Mini Review: Life is Strange

headerSo… Once again, I find myself swamped with graduate work and not enough time to get a full review on. So… Instead of making another quick post, I decided to write a mini review of a 2015 game that I missed, Life is Strange. A ‘choose your own adventure’ style of game that gives many alternate paths akin to other favorites of mine like Telltale’s The Walking Dead and Until Dawn. The game offers five episodes and more alternate paths then I can even count. Tragically, it has gone past the cut off date for most of my reviews now so I didn’t want to give it a full review or even a From the Vaults review. But I thought I would just give my general feel of the game and call it a day.


Life is Strange may very well be one of the best video games in the choose your own path genre. It has a multitude of winding paths and a butterfly effect story that keeps you guessing tell the last minute.

The game does have some very minor flaws that keep it from the perfect score. But these flaws are so small that it never takes away from the overall story being told or the environment that you will become quickly engrossed in. It is being sold for an absolute deal at $19.99 on Steam and sales will see it become a game of ultimate value. I recommend anyone who has not played it to pick it up as soon as possible.

Final Score: 4.5/5

Thanks for reading. Hopefully my time will become more freed up and I can give you all some new movie and video game reviews.

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