matt Sydal will want to make a return to the WWE and WWE would more than likely be interested in picking him back up after seeing his success. However, the man’s success and momentum will be completely lost after returning to the promotion, losing all ground in ROH and NJPW. Not necessarily a bad thing if you are someone who will be making a lot of money/have big things planned… But let’s be honest, WWE would never push someone like Bourne. He is a liability, small, and does not have a large amount of charisma to make up for that. It is best to remain where you are appreciated.

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